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The Power of Manifestation

By Mysticsense
July 24, 2020
The Power of Manifestation

It’s hard to deny that we humans are incredibly impatient beings. This feels especially true in today’s world, where it can feel like we are constantly battling to keep our head above water. Often we want a quick fix to a situation, a resolution handed to us on a plate, although deep down we are all aware that it can never really be this simple. With that being said, incorporating the wonders of manifestation into one’s life can help speed up the process of achieving our goals, even if just by a little.

What is manifestation?

Manifestation may elicit images of magic and witch-craft, however its reality is far from this. It is simply the act of tapping into one’s innermost dreams and wishes, and using the associated thoughts, feelings and beliefs to materialize them into the physical world. Put more technically, when we desire something so strongly, we produce vibrational energies that compel our desires to take tangible form. This process is referred to as the ‘Law of Attraction’ and is a key component of successfully manifesting one’s deepest desires. It is also important to note that when manifesting something, it is because you intentionally wished to bring it forwards into your life; no one else has the ability to interfere with the matters that you wish to attract, nor can you interfere with anyone else’s either. Given this, we must be extremely mindful about what our true desires are. It serves no good to seek manifestation of a new romantic partner if we are still pining for an ex, and it would only cause added complications to manifest a new career if we aren’t in the right headspace to embark on that journey. Therefore, in order to practice successful manifestation, we must take careful consideration of all the other variables associated with our wants.

Can anyone manifest?

The act of manifestation is not bound by any particular creed or religion. Even those who may not feel ‘spiritual’ in any way can still implement manifestations and reap incredible results. The key is to be wholehearted and committed to the process, having belief in your own abilities to attract what you really want. This is easier said than done though, so how can we build this faith in ourselves? By practicing! Building our confidence in our abilities to manifest will not only make the experience more enjoyable, but will help produce results quicker and better. So, with that being said, how do we actually go about the process of manifesting?

1. Think deeply about your goals

As with any project, the best way to begin is by organizing your thoughts and clearly outlining what you want to achieve. Only you are able to put your deepest wants and desires into words, so ponder on what these may be until it becomes crystal clear. As previously mentioned, it is crucial to take into account other variables when ruminating over your goals; think about who else may be affected if your manifestations were to materialize. Think about if your goals will still be the same in 10 years’ time. The longer you assess your wishes, the clearer they will become. It is important to not send out mixed signals to the universe as it may lead to mixed results.

2. Forming a plan of action

Once your goals are explicit, you should begin the process of asking the universe for what you want. This process may take the form of a handwritten note, folded tightly and kept in a safe space where it can remain left untouched by others. It may also take the form of a collection of significant trinkets - we may find that we best illustrate our wishes visually, through photographs and memorabilia. That being said, solely visualizing what we want is not enough to actually achieve it. Once we are equipped with our written request or significant items, we need to form a ritual in order to raise the vibrational energy attached to our desires. This may include a daily recital of our letter out loud and with meaning. It may also mean looking over our special photograph right before bed in an attempt to relay these thoughts into our dreams. There is no exact science to how our manifesting ritual must unfold, but we must remember to meaningfully combine visualization with a solid plan of action.

3. Remember to be flexible

We may feel that our goals are set in stone, fixed and unchanging. However, many unanticipated factors can arise, changing our perspective of what we truly wish to strive for. In circumstances such as these, simply reframing the question and being mindful of what exactly has changed is a smart move. The beautiful thing about manifestations is that they too are flexible to our ever-changing aspirations, they just ask that we stay conscious and loyal to ourselves rather than seeking to attract new, fleeting craves on a whim.

4. Gratitude is key

Sometimes the process of manifestation might not reap instant rewards and may take longer than first anticipated. There might even be times where we do not receive aspects of our wishes at all. At times like these, it is worthwhile remembering that when the laws of attraction do not grant us our wishes, there is definitely a good reason for it. We may be seeking reconnection with a toxic past friend, or maybe we are begging for an instant windfall without bearing the right intentions at heart. So, when we feel the universe has left us unheard, it is a good chance to stop and think hard about the legitimacy of the goals you have set out. In addition, it is important that we don’t forget to thank the universe for its efforts during the process. Although our overall goals may not be met yet, exuding gratitude for the daily blessings we are met with only serves to stimulate manifestation faster. We mustn't overlook all of the positives gifted to us in life as we strive to meet our future ambitions.

5. Stay positive

Negativity dims our vibrations towards the universe and impedes the ability for our goals to materialize, thus positive energy is a magnet for positive outcomes. It’s commonplace to feel drained of energy and exhausted by all of life’s mounting troubles. It’s almost as if anxiety and self-doubt are prerequisites of living in the 21st Century. However, as long as we can acknowledge these negative feelings and understand them for what they are, we can begin on our journeys down the path of manifestation. Being trapped in a negative headspace can have an adverse effect on what we wish for so pinpointing exactly where and why our emotions have gone awry is a great way to get our manifestations back on track. Now that you know how to successfully manifest, you might be wondering what we can manifest about. 

Can we manifest love?

Naturally, our minds jump to all things love and romance as it plays such a central role in most of our lives. Luckily, we can easily manifest for new relationships or for the reconcilement of struggling partnerships. Despite this, it is paramount that we are 100% confident that the people we have our hearts set on are nothing but good for us. This may result in the exclusion of a few exciting potentials, but no doubt we can all agree that foregoing these for our true soul mates in the long run is far more rewarding. The universe has our best love and dating interests at heart, so don’t fight the process.

Can we manifest money?

Sort of. It’s tempting to jump in head-first and manifest for an enormous windfall, looking to set ourselves and our future generations up for life. However, these excessive materialistic desires are not authentic and do not reflect true sincerity. While the universe may be rich and abundant, it will not provide for those whose intentions are not wholly pure. On the other hand, if you are struggling to make ends meet or are in a particularly vulnerable state, consciously calling out to the laws of attraction for respite is certainly an action that should be taken. Results may show through the acceptance of a new job offer or an unexpected donation from a friend, but either way, they will only show if intentions are authentic and free of greed.

In sum, the best thing we can do is ask the universe for what we wish and pay close attention to signs that suggest it may be materializing. The only thing that stands in the way of our manifestations and the immense powers of the laws of attraction is ourselves and our hesitations. We must visualize our goals, embark on a plan of action and remain humble and full of gratitude throughout the process. It may take time, but staying patient and focused on the end goal will ensure that our positive vibrations are felt and our goals are manifested with success.

“Manifestation and energy manipulation occur where complexity exists, As Da Vinci reminds us, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Simplicity is the truest form of creativity. The laws of attraction for the majority of us must focus then on creative strategies – if we have not been successful in achieving our desired results we must re-examine our strategies. That exploration can only be then mapped out through internal communication.” – Leigh Le Croux


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