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The Sun in the Houses

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
December 19, 2022
The Sun in the Houses
The Sun in the Houses

Join us for the zodiac signs Houses explained, with the focus being on what the twelve zodiac signs Houses govern, and what it means when the Sun is in each of the twelve Houses. In this article we will explore

So far, we have focused multiple articles on defining the Houses of the zodiac and how our Birth Charts influence our lives. All the planets have been explored so far except one- the radiant Sun. Now you can read the final article exploring the twelve Houses in astrology and what it means when the Sun is in each of those Houses.

How to Find a Zodiac Houses Chart

The Sun in the Houses

The Houses of the zodiac don’t have to be confusing! There was a time when you would have needed to know an astrologer to have them cast your birth chart for you, unless you knew how to cast your own, of course! Today, the magic of the Internet has taken the struggle out of getting your Birth Chart cast. A free site will automatically calculate your Birth Chart if you plug in some information. Simply enter your date of birth, your time of birth, and the location where you were born here for your free results: Free Astrology Birth Chart Report (

What are the Different Houses in Astrology?

The Sun in the Houses

Once you get your Birth Chart that lists all the signs and astrological planetary alignment that was working together when you were born, understanding the astrological Houses and meanings comes next. The zodiac signs and their Houses is a study of what the planets and zodiac signs were doing and where they were positioned at the very moment when you were born. Zodiac signs and Houses influence personality, how you think and behave, and what conditions you will deal with in your life. Zodiac Houses and planets don’t decide everything or take away your choices. However, they decide some things, and understanding what they do control will help you understand yourself and your life better.

There are twelve different sections, or Houses in your Birth Chart, and they each influence things from how you will make friends and lovers to what your career will be like. Today, we will explore what happens when the Sun moves through each section, or House, but first we will learn a little about what each House is called and what it governs. To read even more about the different Houses and what it means when Venus is in each of them, see here: What Does Venus Mean in the Houses? | Mysticsense

The First House

The First House is called The House of the Self, and it helps to decide our personality, and our outlook on the world in general. It helps decide how we look and how we behave outwardly. It also governs something called our self-interest, meaning our concern for how things benefit us. Aries is the zodiac sign associated with this House.

The Second House

The Second House is called the House of Possessions and it is in charge of what we gain and lose in finance and wealth in general. Debts we accrue and inheritances are covered by this as well, and the zodiac sign Taurus rules this House.

The Third House

This is called the House of Communication and rules mental ability and our study habits as well as how well we write. This House also rules short trips and air transportation. The sign that rules this House is Gemini.

The Fourth House

The Fourth House is called the House of family and Home and it rules the domestic life and the role fatherhood plays. It rules lands, properties, our heritage, titles, and family life in general. It also rules our old age and what things will transpire at the end of our lives. The zodiac sign that rules this House is Cancer.

The Fifth House

The Fifth House is the House of Pleasure, and it is ruled by Leo. This House rules pleasurable, happy emotions, and romance as well as whatever it is that makes us happy. Parenthood and having kids are also part of this, and the memories and good times you share with whatever kids you will have are ruled by this House too.

The Sixth House

The Sixth House is ruled by Virgo, and it is called the House of Health. Hygiene, sickness, and health is general is ruled by this House. Employment, employees, training, and service are all ruled by this House as well. How we unify with other people, and the public in general are ruled by this also.

The Seventh House

The Seventh House is the House of Partnerships, and it is ruled by Libra. All forms of partnerships and unions are governed by this House. Marriages are all ruled by this House and our relations with enemies and “frenemies” are governed by this House as well. Legal proceedings and dealings with the public and people in general are also ruled by this House.

The Eighth House

The Eighth House is called the House of Sex and it is ruled by Scorpio. It rules death and how it affects us, and our relationships with the dead as well as occult experiences. Birth, death, and rebirth are also ruled by this House and the things we gain through death like alimony- which is after all death of a marriage- and inheritances are governed by this House as well.

The Ninth House

The Ninth House is called The House of Philosophy, and it is ruled by Sagittarius. Journeys and long trips to places far from our birthplace as well as the role higher education plays in our lives is ruled by this House. How we explore our world and our philosophical tendencies as well as our personal search for meaning are also ruled by the ninth House. Dreams and visions, psychic gifts and spirituality are ruled by this House as well.

The Tenth House

The Tenth House is called The House of Social Status, and Capricorn rules it. It governs career and professional life as well as our reputation and general renown and fame we gain. The roles we take in government and our communities in general as well as our public use of our status we gained and use of skills in public are all ruled by the tenth House.

The Eleventh House

The eleventh House is ruled by Aquarius and is called the House of Friendship. It governs our friendships and groups we form around that including cliques, clubs, societies, and networking organizations. The collective endeavors we join with others to work towards as well as the wellbeing of our employers are all governed by the eleventh House.

The Twelfth House

The twelfth House is ruled by Pisces and is called the House of the Subconscious. It rules places where we can feel restrained like mental asylums, jails and prisons and hospitals. Isolation, limitations, unforeseen problems, and secret enemies and private sorrows are also ruled by the twelfth House. Other hidden things like spiritual or magical truths are also ruled by this House and our subconscious mind including the intuition is ruled by the twelfth House as well.

All About the Sun

The Sun in the Houses

After learning what each of the twelve Houses rule, it is time to explore the heavenly body that is the main topic today, the Sun. The Sun has been worshiped by many religious traditions as the main life giver. Indeed, were it not for the Sun, life on earth could not exist as it does. It is the center of our solar system, and although it is over 92,000,000 miles from our planet, Earth, the Sun dictates our light and temperature. Some major deities like Ra, Helios, and Utu have been characterized as the great Sun. Aztecs believed that they had to feed the Sun with human lives, or it would burn out. The Norse had a solar goddess named Sol or Sunna who was the sister of the Moon goddess, and she gave a famous healing incantation to the god Odin. The Egyptian sun god, Ra was believed to have created all life and he was the god not only of the Sun, but also of the sky itself and the great kings.

Government is represented by the glorious Sun and the Sun also represents wealth, power, and strength in general. Health, youth, vitality, fertility, and life in general are all represented by the Sun. It represents royal power and authority in general as well as confidence, pride, and plentifulness. It is glorious in its splendor but also compassionate and kind. The Sun represents hope and optimism, healing and good health, lavish gifts, and generosity.

The Sun in the Zodiac Houses

The Sun in the Houses

The Sun is one heavenly body that moves through our Birth Charts, and it influences our constitution. What this means is how strong we are in general as well as how energetic we are and how well we heal is also governed by the Sun in the Houses. The ability to overcome obstacles and challenges as well as purpose and determination are all decided by where the Sun is in our Houses. Let’s explore what it means when the Sun is in each of the twelve Houses.

The Sun in the First House

When the Sun is in your first House, you have strong drive to advance in life, wanting to be successful, and you seek the support of your elders and superiors. It makes you independent and you seek to rise above whatever station you were born into, making you one who assumes high levels of responsibility and gives you powerful ambition. You are not afraid to fight for your success, and your optimism combined with your work ethic will take you far in life.

The Sun in the Second House

You will benefit financially from your hard work and will impress your superiors, who will promote you and grant raises. Jobs in government and being given perks by people who rank above you as well as your father will move you up the ladder of success, but you don’t keep all your wealth and success to yourself. You will be generous with others materially, and socially will take people you feel are worthy into your circle.

The Sun in the Third House

You seek to educate, enlighten, and benefit other people intellectually and you are creative. Making the lives of people better through writings, or sharing information is a main goal of yours, and you are highly respected by peers, those you help, and family members. Travel for both business and pleasure are quite successful when the Sun is in your third House.

Sun in the Fourth House

This House dictates success through family and what the end of life will be like. The Sun in this House can either grant inheritance of wealth from family or difficulty due to family. However, your hard work will pay off due to your focus and ambition, and you are highly respected in your older years for your accomplishments. You can gain much property through your own hard work, even if you don’t inherit wealth from family.

The Sun in the Fifth House

When the Sun is in the fifth House, you are likely to have a small family, and may suffer from dangerous pregnancies or problems in childbirth. Troubles in love can keep you from having children, but despite any issues that may arise, whatever children in your family or of friends you spend time with will be enjoyable. Whatever kids you are fortunate of your own to have will have good relationships with you and the people in your life will honor and appreciate you.

The Sun in the Sixth House

Having the Sun in this House can weaken your health, unfortunately. However, you can combat this by healthy living, a good diet, and regular intervention by your doctor. You may do well in a career in a health care-based field, and you will be very good at helping relieve other people’s suffering.

The Sun in the Seventh House

The Sun in this House brings the energy of a good partnership in romance who has a long lasting, happy relationship with you. This is a good House for the Sun to be in for partnerships in general including business partnerships. Any disputes or problems can be settled successfully, most especially through use of legal intervention, or mediation. Keep good relationships with business partners and long term, it will pay off, building your success and wealth.

Sun in the Eighth House

Inheritance and or marriage increase your wealth and social standing and the Sun in the House brings something unusual to you in regard to longevity. You may die a very noble death that brings great fame, or your death may be averted, and your health is recharged, making your life even longer.

The Sun in the Ninth House

You are faithful to your religious beliefs when the Sun is in your ninth House, and you are self-reliant and very confident. Religious organizations, colleges, law offices, and organizations that study science and philosophy are places where you can be especially successful. You seek great truths that benefit humanity, and you enjoy traveling to foreign places, even living in other countries. You seek justice and make an excellent counselor or advisor.

The Sun in the Tenth House

When the Sun is in your tenth House, you are successful in whatever field or career you pursue, and you do especially well in government, law, or some supervisor role because you win the respect and trust of all those you work with. This is because of your dedication to your job and your strong sense of personal responsibility. Be aware not to become overly prideful and make sure to be generous to those who count on you to help them career wise.

Sun in the Eleventh House

You form friendships with respectable people who grant excellent connections in career and business, but that’s not because of luck. It’s because, like them, you are hard working and respectable yourself. Your friendships will grant opportunities you could not have enjoyed otherwise, and you will help aid in the success of friends who prove their worthiness as well.

The Sun in the Twelfth House

The Sun in this House grants powerful psychic abilities and you study the occult and mystical disciplines. You pick and choose when you need alone time, secluding yourself at times, and you thrive in some form of obscure job few others show any interest in. These careers are especially likely in fields related to prisons or hospitals, and you may find yourself living places in countries other than where you were born.

As the Sun shines in your Birth Chart, it brings you power and determination to succeed, and helps you to create exactly the kind of success you want in exactly the places and jobs where you want it. Enjoy your hard-earned success. You deserve it! Read all of our other articles about the heavenly bodies in the Houses to learn even more!

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The Sun in the Houses

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