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The Cancer and Virgo Relationship

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
January 23, 2022
The Cancer and Virgo Relationship
The Cancer and Virgo Relationship
TL;DRHow to handle a Cancer man or woman can be tricky, but knowing how to win a Cancer woman is as easy as being kind and being yourself around them helps. Virgo and Cancer couples can be friends, lovers, or soulmates, and the cancer and Virgo match can be the best one for both signs. What a Cancer woman wants in a man will surprise you and how to tell when a cancer man loves you will be even more surprising, and pleasantly so. What does it mean to be a Virgo with a Cancer Moon, and what does it mean to have Pluto in Cancer? Join us to learn these things and more!

The Cancer man or woman may seem like a perfect match with any sign, but it’s not as simple as that. Traits of a Cancer man or woman makes them agreeable, flexible, and so empathic, they seem to be able to read the minds of loved ones about what they need. Understanding a Cancer man or woman means you know there is a plethora of matches for Cancer people and no two Cancerians are exactly alike. What does it mean to be a Cancer love match and how to tell if a Cancer woman likes you may be the first questions you ask when you fall for a Cancer.

Which zodiac signs are compatible with Cancer? Who is Cancer’s soulmate and what is the best match for Cancer romantically? What does a Cancer man look for in a woman and most of all, do Virgos and Cancers get along? Yes, they do, and in many ways the Cancer and Virgo love match can be the top love match for both signs. Learn about the Virgo Cancer love compatibility, and more facts about Cancers with Mysticsense!

Female and Male Cancer Traits

Cancer People Traits

Charming, sensitive Cancer people step into our lives with a jar of Vic’s Vapor Rub and a book on how to eat yourself well. Dearly devoted to the people they love, they form lifelong relationships, and don’t forge those relationships with just anybody who wants them to. They attach great importance to trust, and security, and work very hard to be financially well off, healthy, and work just as hard to take care of everybody else. They can be very emotional at times, and have very sensitive feelings, getting hurt sometimes even if nobody meant to hurt them. They can be quick to forgive, however, and would rather work problems out with a heart-to-heart talk than a fight.

They won’t back down from an actual fight, however, if they feel cornered, and if they are hurt badly enough and don’t think you are sorry, they can dish out the mother of all earfuls, telling you off! The Cancerian woman body is revered as perfect and lovely, but that’s not from luck, it’s because many Cancers work hard to stay healthy and thriving. They attach great importance to mental as well as physical wellbeing, however, and make it their life goals to keep everybody else around them as healthy as they can as well. On occasion, a less healthy Cancerian will appear, but to ask them, they are doing all that’s right to take the best care of themselves, so don’t doubt their reasons!

A Cancerian woman in bed is often a Cancerian woman in love, but in the rare instances a Cancer individual springs for a one-night stand, they do so confident they can trust even a temporary partner to some extent. Trust, loyalty, and faith are things that are extremely important to Cancerians and they do all they can to be as loyal, and trustworthy as they want their loved ones to be to them. How to win back a Cancer woman who you truly love if she’s slipped away and how to keep a Cancer happy is simpler than you think. Just tell her you were wrong, can’t do without her, and she may be back in your arms in no time!

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The Cancerian Woman Appearance

Cancerian Woman Appearance

No Cancer sign woman looks just like the next Cancerian female. Likewise, no zodiac Cancer male looks jus like all other Cancer men. While some astrologers insist of the zodiac signs, Cancer women are typically ethereally beautiful and are a great weakness to men who love beauties, in truth many are modest and don’t dress too flamboyantly. Due to personality, many Cancer people are shy and don’t go out of their way to draw too much attention to themselves.

Then again, sex symbol Pamela Anderson is a Cancer who is well known for her looks and isn’t afraid to bare skin and be noticed. Twenty-three-year-old Jayden Smith, another Cancer, isn’t against bold clothing and hair styles and shocks more prudish people who find it baffling a young man would dye his hair pink. There is no universal Cancerian appearance, basically, but each Cancer individual wears what they prefer. Some are more athletic than others, and some more or less stylish than the next Cancer. Zodiac sign can influence how we dress, but often, we decide for ourselves how we prefer to look.

What Does a Cancer Man Like in Bed?

Cancer Man in Bed

In his 2001 book, Sex Scopes: How to Seduce, Stimulate, and Satisfy Any Sign, Stuart Hazelton writes “doggy style” is a Cancer man’s favorite sex position and alcohol or marijuana is a great way to relax him for sex. However, not all Cancers drink, and not all of them smoke marijuana. In Seduction By the Stars: An Astrological Guide to Love, Lust, and Intimate Relationships, Ren Lexander and Geraldine Rose say something quite different. “ Cancerians love the soft touch. Give them massages…Encourage Cancerian woman to assume the dominant position. Consider role-plays based on fairy stories: Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast. The adult versions may end with more than a kiss.”

Which book has the facts straight and which one’s advice should you take? Both, or neither. Your best bet is to ask your Cancer what they personally prefer because in the same way that no two Cancerians look the same, or dress exactly alike, no two Cancerians prefer all the same things sexually. What is Cancer’s best match in the bedroom? It varies by each individual Cancer. Who knows? It might be you!

How to Tell if a Cancer Man Likes You

Cancer Man Likes

What do Cancer men like and how can you tell if a Cancer man likes you? He will pay attention to you, make it a point to spend time with you, and you will have a good time laughing together if a cancer man likes you. If a Cancer woman likes you, she will “mother” you, or try to do things to take care of you. She will volunteer to let you park your car in her driveway and she will drive you to the airport for your vacation out of town. She will pick you up also, and she may have dinner waiting for you when you get back. If a Cancer likes you, they will look at you happily and they will speak highly of you to other people.

They will pick up the phone when you call unless they are at work and can’t, and they will structure days off around your schedule and enjoy going along for trips, events, and even movies or dinners out. Cancers can be shy when they are getting to know you and will take their own sweet time to do so, but they will be comfortable coming out of their shell with you once they get to know you. They will reveal personal secrets once they trust you and they will go out of their way to prove they will not betray your trust.

Cancer Woman in Love Characteristics

Cancer Woman Love Characteristics

Beyond just liking you, when a Cancer is in love with you, they will show it. They will spend even more time with you than just people they like, and they might make you the center of their world. They will possibly move in with you or marry you, but typically will plan a life together with you, even if they want their independence to live alone. A Cancer in love will bring you into their personal family of relatives and friends. Cancers are very protective and may even be possessive of the people they love, but that’s from a desire to keep those they love safe and sound.

If a Cancer loves you, their feelings can be hurt more deeply by you than they can with people they don’t care for as much. They will bare their soul, making themselves completely vulnerable to you, and allow you full access to their emotions. They will entrust their entire heart and all their emotions to you, and you can rest assured that you can trust them with your emotions completely as well. Cancers in love make their feelings known and enjoy long term relationships with their loved ones.

How to Deal with a Cancerian


Like with any other zodiac sign, sometimes you need to know just how to behave around your Cancer to keep them happy. How do you deal with sharing your feelings with a Cancer, and what happens if you ignore them? What do you do when they act moody and how do you win their love?

Telling a Cancer Man How You Feel

Most especially if you are upset, collect yourself before you begin revealing how you feel to a Cancer. They might yell sometimes, but they can retreat timidly if they feel shouted back at. Rational discussion is a great approach, but the very best approach is soul baring heart-to-heart talk, being completely honest, and not holding back emotions. If you are heartbroken, your Cancer will soothe and listen attentively. If you have righteous anger about an injustice they will listen just as closely and start a plan of action to right the wrongs that hurt you. Speak up and be honest with your Cancer about your feelings and they will embrace you and help guide you through any hurt you may feel.

Things to say to a Cancer man or woman when expressing your feelings are in the form of first person statements. Own your feelings actively, not passively. “I feel happy when you take me to visit your family and it hurt me that you did not invite me to go along this time” goes over better than “ You don’t want me around , do you?” Owning your feelings and identifying the issues are a better way to address problems with Cancerians that using fighting words.

Ignoring a Cancer Man

What happens when you ignore a Cancer man? It’s a bad idea. They can interpret that you are invalidating their feelings, and if you feel like ignoring them, they may doubt you really care about them. A moody Cancer man or woman is just like somebody having moods who belong to any other zodiac sign. They need time to process their feelings and Cancers accept that sadness is just as valid an emotion as joy. Some Cancers can cry a river over something others feel is trivial, but if you get tired of listening to them, maybe you aren’t cut out for a relationship with this loyal, nurturing miracle of an individual after all.

How to Win the Love of a Cancer Woman

When you love a Cancer and want them to love you back there is only one way to win their love- let it happen naturally. There are some things they do love, however, things that can’t be faked. Being a genuinely caring person who seeks justice and fairness for all creatures is one thing that wins their hearts. Being somebody they can count on when they are in need is also something Cancers love. Cancers love it when people trust them and put faith in them. They love staying home, cozy and relaxed while spending quality time with you, and Cancers love meaningful conversations over small talk.

Giving your Cancer time to get to know you on their own terms makes them feel their boundaries are respected, and they love it when you show you care by giving them this space. Cancers love to laugh and if you laugh about the same things, they will enjoy your company and miss you when you are away. Cancers love people who uplift others, and encourage people who need it, and they adore it when you take care of those less fortunate than you, but don’t brag about it because they can’t stand to see people acting superior. Getting a Cancer to fall for you is effortless if you are meant to be in a relationship with them and isn’t something that should be rushed or forced.

Love Matches for Cancer

Love Matches for Cancer

Who do Cancers date? They date whoever they want, truthfully! Which zodiac signs match with Cancer though? Astrology tells us Cancers get along very well with fellow water signs Scorpio and Pisces. They are also said to get along famously with Taurus and Capricorn people because of the loyalty and reliability these signs bring to relationships. But what about Virgos and the zodiac Cancer female or male? Is the Virgo Cancer love match a good one?

Is Virgo and Cancer a Good Match?

Virgo and Cancer Match

The Virgo Cancer match is said to be a great one for both signs. One Virgo woman married a Cancer man who was a bit older than her, and after he passed away in his 80’s, she told people what a great match he had been for her. She said as a Virgo, she had always worried, and her Cancerian husband was always able to reassure her, make her laugh, and help her look at the positive side of things. Some would assume Virgos can be controlling and would think Cancers don’t want to be told what to do, but these two make a great team as friends, co-workers, and lovers because they love working together on projects and at building life together. Cancer Virgo compatibility is very high and these two can have wonderful long-term relationships together!

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Why do Virgos like Cancers?

Virgos Zoadic Sign

Virgo and Cancer compatibility, in love, friendship, and professional relationships is high because both signs like one another. Virgos like the fact Cancers are genuine and will cooperate well instead of trying to do everything all their own way. Virgos like the fact Cancers will confide in them and allow them to give suggestions, as Virgos love to give advice. Virgo male Cancer woman alliances are strong in the workplace and Virgos like the fact a Cancer will do the work diligently they promise to do. Cancers like the strong leadership of Virgos, who help reassure them that everything will get done well as long as everybody works hard enough.

Virgo man and Cancer woman compatibility is based on mutual respect and trust, but if an unenlightened Virgo who is struggling with an inflated ego tries to dominate a Cancer, bragging about how superior they believe themselves to be, their Cancer will be crushed and the trust can be gone if it continues. Are Virgos compatible with Cancers who lean too heavily on them, taking no responsibility for themselves? Stranger things have happened, but Virgos want relationships with people they can look in the eye, not adults who function as children they feel like they have to do everything for.

The Cancer Virgo Relationship

Cancer Virgo Relationship

A Cancer guy Virgo girl relationship typically develops over time, with both people slowly getting to know one another, gaining trust, and seeing how one another functions in life. While both a Cancer male and Virgo female can be jittery enough to make some other signs think of them as acting like terrified rabbits at times, they understand one another’s nervousness, and will instinctively try not to exacerbate that. They are both focused on caring for and protecting the people they love and care about, and once a Cancer woman Virgo male relationship is established these two may not want to do without one another!

Cancer Virgo Friendship

Are Virgos and Cancers compatible as friends? Virgo women and Cancer men can be the best of friends for certain! A cancer woman and Virgo man will bring their kids together as friends to play and get ion well with one another’s significant others, happy for each other to have such beautiful families. AQ Virgo woman Cancer man friendship between single people wills see them helping screen one another’s perspective dates, doing background checks if they deem it necessary. This is not to stalk strangers, but simply because they don’t want their beloved friends dating creeps! Besides, it’s just a little research, you know!

Cancer Virgo Love

Virgo man and Cancer woman love compatibility is just as high as their friendship compatibility is, and for all the same reasons. A Virgo female Cancer male couple will enjoy carefully planning out trips, finances, and living arrangements, as both signs organize extremely well. A Virgo male Cancer female couple bring their sincerity, devotion, and protectiveness into the relationship and they both make one another feel well cared for and looked out for. Virgo man Cancer woman lovers will harmonize because they value all these things, and over time their bond just gets stronger.

A Cancer man in love with a Virgo woman will make her his top priority, and he may even call her to say hello and that he is thinking of her first thing in the morning. Her lunch breaks will be devoted to meeting him to eat, and their days off will be spent together as much as possible. They will plan for the future together, be it a short three-day weekend away together, or even plans to build a house together with all that money they both frugally saved. Virgo man Cancer woman compatibility as lovers extends into the bedroom as well, and these two can make incredible lovers for one another!

Cancer Woman and Virgo Man in Bed

The Cancer man Virgo woman in bed dynamic is of respect, knowing one another’s boundaries, and never pushing one another to do anything they don’t want to. With Virgo being a mutable sign, they are flexible and adaptable, and Cancers being a cardinal sign, it means they are people of action who take initiative. A Cancer man and Virgo woman in bed may see the Cancerian having great ideas for fun new things to try in the bedroom, and their Virgo will often be onboard to try whatever they suggest. Just because Virgos often think that their way is best on the job doesn’t mean they won’t let their Cancer lover lead in the bedroom!

Cancer and Virgo Soulmates

Cancer man and Virgo woman compatibility as soulmates is quite high. Some believe we have one soulmate we wait all our lives and are destined to find, while others believe some people have multiple soulmates. No one zodiac sign has a stronger chance of being a Cancers soulmate than another, but when it comes to personality traits, Virgos harmonize so well with Cancers it would seem no other sign has a better chance of being Cancer’s soulmate! However, as we are all individuals, sometimes, relationships with the best of friends can go badly, and a horrible fight may happen!

The Cancer and Virgo Fight

If Virgos think Cancerians will automatically back down just because they love to keep the peace, they have another thing coming. While Cancers have no issue following Virgos lead on a lot of things, on occasion, Cancers will dig their heels in and insist on their way. The best way for a Virgo to pick a fight with a Cancer is to hurt their feelings- and flat out say they are not sorry. Maybe the Virgo feels what they said or did was right, but they can’t demand a Cancer not feel hurt. After all, we are allowed to say we had no intention of hurting somebody we love, but we don’t get to decide how they feel about it!

Cancer’s can give those they are upset with one hefty earful, and they won’t back down until they feel validated. On the other hand, if a Virgo feels like their Cancer is leaning too heavily on them and not doing their fair share, they are going to have something to say about it for sure. If both Cancer and Virgo feel they are right, and even one of them feels wronged and their partner is not sorry, it can result in a severing of their relationship, unfortunately.

Cancer Man Virgo Woman Break Up

In the best-case scenario, these two can rationally split up, divvying up assets, making sure they both get their fair share of all they owned together. If the Cancer feels very wronged, it is not above them to wipe out their joint bank account and shut off the electricity that was in their name upon moving out instead of letting their Virgo who they are leaving take it over. They might make sure to speak to all their mutual friends, bemoaning the horrible treatment they received from their ex, who they will label narcissistic, abusive, or plain out evil if they want to. They may not be able to make their ex's life miserable anymore, but they can control the perception other people have of them if they so choose.

Before assuming Cancers are the only ones who can get even in this break up, you should know Virgos can wait long periods of time, carefully plotting their revenge. Be aware your Virgo can find a way to run your credit cards up and not pay on them if he or she wants to, but they will probably avenge themselves in a way they feel makes them look more dignified and powerful. They may see to it you get a bad reference on an apartment you want to rent or get turned down on a dream job. Foiling their best laid plans by getting a better apartment or higher paying job THEY would have loved is something Cancer is quite capable of doing, by the way. In a break up, Cancer’s and their Virgos are better off keeping it civil, because they can spend years getting one another back and still not feel their wrath is satiated.

The Virgo Sun Cancer Moon Woman or Man

Virgo Sun Cancer Moon

Virgos with a Moon in Cancer will embody the best and the worst of both signs. These Virgos will be extra hard working and the Cancerian empathy will help them be better judges of character, seeing when somebody is being dishonest. They will seem to have extra high IQ’s and be overachievers, but they will be the kindest of Virgos due to that Cancerian sensitivity and need to make things better. They will struggle with change and can be even more jittery than a Virgo who doesn’t have a Cancer Moon. These Virgos will benefit from their Cancer Moon because although they are still workaholics, they have the desire to head home and relax with the family members they are working so hard to take care of!

Pluto in Cancer

Pluto in Cancer

Your Pluto sign relates to transformation and power, and what your Pluto sign is will decide how these things happen for you. This moves by years, not months, and Pluto was in Cancer from 1914-1939. When Pluto is in Cancer, it can be a time of great sorrows, and those born in those times create change through their emotions and things they believe in. Family and hearth and home is very important to these people and taking care of the people they love takes top priority. Members of what is called The Greatest generation born from 1901-1927 and the Silent Generation born from 1928-1945 were born with Pluto in Cancer. Their generation saw famine, wars, and financial ruin resulting in great poverty. These people fought as soldiers and brought in things like Social Security to try to make things better.

A Virgo man in love with a Cancer woman may feel like he can’t do better in love than what he’s got and the Virgos and Cancers love match can be one that keeps them together for life. Just remember to soothe your Virgos worries or allow your Cancer to nurture you if you are fortunate enough to be a partner in Virgo and Cancer love compatibility. Your Cancer will love you for life and your Virgo will thank their lucky stars for you every day!

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