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Star Sign in Focus: Virgo

By Mysticsense
February 16, 2021
Star Sign in Focus: Virgo

The Sun passes through the constellation of Virgo from August 23 to September 22, and the intelligent organizers we know as Virgos are born under this sign. The symbol for Virgo is the Virgin or the Maiden. Mythology tells us Virgo is represented by multiple goddesses, depending on which story is presented. One such story tells of the virgin goddess Astraea. The last of the gods to live amongst humans, she finally ascended to the heavens to become the constellation Virgo, and it is foretold that she will return someday, and usher in a golden era. In the Middle Ages, Virgo was often equated with Mary, the mother of Jesus of Nazareth, who was also considered a virgin.

Virgo’s ruling planet, Mercury, influences Virgos to be great speakers and teachers, and rules the intellect, which Virgos seem to be always cultivating. Virgo, along with Taurus and Capricorn, is an earth sign. This means Virgo can be steadfast, efficient, and reliable at their best, and a stubborn, anally retentive killjoy at their worst. Virgo rules the sixth house which presides over employment and hygiene. The rock steadiness of earth helps Virgo present a stiff upper lip when many others would crumble in public, but inside Virgo needs just as much love and understanding as anybody else. They often take a select few into their trust, and keep much from most others secret. Mercury allows Virgo to be deceitful when they think it’s for the best, and that means they are excellent planners for surprise parties, but if they are discarding you, there may be no way to know about it until the second it happens. Chronic worrier Virgos might be careful so as not to become one walking stomach ulcer, but this also means they have a plan b, plan c, and many more backup plans than most anybody else. They know just what to do in best case and worst case scenarios, and are great to get advice from.


Often finding themselves in the role of supervising, education, and public speaking, Virgo shines in these roles partially due to their hard work, and partially due to their natural intellectual gifts. They do exceptionally well as musicians, food, arts or literature critics, working in healthcare, and in jobs in finance. They also excel in data entry, writing, and Investing. They are thorough and won’t rest until they feel the job is done the best way it can be. They sometimes overwork themselves, and don’t know when to rest. Employees and students better keep up with Virgo’s expectations, as Virgo is results and improvement focused, and will not lose any sleep over firing or flunking somebody they feel isn't working hard enough. On the other hand, Virgo will be the first to step in, and offer more training if they feel somebody has what it takes, but just needs more skills. Virgos are naturally critical, and can overindulge in this to the point of nitpicking, but don’t strangle them for this just yet. Your Virgo co-worker, trainer, or supervisor will be the one to catch any small detail that needs amended before it’s sent up to the higher ups, and he or she will make sure your entire department gets five out of five stars at all times, and are well regarded by all.

Love, Relationships, and Friendships

Although they are known as the Virgin, Virgos are far from that. They are simply selective of who they allow in their private lives, and they hold on to relationships long term. Some of the same behaviors from work display themselves in Virgo’s personal relationships. Virgo parents might watch their kids like a hawk, but it’s because Virgo is worried about their beloved children, and wants the best for them. Curfews, structured educational play time, and being chased around with a washcloth is in store for the children of Virgos, and with all of that comes help with homework, and fewer illnesses than some of their peers have.

Virgos have no issue remaining single, awaiting the ONE rather than serial dating. While Virgos can be very tactful in letting prospective suitors know they are not interested, the people they choose to have relationships with are not immune to Virgo’s critical eye. That includes them caring enough to go out of their way to keep everybody healthy who they love. If they don’t worry themselves to death over work, they might worry themselves to death over their loved ones. While they are poring over what they feel will improve their loved ones lives, Virgos are not good at admitting their own imperfections, although they are acutely aware of them, and working overtime to correct them. They may seem like other people’s worst critics, when in reality, they are their OWN worst critics.


While your Virgo won’t be too enthused about a spur of the minute long trip cross country, if you plan ahead, they are all for said trip. Virgo’s efficiency and self-discipline will make them excellent trip planners. Don’t be late, and don’t drag your feet headed out. They created a schedule to keep, and they expect it adhered to. They are not spontaneous, and don’t like surprises popped on them, so if you want to see an attraction you just found out about, you are going to have to be very persuasive as to why it is important enough to break the schedule for, otherwise, the answer is no. Unfairly called cheap by some, Virgo actually has excellent taste, and prefers to allocate resources to the finer things, like dinner at a good restaurant than to spring for a bunch of cheap trinkets. Virgos have no problem traveling for work, but won’t just throw themselves into a bed at the roach motel on the side of the highway the second they get tired. They will research, and make reservations at a modestly priced place that has the accommodations they need.

Most Compatible With

Virgos can get along with any sign as long as the rules they make very clear from the start are respected. They get along the best with fellow earth signs Taurus and Capricorn due to both signs reliability, and Virgo always knows what to expect from them. Capricorn and Virgo make a dynamic pair on work projects - as long as who is in charge is clearly stated. They breeze through projects and meet deadlines with their stellar efficiency, and Capricorn’s tact and ability to be to the point without raising his or her voice elicits Virgo’s respect. Taurus will stick by those they love no matter what, and this reliability makes Virgo want to keep them around for as long as possible. Another sign that gets on very well with Virgo is the gentle, sensitive Cancer, who is open to guidance, and puts relationships first.

Least Compatible With

Virgo is driven mad by Sagittarian’s spontaneous lifestyle, and Sagittarians don’t appreciate Virgo’s nitpicking. Sagittarius is the sign that can’t stand being told what to do, and Virgo can’t stand not to sometimes. Often known to party first, and plan later, Sagittarians are everything Virgo is not, and opposites sometimes don’t attract. Fun loving Gemini and serious Virgo have challenges with one another as well. Gemini thinks Virgo is no fun, and Virgo thinks Geminis can’t be serious. Virgo is not happy about the fact both Sagittarius and Geminis are free birds, and wishes both signs would be more straight laced and business-like. Gemini and Sagittarius wish Virgo would just loosen up.

At the end of the day, the zodiac is not to be understood as a rigid set of rules that categorize who we are and who we are compatible with without any room for deviation. After all, we are all special in our own unique ways and cannot be confined in a box. However, the zodiac provides hints and sometimes scarily accurate insinuations about who we are at the core. By taking the suggestions of the zodiac into account, we are able to seek greater clarity and understand our relationships to a greater degree than could be achieved otherwise.


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