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Should I Let Go?

By Saoirse
June 28, 2022
Should I Let Go?
Should I Let Go?
TL;DR Despite compatibility, sometimes things just don’t always seem to go well in love, and you are faced with whether to keep trying or let go. Even if you and your mate have great love potential, if they are negative about love, if they cheat, if they lose interest, or they just don’t want to commit, how do you know whether your love is going through a dark time or if it’s time to leave? Join Mysticsense to find out when it’s time to move on to new loves.

So you’re in love! While that can be the greatest feeling in all the world, when it seems things are not going well can be the absolute worst feeling, can’t it? Sometimes we love somebody who doesn’t love us back, and other times, they may say they love us, but they don’t act like it. Sometimes, they have made us theirs, and they stop actively participating in the relationship. There are things that can be worked on through communication if both of you are willing to do the work the relationship needs, but sometimes, there is no point trying and for whatever reason, you need to let go.

How do you know when there are problems that can be worked through and when to let the person you love and the relationship itself go? How do you go about letting go, and what are some things that are absolute indicators that time has come? Is it wrong to love somebody who doesn’t love you and what kind of ritual can you do to learn to let go?

Is He into Me or Just Nice?

Should I Let Go?

Sometimes, we start to fall for somebody who thinks of us as a friend, and they have no romantic attraction to us at all. How do you know which is happening?

Is He Into Me Test

“Is he attracted to me?” How can you tell? Since times have changed, and men don’t necessarily hold the door for ladies they are attracted to, pay for all the dates, or do things like buy flowers as often as they used to, it can be difficult to know whether a man is romantically drawn to you or if he is just being your friend. There are a few simple questions to ask yourself.

1) Do you question his interest? The first sign he might not be romantically drawn to you is if you question whether he is or not. If somebody is really into you, they will find ways to make it obvious. If you feel you are getting mixed signals, you can always ask them what kind of relationship they want.

2) Does he put you first? Does his time with his buddies take the front seat in his social time or does he put time with you first? If you are first, chances are he likes you romantically.

3) Does he flirt with you? If somebody finds you attractive, they should show signs they are sexually attracted to you. Yes, even shy people find ways to show their interest. Does he try to stand closer to you than he would other people he might date, or does he treat you the same way he does his guy friends? Does he look at you like he finds you attractive, or not? If you are treated like one of the guys and he doesn’t act romantically interested, he probably isn’t.

4) Do you hear from him and see him often, or only very occasionally? If he is really wanting to date you, he will make time to do so. Nobody really HAS time in their busy schedules for a new relationship. They MAKE time if they want to.

5) Does he behave as if you are one of his favorite people, or are you treated the same way he does all of his friends? People treat the people they are considering as a long term significant other more as more special than the other people who they have in their life.

6) Does he make plans with you, or do you have to work to get a hold of him and nailing him down to go do things with you is difficult? If somebody wants to do things with you, they make it a point to make plans to do that, and while reciprocating invitations is okay, if he makes you make all the plans, he’s really not that interested in spending time with you.

Is it Over or is it Just Love in Difficult Times?

Should I Let Go?

Let’s say you are already in a relationship and there are things going on that are not fantastic and those things have you worried things might be over. How can you tell if it’s just a temporary issue you can work out or if it’s time to let him go?

What To Do When He Loses Interest in Me

If he is spending less time with you, find out what is going on. Has he lost interest and is letting you know by being less involved in your life, or is there an actual reason you have less time together and it’s not his choice? Has his workload or classload increased? Has he started having health issues and he just doesn’t feel up to doing as much anymore? Does he have extra responsibilities to his kids or family right now that he cannot avoid? Sometimes people are forced to spend less time with their significant other and they hate being away from them, and other times, they just don’t have any interest in the relationship anymore. If there are no things keeping him away from you, and he is not around as much, he may have lost interest and it’s not your responsibility to be in a relationship with somebody who isn’t invested in you anymore.

When A Guy Says He Needs Time to Himself

Should I Let Go?

“My husband said he needed more space, so I locked him inside” are some of the words of comedian Roseanne Barr. That marriage that she was in at the time ended in divorce, by the way. Anytime somebody says they want more space, or to be less involved with you than they are, there are two things to consider. First of all, are you codependent and you expect your significant other to be attached to you every waking moment? Do you refuse to allow him personal time or time with family and friends without you, and you simply cannot function without him being by your side at all times? If the answer is no, then maybe this man doesn’t want a wife or girlfriend at all, and that is completely alright.

Sometimes, people like the idea of a girlfriend or wife they can have at their disposal, but they don’t want to be emotionally available or present in the relationship themselves. They want to take but refuse to give. If this is happening, you are not actually in a relationship, but you are being used. It is not your job to be ignored by somebody who expects you to be there for them, but won’t be there for you.

What if He Doesn’t Contact Me During No Contact?

No contact literally means no contact, and a lot of couples take breaks in their relationships to see how they feel apart. If you have agreed to do this, don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from him at all. What you need to consider is why you two decided to have time apart in the first place, and if you miss him enough you regret the no contact, you can always reach out to tell him that. It’s okay to be the one to call first and get back together if that’s what you want. One woman was asked to leave her home she shared with her husband for two days but she went home the following day because she wanted to work on the marriage. Her husband had a girlfriend he had already decided he would rather be married to instead, and the wife had no choice but to accept he was divorcing her.

Not all relationships work out after a separation period. The good news is the woman whose husband divorced her ended up with another man who made her very happy, and they recently celebrated another anniversary together as a couple. If your relationship is over, don’t think you will be alone for life. Breaking things off is an opportunity for new love and a chance to have the kind of relationship the person who you were with cannot or will not give you.

Why Hasn’t He Called?

Should I Let Go?

There are a million different ways to explain why a man has not called, but it all comes down to one reason- if he has not called, it’s because he doesn’t want to. There are extenuating circumstances sometimes preventing people from calling. If their phone gets shut off or something like that and he lives out of town, but neither of you e-mail or use social media, that could truly be why he has not called. However, if he really wants to talk to you, he can borrow a telephone, or call you the minute he gets his phone back. Calling less often because something came up is one thing, but not calling at all means he doesn’t want to. Don’t waste time trying to talk to somebody who doesn’t take the time to talk to you.

Why he Suddenly Goes Cold

Some people never act cold towards anybody under any circumstances, but when people do, they do so for one reason, because they want to pull back emotionally. There are some people who are hurt over something and don’t want to talk about it, so they emotionally distance themselves. Some people also distance themselves because they decided they don’t want to spend time with you anymore. Losing the companionship that you had previously felt with them can break your heart and make you feel more alone than anything. Initiate a conversation to find out if they want you to let go of the relationship or if they are hurting.

When He Chooses Someone Else Over You

When he’s with someone else, regardless of whether they met when he was dating you or you fell for somebody who has a significant other, one thing is certain. He chose somebody else and didn’t choose you, and that’s really all you need to know. There may come a time in the future when he isn’t with whoever he chose over you, but it’s not worth your time to wait around for him. Somebody else WILL choose you first and will not be able to imagine being with anybody else besides you, so don’t put your time or energy into anybody who treats you any way but like the most special person on earth.

When Pets Come Between Partners

Should I Let Go?

“Love me, love my dog” is the motto many pet owners live by. While some people consider animals as less important than human beings, pet owners often disagree. A survey in Scientific American Mind found that ninety percent of pet owners polled considered their pets as family members. In another survey, more people voted they would bring their dog with them on a desert island than their spouse! Grief over loss of a pet is compared to grief of loss of a human companion and many report that heir pets help them through emotionally distressing events.

Dr. Joel Gavriel-Gold said the biggest problem he has discovered couples spar over is whether the pets should sleep in bed with them or not. He also stated some people feel they are fighting for more attention than the pet gets and couples sometimes disagree over the care of the pet. He said, however, oftentimes the pets are not the real problem to begin with and there are underlying issues the couple needs to explore. “ You need to ask yourself “What would happen if the pet weren’t here? What would you be arguing about? That can help you get to the real issue and start working on it.”

If, however, you start dating somebody and you want them to get rid of their dog they have had for years because you don’t like dogs, you really are not ready for a relationship and you need to work on your selfishness issues. Likewise, if your new boyfriend is afraid of cats and decides either your geriatric cat Sebastian who you have owned for eighteen years has to go, you and Sebastian will likely be telling said boyfriend farewell. Good riddance.

He Won’t Commit to a Relationship with Me

In all fairness, not everybody is cut out for commitment, and even then, not everybody is going to commit to just anybody who would like them to. It is also fair to say nobody is required to stay in a relationship with someone who will not commit to them. Sometimes, you both want a different kind of relationship, and nothing will change either of your minds. If you want to be in a committed relationship, and he or she doesn’t, somebody else will want to commit to you. Yes, it is okay to let them go in this situation.

Is It Wrong to Love Someone Who Doesn’t Love You?

Should I Let Go?

It is never ever wrong to love somebody even if they don’t love you in return. If anything, what the world needs Is MORE love, not less! Being able to love is one of many good qualities to have. The way you feel is never wrong, but how you act on it can be. When you are in love and somebody doesn’t love you in return, if you try to pressure them into being in a relationship with you when they have expressed they don’t want to, it is not a loving thing to do.

If you really love a woman or man, honoring their decision not to have a relationship when they have said that’s what they want is the most loving thing you can do for them. That doesn’t mean it won’t hurt or that it won’t be difficult, but it’s always worth it. Unfortunately, sometimes we fall in love with people who we are not meant to be in relationships with and the only thing we can do is let go.

Letting Go Ritual

So, you have discovered the man or woman you love is not the person you are going to end up with long term for whatever reason and you have decided it’s time to own up to it and let them go. You won’t need magic spells to do this, but a few steps can be taken to be proactive and let go.

Own Up to Things

Once you accept nothing is going to change and this is not a problem you can work through, you have to decide whether accepting things as they are or moving on to a relationship that is more what you what is what you decide to do. If you decide this relationship is not going to get it, letting go is the only decision you can make. The first step is to admit the relationship isn’t working.

Pledge to Move Away from Toxic People and Situations

Not every relationship that ends is a toxic one. Sometimes, things just don’t work out and it is nobody’s fault. But the situation itself can be toxic for you if you force yourself and your significant other to stay locked into a dead-end relationship that is not growing or satisfying you. Holding on to a relationship that isn’t working out will hold both you and the person you love back from moving into relationships you are meant to be in. The next step to letting go is to simply decide to.

Move Forward

There is only one way to go in life, and that way is forward. We cannot change the past, and the present moments end. Every step we take moves us into our future. Our future holds new loves with wonderful people who we have not met yet. The final step to let a relationship go is to simply take the steps to move forward. Have the conversation and break up, move out, and give yourself time to heal and then move on to being open to new loves.

Some of you reading this are in the relationship that will be yours for the rest of your life, and some of you have not met the person you will share lifelong love with yet. Some of you are madly in love with somebody who does not love you, and they don’t deserve you either. All of you are people who Mysticsense is waiting to hear from. What questions do you have about your love life that we can answer? Any time you are having doubts, or just want validation, reach out to a Mysticsense psychic advisor today.

Should I Let Go?About the Author: Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life, but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Mysticsense and she writes for Pagan Pages emag.

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