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Practical Numerology And How To Use It In Life

By Mysticsense
October 12, 2020
Practical Numerology And How To Use It In Life

Numerology can provide some great insight in your life, and works well alongside other divinatory methods such as astrology and tarot. Many people in today’s world have a basic understanding of their Life Path number, but did you know that there are ways to bring numerology into everyday life?

What Repeating Numbers Are Saying 

Seeing the same number repeatedly over a period of time can indicate that the qualities associated with that particular number may be important for you right now. Numerology works with the single digit values of numbers, so if the number that is repeating has more than one digit, you can simply add the numbers together to reduce them to the core vibration. Keep in mind that numbers in sequence (such as 1234 or 9876) can indicate a series of events taking place that are leading to a specific outcome (which is indicated by the single digit of all numbers).

In the case of a single digit repeating itself, such as 1111, you will want to look at the repeating number itself as expressed through the amount of digits it has. In this case, the number 1111 would be interpreted as the energy of one, but acting in such a way as to form the foundation (four) of individuality and leadership (one). This method can be used to decipher the meaning of numbers seen in dreams, in daily life or even numbers that show up during divination. Some people refer to single repeating digits as ‘Angel Numbers’ and ascribe them added spiritual significance as they are thought to be a sign of an angel's presence.

All About Angel Numbers 

Anyone can be sent Angel Numbers or repeating numbers as a sign from the universe that they are on the right path and in alignment with their soul purpose. Sometimes these numbers appear to shed light on an aspect of a situation that has been overlooked, and other times they are an affirmation that everything will work out okay. If you see a number that is personally relevant to you, such as a partner’s birthday, it may indicate that the single digit of the number relates in some way to that person.

Many people ask for signs from the universe, particularly during a rough period in life or while trying to manifest something. Numbers are a great way for these signs to appear, as most things in the world have a numerical value. Indeed, some people believe that everything in the universe vibrates to a number, as all measurements revolve around numerical values. Numerology proposes that all numbers have a unique spiritual vibration that describes the properties of what they represent. Music, sound and air pressure are all measurable with the proper equipment, therefore having a numerical value of their own. This theory presented in numerology means that everything from your body temperature to your age says something specific about your life, even if it has a minor impact.

Personal Numbers

Some numbers play a bigger role in your life than others. The Life Path number, for instance, is similar to the sun sign of astrology in that it depicts the general personality traits that you’re likely to have throughout your life. This number is based on your birthday, and can be found by adding the month, day and year and then reducing this number to a single digit. An example of the Life Path number for someone who was born on August 24th, 1996 would be as follows: 0+8+2+4+1+9+9+6= 39, 3+9= 12, and 1+2=3. The Life Path of this person would be considered 3, with minor traits of individualism and leadership (one) as well as completing projects and accumulating wisdom (nine). Further still, the original sum of 39 could also be interpreted as subconscious or latent traits that may possibly appear later in life, although this is not guaranteed as these traits are farthest away from the single digit sum of the birthday. There are also a few different methods to calculate a Life Path number, such as adding the month, day and year separately and then combining them. Which method you decide to use is a personal choice.

There are also systems in place that attribute numerical values to letters, which are then applied to names of various people and places in an effort to divine compatibility between people as well as determine auspicious locations for events. There are two main methods of determining the numerology of names, one is called the Chaldean method and the other is the Pythagorean method. As with the Life Path number calculation, which method you use is entirely up to you and your intuition. Some people change their names so that it is numerologically aligned to their birth date, and others choose names for their children based on the numerical value and the qualities they want the child to possess.

Planning Events With Numerology 

Another practical application of numerology is choosing auspicious dates to schedule important events. Choosing a date that matches your Life Path number is a great way to ensure that events are resonating with your personal vibration. In the example above, the Life Path number 3 would want to choose a date that is either a 3, 6 or 9 for the best outcome. It’s also possible to predict an overview of the year ahead by changing the year in a Life Path calculation to the current year (or any year you want to predict). An example of this might look like 0+8+2+4+2+0+2+0= 18, further reducing to 1+8=9. This indicates that for this particular person, 2020 will be a year of completions and endings. It could suggest that they might complete a long term project this year, or that problems may be resolved. Making an annual interpretation in this way is known as calculating a Personal Year, and it can indicate where in the numerological 9 year cycle you are currently.

Understanding how each number relates to others is also important in determining whether your year will be in contrast to your own nature or whether it will make life easier for you. The general rule of thumb is that if two numbers are divisible by each other, they will likely resonate nicely. In the example above, 3 is the square root of 9, therefore it is an aspect of 9 and resonates quite well. This indicates that 2020 will likely be a relatively easy year for this person. If the two numbers were not divisible by each other, there may be conflict and difficulty throughout that particular year. The number 5 doesn’t evenly divide into 3, so having a Personal Year of 5 might be full of conflict and difficult decisions for someone with a 3 Life Path.

Each Number And Its Meaning

Now that you have the tools and knowledge available to calculate your own numerological predictions for events and numbers you see around you, let’s take a look at what each single digit number represents spirituality. Keep in mind that if you have a two or three digit number, you can interpret the qualities of each number as minor aspects of the person or situation you’re reading, and then use this information in addition to the single digit number to gain even more detailed information into possible traits or themes that may occur. The single digit meanings for each number are as follows:

  • One - The number one is typically associated with leadership, independence and individualism.
  • Two - The number two deals with partnerships, cooperation and teamwork.
  • Three - The number three involves cycles, communication, luck and magick.
  • Four - The number four indicates foundations, stability and security.
  • Five - The number five is associated with crossroads, conflict and changes.
  • Six - The number six often deals with family, community and balance.
  • Seven - The number seven indicates a higher calling, intuition and spirituality.
  • Eight - The number eight usually deals with money, career and expansion.
  • Nine - The number nine involves endings, completion and wrapping up loose ends.

As with any form of divination, please listen to your intuition above all and use this chart as a guide to support your interpretation of the numbers. Spiritual practices rarely have a set method of how they should be used, so feel free to experiment and discover what each number means to you personally. Numerology can provide insights into what is going on in many areas of life in a way that some other divination methods cannot, such as when you see repeating numbers on clocks or in phone numbers. With the tools and methods explained in this article, you’ll have everything you need to understand what repeating numbers are trying to tell you. 

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