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Self-Absorption - Our Clever Game Of Self-Deceit

By Paula Pyle
August 21, 2020
Self-Absorption - Our Clever Game Of Self-Deceit

We lose our way when we look to the outer world (relationships, people, places, things, careers, education and events) to guide us into our paths of destiny. When we disassociate from the starkly precise direction of the inner world, we remain ‘off course’, confused and fearful about our footing in our particular place in the universe.

Our relationships reveal an uncertainty not discussed openly

The outer world is an ever evolving unreliable mirage, without boundaries and purposeful meaning, in as much as it reflects conditions. It does not detect. In other words, the outer world is an expression of an inner desire for permanency. Giving credence and value to it, as a separate functioning entity, brings perplexity and despair.

Things occur for reasons incomprehensible to us

Though we go to great lengths to add our unsolicited opinions, and smear our unjustified remarks so callously, the truth remains while the rest falls away. Nothing we say or do can change one iota of what is to be. We are not now, nor will we ever be, greater than the Tao that sustains us. It matters not what one relates, refers and registers this sacred energy as (god, universal spirit, nitrogen), the impersonal movement requires no acknowledgement to carry out supreme super structural force and intent.

In other words, we will not be consulted on the sublime activities which occur in our lives without consent or confirmation. Though the words seem somewhat fated, in a sense, arbitrarily the very opposite is the case. We can and do move through the mind’s enslavement of our reoccurring predicaments (most especially in relationships) when we succumb to the sanctified WILL.

This unapproachable WILL transcends our resistant personality barriers which so easily and conveniently beset us.

We have become sterile in our attempts to break through the facade of outward supported and praised purpose. We usually give up or fall short, convincing ourselves that it’s easier to leave things exactly as they are, when the entire time another item on the ‘what’s in it for me’ agenda operates full force. We rarely realize the extent we try to manipulate, control and manufacture our circumstances with these devious lies of ill repute. We KNOW we simply cannot maintain the ‘status quo’ but will fight like crazy to deny, denigrate or deliver more of our fictitious selves in hopelessly eroding situations.

As a means to hold things together or push things to conclusion, our actions are always selfishly generated for benefit and based upon maintaining security.

Because the outer appearances have been drilled into the psyche as offering something of worthwhile merit, we will do just about anything called for, drawing from the deepest recesses in our vividly rich imaginations to continue with the show. No matter how poorly produced and ill wittily directed. Our depth of pride remains entrenched and will not be subjected to the thought of loss, disappointment or embarrassment.

We are so dubiously attached to and inseparably identified with the outer world of appearances, we associate our basic needs, substantial drives and inarticulate demands directly from the source of the farce we have so cleverly invented. Until we encounter and surmount the ill-faced demons who constantly belittle our needs, we will remain unhappy and unsettled.

Self-absorption is our most clever game of indisputable self-deceit

But, the corroding deception lies not with what is ingrained in our souls’ roots but in the horrendously prefabricated plays we create and induce as purposeful realms of relationship experience. We look to the outer world and declare it as something that matters while we forfeit the non-intrusive voice of authenticity from deep within. Because it asks for nothing and seeks less, (as a ‘comprehensible yearning’ of self-unity, neither recognized nor appreciated) we discount it altogether.

How will we possibly ever begin to tap into our most cherished ruthless soul of reverent liberation and recognition IF we continue to uphold a fictitious identify along with the constructs which hold it into place? We need stop running, hiding and erecting fancy, socially suitable, glistening castles we are miserable inhabiting. We will only find our innate treasures and true talents among the compost of our lives. Yes, compost. Those areas which embarrass, confound, shame and ridicule.

In those precarious situations where nothing seems to fit or make any sense lie our cosmic rafts.

When we work tirelessly trying to fix circumstances, the caution flag of discontent rises higher to alert us we are working in vain. Surface appearances are NOT important in the scheme of things. What is important is getting in touch with what’s going on inside. IF the ‘still small voice’ is being silenced, we are at odds with the present episode, no matter how it appears. We are walking in the midst of our own combustible ashes and they will reignite.

No amount of diminishing fear and prodding avoidance will make things right

A mobilizing esoteric psycho-analytic Self-quest is excruciating! There’s no two ways about it. IF we look for the easy way out, (by not confronting the incessant inner call of rebirth) we will guarantee events whose three hundred headed demon waits for us on the other side laughing uproariously at our uninformed and futile escape tactics. We must confront that which we never let surface while calling each by name.

When we feel the unrelenting pressure of the ambiguous waifs of insecurity and see nothing but uncertain doors of apparent resolve expanding, push through the awkward space, until our minds can no longer pacify or lure us into believing we have no further work to do on ourselves.

Then and only then we our relationships reflect true venerated peace.

We are all apparently here involved, invested and inclined to do what we enjoy in What’s a Happening!

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