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Astrologers? Everything You Need To Know

By Mysticsense
June 16, 2020
Astrologers? Everything You Need To Know

What Are Astrologers?

Many thousands of years ago, our ancestors would look up to the heavens and wonder at the mystery of the stars. The movements of celestial bodies were carefully studied and recorded. Our history suggests that these recordings have been made for over eleven thousand years, which would make astrology the world’s oldest surviving form of psychism.


An astrologer is somebody who gives others guidance on self-improvement of their character, and insight into what potential outcomes their future may hold. They do this by studying and gaining an understanding of the planetary positions, and how these relate to the birth chart of a seeker. A birth chart here describes a snapshot of the planets at the precise point of your birth, including the exact location of each planet and which constellation they occupied at the time. This will help them to learn about the characteristics of the seeker and more.

Benefits of Astrology

Millions of people around the world enjoy consulting astrologers in order to have their horoscopes read by an expert. These people keep coming back time and time again because they have found assistance in resolving pressing matters in their life. Be it to do with health, career, romance or family, so many people have found the guidance they so desperately needed through the help of an astrologer.

What is my Sun Sign?

Often you may hear people ask when referring to astrology, ‘What is your sign?’. When you hear signs mentioned in astrology, people are referring to your sun sign. This is an indication of where the sun was situated at the time of your birth. At any point the sun will be aligned with one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, and takes around a month to pass through each sign. This period is known as the sign’s ‘solar season’. In order to learn your sun sign, simply read a horoscope, and identify which sign was having its solar season during your birth.

What’s so Special About my Sign?

Having learned your sun sign, you must understand what makes it unique. Each sign has a related ‘ruling element’ and ‘ruling planet’ which affect the information given out by the universe. As an example, people born under the sun sign Pisces have the ruling planet Neptune, and the ruling element of water. This gives us an insight into a Pisces’ personality, moods, and their outlook on life.

Your Birth Chart

In general conversation about astrology, your sun sign is by far the most commonly mentioned element, to the point where many budding astrologers are not aware of any other sign. However, each individual has many signs apart from their sun sign. A basic birth chart should expose thirteen more signs for you!

Your birth chart is a diagram detailing exactly where the sun, moon and planets fell on the zodiac at the moment of your birth. An astrologer can draw up and then read this chart for you, or you can attempt it yourself with some research.

The much deeper insight offered by your birth chart can tell you so much more than just your sun sign. Often people reading a vague overview of their sign will disagree with some of what is said. A birth chart can give you a much more comprehensive view of your character, and reveal reasons for your divergence from the general behavior of your sign.

Of course, these thirteen new signs may seem daunting, so if you are feeling overwhelmed at this point, simply focus on your moon and rising signs once you fully understand your sun sign.

Over time you will come to learn and understand these new planetary signs. As you are familiarizing yourself with them, remember not to think of them as totally unrelated entities. This is not the case, as astrology preaches that everything is connected, and so each planet helps with the function and ruling of an aspect of your being.

For example, your Mars sign is related to passion and can give an insight into what turns you on and what turns you off. The Venus sign references romantic tendencies.

One easy rule to remember is that the planets closer to the sun will influence your everyday life, while the planers further away will have a larger bearing on your talents, abilities, and subconscious.

Using Astrology with Romance

Many people around the world find themselves with romantic woes now and again. For millennia people have turned to all sorts of options while seeking help with their love life. It is no surprise, then, that many try to use astrology to find their answers.

In general, your birth chart will not help you too much with your romantic life. There are references to the distance between two lover’s signs, there is the idea that opposites attract, and there are all sorts of materials that will tell you which sun sign works well with others. There is even the practice of ‘synastry’, whereby you place your birth chart over a prospective partner’s and compare.

However, this is often based on personal experience and should be taken with a grain of salt. The best way to use astrology to examine your love life is to study the moon, Mars, and Venus in relation to you. These are the planets that reflect areas such as feelings, desires, and sexuality.

Remember that astrology will not directly inform you of the future of your love life, but as with most psychic readings, will give you insights that help you to make the correct decision.

The Bottom Line

It is easy to become discouraged when starting out with astrology. There is a lot of jargon and new skills to be learned. That is why astrologers are there for you. If you are interested in starting out with astrology, head online and find the correct astrologer for you. They will be able to draw you up a birth chart and gently ease you into what could become a lifelong interest and a hugely positive influence on your life!

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