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Blue Auras And Their Meaning

By Mysticsense
August 11, 2020
Blue Auras And Their Meaning

The term ‘aura’ refers to the invisible energy field that encompasses all sentient beings. Humans, animals and even tiny organisms such as insects have their own aura. While auras are mostly invisible to the naked eye, a little practice and meditation can help reveal these mysterious illuminations. They also appear as distinct colors, as the various energies exuded by a living being absorb and reflect color wavelengths differently. Most of us are unlikely to be able to view the exact color of a person's aura with any great clarity, but the general feeling a person experiences when in someone else’s presence is a great indication of what the color may be. 

You may be wondering why the color of auras is such a big deal; they are incredibly profound because different colors provide insight into a person’s character, emotional state and overall personal energy. The color of our aura can change temporarily as our moods fluctuate, but the overall principle color that represents us and who we are will remain constant throughout our lives. Moreover, the variation in auras are not limited simply to color - auras can vary in depth, shade, size and even shape. To gather an overall understanding of a person, all of these factors need to be taken into account, but in this article we will start off with the basics and delve into the ins and outs of blue auras specifically. 

The Blue Aura

Before we discuss what blue auras represent in a person, it is useful to think of the color blue in general terms. Picture the blue-rinsed buildings of the southern Mediterranean, and the cooling relief it provides for its sweltering cities. Think of the brisk ocean and its various shades ranging from teal to indigo. Envisage the sensations of a crisp spring morning and its clear blue sky. Significantly, blue is associated with the earth’s most serene elements, air and water. The characteristics of these elements, therefore, correspond closely with the energy emitted by blue auras - people of air and water signs are typically considerate and contemplative, while people of fire and earth signs are far more passionate and steadfast.

Drawing from this, let’s take a deeper look at the personality traits associated with the mystical blue aura. Completely blue auras are actually rather rare, as most are a mix of different shades or are diluted in some form. However, the select few whose auras are a solid blue are believed to be the world's master communicators; their words are said to have a profound impact on those around them and they are likely to excel in journalistic careers. Regardless, any aura containing shades of blue reveals that an individual has an innate ability to express their thoughts and ideas with charisma and nuance. Alongside careers in journalism, people with blue auras thrive as poets, politicians and authors. They do not fare as well in restrictive fields that don’t allow them to embrace their creative sides. 

Alongside this, those with blue auras typically bear the ability to find logical solutions in tumultuous situations. Their serene energy means they can remain level-headed during trying times leaving many people with more fiery auras envying their cool composure. It is not surprising, therefore, that blue auras can be quite inspiring for those touched by its energy field as others gravitate towards the pure and comforting energy that it emits.

On the other hand, people with blue auras tend to be of a more sensitive and peaceful disposition. They radiate a tranquil energy that many people may find themselves attracted to, just as many of us are drawn to the soothing energy of the ocean. Just like the ocean, however, people with blue auras can be rather changeable; on some days, their waters are still and reflective, while on other days they may turn choppy and tempestuous. In sum, blue auras do not represent meekness, rather they represent an individual with heightened sensitivity and a rich, untamed character. 

How does a blue aura relate to the chakras? 

Just like auras, the body’s chakras also have their own unique colors. As the throat chakra is blue, anyone with a blue aura will find that this chakra is the most dominant for them, and has the biggest impact on their overall being. As previously mentioned, those with blue auras are fantastic communicators and have the ability to express themselves with honesty and compassion. It is unlikely to find a person with a blue aura gossiping, spreading rumours or speaking deceitfully as they are commanded by the throat chakra and exhibit all of its tendencies. Expressing inner-truths are incredibly important for these individuals.

How does a blue aura relate to Orbs? 

A blue aura is highly receptive to spiritual energy due to the frequency of the wavelengths it radiates. This means that people with blue auras may often see unusual light forms or orbs in the backgrounds of photographs taken of them. It is theorized that this is the case as orbs are bundles of energy exuded by the departed souls of highly spiritual beings. Therefore, they will naturally find themselves attracted to the highly magnetic blue auras of the living as they thrive off their energy and wish to protect them in this current realm.

What are the different shades of blue auras, and what do they mean?

You might be wondering how much variation can exist when it comes to the color blue. In fact, the variation is rather extensive as a blue aura can range from a teal-green to a warmer, deeper indigo shade. Other factors may influence the type of blue also; if an aura is vibrant and bright or muddy and dark the overall color and its meaning will vary greatly. Generally speaking, when a blue aura is brighter, more positive and uplifting energy is attached to it. When a blue aura is clouded and darker, it may suggest that the individual is currently experiencing negative emotions or thoughts. If the aura is permanently of a darker hue, it may indicate that the individual is generally more mysterious and reserved than their lighter blue counterparts. 

Outlined below are the most commonly occurring shades of blue aura and their meaning. 

Electric blue aura

This is arguably the purest shade of all blue auras. Because of this, it is widely believed that those who have an electric blue aura are incredibly in tune with their spirituality and their higher-selves. Regardless of whether or not this is the case, you can be certain that people with this shade of aura are open, loving and incredibly compassionate. Their added spirituality also allows for a deeper sense of empathy than most people, meaning people with this aura often absorb the feelings and energies of those around them. 

Baby blue aura

The lighter, brighter and more transparent a blue aura indicates a person who radiates positive, comforting energy. In contrast to darker and muddier shades, a person with this aura will carry a serenity with them throughout life which serves to improve the energies of individuals close to them. Although the same rings true with all blues, those with baby blue shades of aura are particularly fantastic at communicating - especially communicating inner truths and honest feelings. Baby blue auras will never leave you second guessing their actions or intentions; they are the purest of all blue auras.

Teal aura

As teal approaches green on the color spectrum, this particular shade of aura reveals an individual with powerful healing abilities. These people are typically considerate and supportive, making them fantastic in the medical field as a result of their nurturing bedside manner. It is therefore unsurprising that when friends and family face physical pain and struggle, they will find great comfort in the soothing nature of their teal aura relative. At times they may feel drained of energy as so many rely on them for support, but ultimately, to nurture and restore their loved ones is the true calling of those with teal auras. 

Indigo aura

Indigo is the mysterious color that teeters somewhere in between dark blue and rich purple. Individuals who possess an aura of this shade, therefore, are similarly deep and mysterious characters. While some may regard them as untrustworthy, they are instead intensely complicated and struggle to fully open up to people around them. This does not make them dubious individuals though, as anyone with blue-toned auras are fundamentally dependable and honest beings. It may just mean that only a select few are able to fully embrace this side of them. People with indigo auras are some of the most misunderstood and underrated of all the blue auras.

Muddy or murky blue aura

When a person’s blue aura is dimmed, darkened or takes on a murky appearance, it may indicate some internal suffering or negative energy. As blue auras are strongly associated with the throat chakra and strong communication skills, a clouded blue aura is suggestive of the inability to express oneself properly. Perhaps the individual is frightened to speak their mind, or perhaps they have chosen to remain silent in order to avoid spreading negativity. Regardless of what it is, this person may be able to lighten their aura by taking time to introspect on deeper troubles.

Ultimately, the color blue evokes peace, calm and serenity. The same is also true of people who have blue auras, regardless of their specific shades and nuances. People with blue auras are fantastic communicators, highly thoughtful and incredibly healing. They are not without their mystery though as blue auras are intriguing and complex, just like the endless depths of the oceans.

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