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How Numerology helped me with my career

By Mysticsense
February 23, 2020
How Numerology helped me with my career

In these modern times, people are switching careers and jobs with more frequency than ever before. Working for one company for more than 40 years and then retiring is long gone. Today, there is a whole new world of empowering work opportunities where you can discover your life’s purpose and find fulfillment.

However, before you start updating your resume and drafting cover letters, why not take a good look at your personal numerology? For many years, I was stuck in the same mundane job and turning down promotions and felt afraid of a career change.

It was only when I discovered numerology and my life path number that I gained an insight into the natural traits I was born with. It also helped me uncover the skills and competencies I had and made me better understand the career options that were right for me, giving me a renewed daily appetite for working life. Now, I’ve secured my dream job as a teacher and to date, I’ve yet to look back.

A Bit About Numerology

Numerology is the belief that each of the nine single-digit numbers has their own personality and unique traits, which can give you a deeper understanding of your wants, needs, desires and major challenges when it comes to career choice. Through attending a numerology psychic reading I discovered that each person has six numbers that are important to them, three numbers come from your name, and three from your date of birth. When it comes to careers our most important number is our life path number.

To calculate your life path number just add up the numbers in your date of birth, I was born on 06/06/1981 – so if I add up 0+6+0+6+1+9+8+1 = 31. You then add 3 + 1 equals a life path number of 4.

In discovering my life path number was 4 through the power of numerology I was able to discover my natural traits and skills, and the career which best suited these. I found out that those with this number are cerebral and intelligent and constantly seeking knowledge. It also showed me I was a natural fixer with a protective nature and was caring.

Given you can now calculate your life path, let’s see what career suits you.

Life Path Number 1 

You are said to be independent, self-motivated, hardworking and fiercely competitive. A true leader, you must be in charge and have a passion to succeed and are known for your decision-making skills and individuality. Your career mantra is simple: ‘What is it I’ve always wanted to be?’. Dream jobs include entrepreneur, retail store owner, military commander.

Life Path Number 2

People with this path number value harmony in life, are known as ‘peacemakers’ given the caring and thoughtful side of their nature. Jobs suited to this path number include nurse, doctor and social worker.

Life Path Number 3

If your number is a 3 you are a born performer and entertainer – the world is your stage. You value creativity, communication and connecting with people. Jobs that suit you include actor, entertainer, salesperson, and hairdresser.

Life Path Number 5

You are full of fun, adventure and probably have one or more careers in your life. Multi-tasking is your middle name and you have a passion for travel and different locations. Careers that suit you most include pilot, flight attendant, travel agent, and tour guide.

Life Path Number 6

A strong nurturing side is the core of your personality. With your magnetic energy people are easily drawn to you. Your dream job includes guidance counselor, real estate agent and academic advisor.

Life Path Number 7

With an observing nature, you are extremely intelligent while also loyal and direct with others. However, you may think too much and over analyze every situation but you are also very private. Careers which suit you are psychologist, librarian, and biologist.

Life Path Number 8

With this number, you strive for financial security and stability. As a powerful being, you strive for success and achievement and tend to be a workaholic. You are a very honest person but do tend to come off as blunt. Dream jobs include politician, banker, office manager and judge.

Life Path Number 9

This is the most evolved number in numerology and lends those with it to a powerful disposition. You’re a selfless humanitarian, determined to follow what you believe through hard work and leadership. Careers suited include therapist, illustrator, and musician.

If you’re unable to see how to step into your life path number and are interested in a career change, a numerology psychic reading will give you the insight to make that next move.

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