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Year of the Ox Love Compatibility

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
October 08, 2022
Year of the Ox Love Compatibility
Year of the Ox Love Compatibility
TL;DRThe Ox is one of twelve animals that represent years you can be born into in the Chinese Zodiac. Learn years of the Ox, what Ox personality characteristics are, and even a little bit about the Chinese Zodiac in general. Besides that, what is couple compatibility for Year of the Ox people? Learn all this and more about The Year of the Ox with Mysticsense today.

A lot of attention is given to the Greco Roman zodiac, but there are plenty of other great Zodiacs you can learn from as well. The Chinese Zodiac is one example. Many people just use the Zodiacs as a compatibility love chart, and yes they are good for that, but they also tell you a lot about personality traits and what you want out of life. Learn our own style of a compatibility rating tool to see if it’s true love for life with a Year of the Ox individual and learn all about Year of the Ox people in this article.

The Chinese Zodiac

Year of the Ox Love Compatibility

 Before learning all about the Ox, let’s explore the Chinese Zodiac itself. This Zodiac is arranged in a twelve-year cycle and goes by the cycling of the Moon. It does go by year- roughly, with each animal’s year beginning in late January or early February sometime and lasting until sometime in January or February the following year. Years of the Monkey are 1932, 1944, 1956, and 1968, for example. The year you are born, and its animal will influence all aspects of your life including career path, how good your luck and fortune will be, and various personality traits. To learn more and how it is said The Jade Emperor selected the animals for the zodiac and more about the Chinese Zodiac, read here: A Guide To Chinese Astrology (

Year of the Ox

Year of the Ox Love Compatibility

Year of the Ox people are lucky to be born this year. They are hard working people who are reliable and considered to have low maintenance personalities. In agricultural societies, oxen are crucial to the day-to-day workings. They help at home and on farms and haul heavy loads. Nobody could get by without an Ox! Recent Year of the Ox years were 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, and most recently 2021. The next Year of the Ox will be 2033. Before exploring special things happening in Year of the Ox years, let’s see what Year of the Ox people are like.

Year of the Ox Traits

People born in the Year of the Ox are reliable, strong, easy-going, detail oriented, and dedicated. They are not just workers, though, they are stable. They are focused on what they feel the best way to do things are, and other people will look to them for advice and guidance because of this. They can be stubborn and inflexible, but once you find out the best way to do things, it’s only natural to insist on doing things that way, isn’t it? They are respected for their integrity and diligence. Your Ox will have great focus and stamina for goals and won’t quit when things get difficult like some people will.

They also don’t like to be any trouble and will be as independent as possible, wanting to reach out and help other people rather than to ask for people to help them. They are fair to everybody and can handle conflict without emotional issues. They don’t like to be questioned disrespectfully, and the way to handle a disagreement with them or asking why they are doing something a certain way is with as much politeness as you would want somebody else to ask you the same thing. They can be very quiet people and might not always express their thoughts, opinions, and feelings on things. The thing they probably dread more than anything else is failure, so they will go out of their way to try and ensure they never fail at anything.

Good jobs for Year of the Ox people vary. They tend to be highly successful in whatever they decide to do because of their work ethic and focus on doing things correctly. Jobs they feel best doing are those that offer great stability and that require they use their knowledge and expertise. They take their time doing things right, and while they prefer to have a quiet environment where they can concentrate and not be rushed, they are great problem solvers. They do well in medical fields, as lawyers, teachers and consultants in many disciplines, as writers, editors, and reporters, as authors, as police or security personnel, and in information technology fields.

Aside from being born in and influenced by The Year of the Ox, each year has its own element that influences things and the people born those years as well. These elements are wood, fire, metal, earth, and water.

Water Ox Chinese Zodiac Years

Water brings in the characteristics of sensitivity. These people may need time to themselves to recharge and find peace and balance. They are excellent communicators and have amazing imaginations. They are detail oriented and have strong intuitive abilities. It was the Year of the Water Ox from February 3, 1973 until January 24, 1974

 In line with these energies both the element of wood and the Ox bring, in 1973, many of the remaining US soldiers stationed in Vietnam for the conflict there began to leave to return home. Like the reliable Ox, they stayed until released, and then came back home. At the age of 17, Shambu Tamage became the youngest person on record to climb Mount Everest using the determination and strength of the Year of the Ox to help him achieve his goal. Unionists and Nationalists in Northern Ireland were sensitive enough to put their differences aside and begin working together, and the Endangered Species Act was formed in the US.

Wood Ox Chinese Zodiac Years

The element of wood makes people very hard working and highly competitive. They can be combative with rivals and devote extra time to goals and jobs that members of some other elements typically don’t. They believe their work ethic is their strongest asset and their above average accomplishments make them very stable and confident. It was Year of the Wood Ox from February 20, 1985 through February 8, 1986.

In the 1985 early 1986 Year of the Ox, in the March that year, paraplegic athlete Rick Hansen embarked on a 25,000 mile trip to raise money and awareness for spinal research and special interests to help people. He raised $26 million. What disability? Many years of hard work paid off and the FBI had enough evidence to bring charges against five mafia families in New York. That Summer, Live Aid concerts raised fifty million pounds of aid money to combat famine. In September, after many years and many crews researched and investigated for years, the wreck of the Titanic was finally found underwater.

Fire Ox Chinese Zodiac Years

The element of fire makes these people competitive, adventurous, energetic, and magnetic. People find them attractive, and they are admired and looked to for leadership by many. They don’t like to feel lonely and are very dedicated to family and friends. They love a good challenge, love competition, and love most of all to be winners. It was Year of the Fire Ox from February 7, 1997 through January 27, 1998.

In this Year of the Ox, in June the Women’s National Basketball Association held its first game, bringing opportunities for women to be professional basketball players. Both Pakistan and India celebrated years of freedom from British colonization, having led themselves to their independence. One hundred twenty one countries signed documentation forbidding creation and use of landmines. This Year of the Fire Ox also saw much fighting and many deaths, but plenty of people using the energy of the year to lead the world to betterment.

Earth Ox Chinese Zodiac Years

 The element of earth makes these people conservative and reliable in their approach to things. You will know what to expect from these people. Some may find them boring because they are not as adventurous or spontaneous as some, but you never have to worry they will drop a shocking surprise on you. They are ethical, self-disciplined, and very resourceful. It was the Year of the Earth Ox from January 26, 2009 until February 13, 2010.

In this year of the Ox, Albania and Croatia joined forces with NATO and UNESCO launched an online library called the World Digital Library! Iceland became independent and Bolivia was the first South American country that announced indigenous people’s rights to rule themselves. China stepped up to help the world by completing clinical trials for a flu vaccine to combat the H1N1 flu strain.

Metal Ox Chinese Zodiac Years

The element of metal brings in the highest possible level of independence. These Oxen are especially self-sufficient, and they take care of others as well. They march to the beat of their own drum, not being followers, and preferring to stand apart from crowds. Unafraid of being solitary, they only ask for respect for their accomplishments and appreciation of their good qualities. It was Year of the Metal Ox from February 12, 2021 through January 31, 2022.

In this particular Year of the Ox, the US rejoined the Paris Agreement, understanding that to be truly independent, we must work together to have a clean environment. Pope Francis and the Grand Ayatollah of Iraq both broke with tradition and met with one another for the first meeting in history between a Pope and an Ayatollah. Worldwide covid vaccinations went above five hundred million and Shell broke with the behavior of its competitors and pledged to reduce its carbon emissions to meet the numbers the Paris Agreement asked for.

Zodiac Chinese Astrology Matches for Oxen

Year of the Ox Love Compatibility

What zodiac signs would be a good couple with an Ox? Zodiac Chinese compatibility and love compatibility charts say that their best matches are with Snakes, Roosters, and Rats and they have the least amount of compatibility with Sheep, Dragons, and Horses.

Ox and Snake Matches

One of the best matches for Oxen are Snakes. Snakes value relationships with people who are honest and trustworthy, and the reliable Ox is somebody they can count on. Oxen may be less expressive of their personal feelings than Snakes are, but the fact they stick around and go out of their way to do all they can for you says more than the words “I love you” ever could. Both the Ox and the Snake value material stability and these two work together as a team to create a comfortable homelife and a secure future. Snakes provide emotional support Oxen appreciate and Oxen have strong shoulders Snakes can lean on. A great pair!

Ox and Rooster Love Compatibility

This relationship makes for a nice balance for both partners. Roosters are more outgoing, and charming, and Oxen are attracted to the natural inner beauty and charisma Roosters have. Both Roosters and Oxen value honesty and trust, and value one another for their truthfulness and trustworthiness. They both devote themselves to their relationships and Roosters are hardworking like Oxen. They make a great team as friends and co-workers, but as lovers and life partners, theirs is a match their friends will envy, and they can be together for life.

Rat and Ox Soulmate Matches

As charming as Roosters, Rats are also hard working and ambitious, all traits Oxen admire. Rats are also good with finance, wisely saving money and Rats are very focused on the people they love. Rats are very devoted and go out of their way to be generous with the people they care about. All of these traits make the stable Ox trust their Rat, and Rats appreciate Oxen’s loyalty, dedication and hard work. This is a power couple who build a wonderful life together

Ox and Sheep Matches

Sheep are one of the worst matches for Oxen. Sheep are more self-indulgent and impractical than Oxen can stomach, and fights over lifestyle and finance ensue. It’s not that Sheep are messy, unreliable people, it’s just that Sheep are more interested in living in the present than planning for the future and they are very sensitive. The quiet Ox can hurt their feelings by not communicating much, and this couple will have a lot of struggles if they insist on being together.

Dragon and Ox Love Matches

The more reserved Ox can be overwhelmed by the Dragon’s take charge attitude and shrink away from the high energy Dragon. Dragons are risk takers and are unafraid to bite off more than they can chew. Their attitude can put their more conservative Ox off. Both signs are stubborn and won’t want to be flexible with one another. This match can create a lot of conflict, and neither of them wants to listen to disagreement about how they choose to do things. They can’t always work things out.

Horse and Ox Compatibility

Passionate Horses value their freedom and love to socialize. Oxen are more focused on careful planning and can see the Horse as a frivolous, unorganized individual who they want to reign in. The Horse thinks Oxen should relax and have more fun, and they can literally butt heads about finance, responsibilities, and planning things together. These two are often better off matching with other people.

Despite the difficulties Ox people can have with Horses, Dragons, and Sheep, it is still possible to get along. Oxen and their lovers can compromise and adapt to one another to get through conflicts, and while it might not be considered their ideal match, if they are truly in love, they can work things out if they really want to!

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