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Candle Magic 101

By Saoirse
August 25, 2022
Candle Magic 101
Candle Magic 101
TL;DR“What is a love potion I can do with candles?” is a very popular question many ask. Candles are just one of many supplies used for love spells, and believe it or not, you don’t have to be highly experienced in magic to do successful candle magic. What are some different colored candles that can be used, and what are some candle spells for finding a lover, rekindling love, and even letting go of a lover? Find out today with Mysticsense!

“What is Magic?” is a question that has mystified humanity since the dawn of time. While some would deny it exists, other people know better. Magic is something that human beings- and possibly other species- are naturally capable of, and candles are just one kind of tool people use in their magic. You might think you don’t know anything about magic, but when was the last time you made a wish and blew the seeds off of a “wish flower” or made a wish and blew out the candles from your birthday cake?

When was the last time somebody flat out told you something was impossible, but you kept stating it could be done, and people listened to you and, suddenly they came together as a team, believing they could accomplish it, and since they all tried, they did it? When was the last time you visualized a brick wall around you when a neighbor who harassed you was passing by, and for the first time, they behaved as if they did not see you? All of these things are magic. Magic is real.

Before we explore how to use candles in your magic, read a bit about using magic in your everyday life here: How to Include Everyday Magic In Your Life | Mysticsense

Magic vs Magick

Candle Magic 101

Some state that magick denotes metaphysical, mystical moving energy and separates it from parlor tricks used onstage, but this is not true. The word ‘ magick’ was coined by occultist Aleister Crowley to indicate any operation you use to work towards your True Will, and according to him, you had to use special magical rituals to even find out what that True Will was. Working towards your True Will need not entail spell work at all and could be something as simple as “blowing your nose” he wrote. Some online sources state magick is in conformity with the “will”, or what you want to happen, which can change from one spell to the next, but this is wrong. Crowley stated it is in conformity with the “Will” or True Will.

 Any operation of magick is solely focused on the True Will, or the Higher Will. Some say this is aligned with the destiny, and others deny that destiny exists, but state we are all born for a certain reason and to achieve something before we pass on. It is true that the word magick is used by many different people in many different ways, and plenty of people know nothing of Crowley’s meaning or about his theories about True Will. However, this author uses magick to denote what Crowley states it does and magic for moving energy in conformity with the will- the mundane will that is.

So, the candle magic this article focuses on will be for a multitude of purposes and some basic techniques that can be used for various spells will be included. As you begin your journey practicing magic, please also practice shielding and moving negative energy away from you. Advanced techniques are best learned in person, however, and your local shops and groups can teach what is called banishing and shielding techniques to protect your spiritual body.

To read about energy work, and how to move both positive and negative energy, read here: How to Convert Negative Energy into Positive Energy | Mysticsense

The Magic of Candles

Candle Magic 101

“What can I use instead of sage for magic because I just can’t stand the smell!” some people say. What you can use instead of sage, or any other herb can be anything that is blessed or has the same energy that sage has, but a lot of people love to use candles. Fire is a powerful magical tool that has been used in successful magic for centuries. To this day, bonfires are burned all over parts of Europe at Solstice times to strengthen the sun with the heat from the flames, and vigil candles are lit in memory of tragedies to pray for peace and healing. Churches light candles in honor of their god, and burning old things you wish to leave behind, like letters from an ex-lover, work nicely.

Lighting a candle often begins a magical or ritual working, and some people use candles to get themselves into the proper mindset for sacred working. Doing worship or magic strictly by candlelight can help shut out the rest of the world, helping focus on the magic at hand, and candles that are used specifically for ritual or magic bring their own powerful energy to the working. There is no one use for candles in magic. They can be used to help draw money or sever ties with somebody. They can also be used to help solidify a bond between people and to establish connection with your god or goddess. Some people even light a special candle before beginning communication with the dead. Read on for more candle magic operations.

Special Colors for Candle Magic

Candle Magic 101

Red Candles

A red candle for love or any magical purpose is very powerful. Red represents passion, but also anger and war. It can be used to arouse somebody sensually, or to bring energy to somebody feeling weak and tired or even bring luck. A red candle can be lit before attempts to help somebody believe the truth that somebody is speaking against them when you want them to wise up to what could upset them- but that they need to know instead of ignoring. A red candle is lit on the West side of a traditional altar to represent the element of fire and is used for all magic during that ritual. It can be used to represent destruction, so anytime you want to sever ties with a person, or even a job, a red candle can be especially powerful.

To gather up the strength to end an experience whether it be breaking up with a toxic friend, quitting a dead-end job, or even quitting a hobby you are sick of but feel guilty about quitting, write on a piece of paper what it is you want to stop doing, why you want to stop doing it, and what you want to be doing instead. Then, light a red candle and light the paper on fire in the flame of the candle, dropping the paper into a heatproof plate and say “ I release myself from this experience and move forward into my future.” After you finish the burning, release the ashes to the wind, and then go quit! You have given yourself the permission and strength to do just that!

Turquoise Candles

The color turquoise meaning is that of clarity, tranquility, healing, and psychic awareness. The color is said to create emotional awareness as well as emotional stability. It is a good color to use when you want to get in touch with your feelings and learn how to manage them. It aids in growth of your personal spirituality and opens and strengthens the mind intellectually. It also helps foster compassion for others.

Good candle magic with the color turquoise can entail lighting a turquoise candle during meditation or study sessions to help the mind grow, and during times of study of psychic topics, lighting that turquoise candle can help bring more psychic energy in. Light a turquoise candle for yourself when you are having an emotionally trying time, and focus on deep breathing, while looking into the flame of the candle to still yourself and pull your emotions together. When somebody is getting on your nerves, and they can’t help it, light a turquoise candle to help you to be more understanding and compassionate of them.

Purple Candles

The color purple is associated with power and effective leadership as well as luxury and wealth. Purple love meaning is that of peace and harmony within yourself and others. Purple is the color of creativity, and some people believe that working on creative endeavors in a room with walls painted purple amplifies the creative abilities. It is also a color that represents magic itself, and some will literally wear or surround themselves with the color purple to make their magical abilities stronger.

A purple candle can be lit during any form of spellwork to bring in the energy of magic, itself, and don’t underestimate the power of using a purple light bulb in a lamp used to illuminate the ritual space as well as purple candles. Light a purple candle to bless yourself with when you are interviewing for management and administrative positions to amplify the power of your presence as a leader. Some will use green as a color to draw money to them, but others will use purple, because it represents wealth, and having plentifulness of resources besides just money will make you richer.

Candles That Make Noise?

Candle Magic 101

Alright, this is not especially mystical, but this is a fun way to celebrate an event, even a birthday. This is something you should light outdoors, and it will make a big impression. The magic of this is it lets somebody who you love know that they are a big deal to you and you love them very much. It is a small thing you can do to make them feel special, and this isn’t something you see all the time. It’s a noisy candle that makes a big splash and is sort of like fireworks you can put atop their cake.

Want to see this candle you can use to make an extra special event? Blooming Musical Candle – Rainbum

To Find a New Lover

Candle magic can be used when you have opened yourself to find new love. An easy way to do this is to light a candle that represents your old relationship, and the whole time it is burning, speak aloud of all the bad things that happened in that relationship, and all the things you want to ensure never happen to you in a future relationship. After that candle goes out, light a new candle. As the new candle burns, speak about what you want from a new relationship and the kind of person you’d like to be involved with. Speak all that will make your heart glad, and don’t hold back! You deserve the happiest relationship, and it is not selfish to request exactly what you want!

Just before that candle goes out, light a new candle, and say over the new candle, “ The good things I wish for will manifest in my new relationship. I am open to all the love I deserve, and it shall be mine!” Then pinch or snuff that candle out. Relight the candle and say the magic words over it again often until your new love manifests. Use that candle to relight another if needs be. Some candles burn out faster than others, after all!

Rekindling Love

Candle Magic 101

Sending love energy to an ex is easiest done by calling them or going to see them, but that’s not always possible! If you still have an emotional connection at all, you can send them energy through a candle spell. Find a photo of them or something that represents them if you don’t have one. You can even just write their name on a piece of paper if need be or sit a can of their favorite soda by a candle as a representation of them. Then light the candle and say their name. “I call to you, my love. Let us come together and unite in love once more so that we may be together. So be it!”

Then, because magic is not the only force in the world, try to find them. Once you find them, contact them and ask them to meet with you. Tell them how you feel about them and that you want to rekindle your relationship, putting whatever came between you in the past. Sending the energy through the candle spell before you search will help you to find them and that energy will have reached them so they will know you love them.

Candles for Passionate Love

When it is passion vs love you seek, we have just the candle magic to help. Call this a passion candle or a sex candle, whichever you prefer, but do one thing regardless of what you call this. Light this candle before you make love every single time and extinguish it following your lovemaking. You can buy a new candle whenever the one is spent, of course. This candle can be a scented candle, or an unscented one, and it can be any color that represents sensual passion to you. Some people choose red for this of course! The energy from your lovemaking will be absorbed into this candle, and after doing this enough, sometimes, all you will need to do is light your special candle when your lover comes over, and they will know your meaning!

Letting Go of Loved Ones

Candle Magic 101

How to let go of a lover varies. One of the greatest love lessons you can learn is that sometimes, we are meant to have somebody who we love in our lives forever, and sometimes, they are meant to be part of our love life temporarily. This might seem awful, and if you don’t like the idea, skip this spell! A way to let go of a lover, is to find a picture of the two of you together and cut your images away from one another.

Then, light a single candle after you have cut their image out of the picture of you and say, “I light this candle to symbolize emerging from the darkness of this bad relationship. I light this candle to symbolize that I walk forward into relationships that light my life and illuminate the best parts of my heart. May I never have a relationship that darkens my heart again.” You can simply give your ex back all the photos of them you no longer want if you don’t think it is fair to discard the pictures. Should you let someone go?

Here are some things to consider: Letting Someone You Love Go | Mysticsense

Candles to Keep a Lover

Would you like to know how to make your lover love you forever? Truthfully, you don’t need to because love itself is actually forever. While this is good news, some people are afraid, especially early on in a relationship, that things might not last, and rather than use a spell to try to bind somebody to you, which would be compromising their right to choose, there is another spell you can do instead.

Bring your lover together with you and have a single candle and two matches, one for each of you. Light your matches at the same time, and light the candle together at the same time, and one at a time, speak of your love for one another, and what you want for the relationship long term. This can also be used in a wedding as recitation of the vows. It can be a very powerful affirmation of your goals as a couple!

To Get Rid of an Unwanted Lover

Wouldn’t it be great to have a “turn off “ candle when somebody you don’t want a relationship with won’t just go away? A simple candle turn off spell can be part of getting rid of them! Keep in mind, however this is just part of getting rid of them and making them stop their unwanted advances. The most important thing to do is explicitly tell them no, and that you want them to stop asking you to be with them. This needs to come first, because open, upfront communication is crucial.

However, we all know that some people don’t care about other people’s feelings or consent and simply “won’t take no for an answer.” First, if this is harassment or you feel endangered, file police charges immediately. Next, every time they make unwanted advances, again say no, remind them you have told them no multiple times, and light a specific candle you have set aside for this. After you light the candle, say the person’s name and say “ I told you no. Now GO!” Say this forcefully and blow out the candle with a lot of force. Once they are gone for good, stomp on the candle, and yell at it as you do, “AND STAY GONE!!!!!!” Then throw the smashed candle away. Good riddance!

Voodoo Love Candles

Candle Magic 101

To practice Voodoo, or any other religious tradition, it is always best to be an initiate of that path, and study with ordained clergy persons. Many don’t want to initiate but believe in the power of Voodoo and know that some shops have candles that work and know they need not initiate to use them. One such shop sells products in Columbus, Ohio, and carries a plethora of candles in the glass sleeves as well as oils, herbs, and various other ritual supplies. Besides carrying Voodoo supplies, they have supplies for a plethora of religions and paths and can ship what they sell to wherever you like.

They also have this to say, ” As we study and deepen our work, we find new things to make, new tools to carve, and new prayers to speak. What we really want to do is to provide that to our community, both locally and abroad.”

They may not be Voodoo experts who can educate you on how to be Vodun, but they can sell whatever you want to buy from them, including some Voodoo supplies and can be reached here: Columbus, Ohio | The Magical Druid

The Simplest Candle Magic

The easiest way to use candle magic is YOUR way. You will find countless volumes written about how other people use candles in magic, and if you want to use those techniques, that’s perfect. However, not everybody wants to do magic other people’s way, and you might just want a starting point while you decide on a system that works for you. Any white or black candle can be used for any purpose, be it love magic, prosperity magic, or just a candle to use for meditation. Decide your purpose, and hold the candle in your hand, and tell it what you want to accomplish.

Then light the candle in a safe place and leave it to burn. The candle you use must be put on a heat proof surface, away from anything it could catch on fire, and is better not left unattended. Birthday cake candles tend to burn down faster than votive candles, but you don’t have to burn the whole candle for your working. If you decide you want to have a candle you reuse, simply pinch the flame out or use a candle snuffer when you have finished the spell and wait for the wax to dry and harden up again before putting your candle away for future use. You can also say a prayer over the candle before burning it, or carve a single word into the wax like “ healing” to put the energy of your intention for the spell into the candle.

Candle magic can be very fancy, or very plain, depending on what appeals best to you. Some people will buy specially made candles, and others will make their own candles to use for magic. They can decide the color of candle and any magical oils or herbs they want mixed in with their handmade magical candles that way. Some people even blend their own oils and grow their own herbs to put into their candles. As you create a candle magic practice, keep notes of what you do, then follow up with what the results were. That way, in the future, just in case you don’t remember EXACTLY what you did, you have a record of it so even if you don’t decide to use a candle magic operation again, you can teach it to somebody else who tells you they are looking for advice!

Magic is a big part of our lives as human beings, and even people who don’t understand this use magic every day. When you walk a magical path and practice magic, regular practice with things like candles will strengthen your abilities. As you walk your path with purpose and learn new skills, watch for more articles about magic from Mysticsense.

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