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Love Crystals

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
December 14, 2022
Love Crystals
Love Crystals

You’ve seen our beginners guide to crystals and read our deconstructed birthstone crystals chart, but you know crystals and their uses extend beyond just using the power of birth month crystals for personal empowerment. Perhaps the most important ways to use crystals and their energy is to manifest love. Join Mysticsense today as we explore ways to use crystals for love listing various crystals for love, crystals to ward off unwanted lovers, and even how to use crystals your own way! In this article we will explore

What are crystals used for and what are different crystals used for? They can be used for personal empowerment as well as to manifest healing, success, and to aid in meditation. That’s not all the are used for, however, and how to connect with crystals to manifest and sense love doesn’t need to be mysterious. Learn different ways to use crystals for love and even how to use them to ask questions about love. Before we begin, take a look at this article about to use crystals to get the ideas started, then read on to find out the very best crystals for love: How To Use Crystals | Mysticsense

The Best Love Crystals

Love Crystals

Some people swear by smudging with herbs, but some people don’t like herbs. “What can I use instead of sage?” they ask. What you can use instead of sage, or any other herb is simply crystals! For love, some say that the best crystals are rose quartz, opal, topaz, and rubies although those are not the only crystals that are great to use for love. Of course, any object made out of any material can help you with love magic if you know how to move energy and charge your own crystals. How to talk to crystals and charge them with the energy you need can be learned if you don’t know how to already! To learn how to move energy, read here, and look at the end of this article for even more ways to move energy into crystals: How to Convert Negative Energy into Positive Energy | Mysticsense

Rose Quartz

The meaning of rose quartz is basically drawing love. That’s why rose quartz love rituals can be so powerful. Rose quartz first helps with building more powerful self-love, so people working on that can pamper themselves by wearing jewelry made of rose quartz. However, it also draws the love and affection of other people to you, and it also helps you behave in more loving and compassionate ways. For these reasons, some people use rose quartz exclusively to create more love energy.


The opal is used for a multitude of purposes, but one very important use of opal is to help heal the emotional self. This is especially useful when healing form heartbreak, and this can help open you to finding new love. It encourages emotional stability and to take responsibility for the emotions as well. It is also associated with sensual passion, and can help unlock eroticism, and remove sexual inhibitions.


Topaz instills confidence and joy in those who work with it, and these two qualities alone will help you to be your best self, and more aware of who you are. This will make you better aware of what kind of lover is right for you. It also helps you to be more honest and open, so the right people will be better able to see that they belong with you. Topaz is also an attraction and manifestation stone, so when you are open to love, or open to the right person coming into your life, use topaz to help make that happen for you.


Rubies help bring passion into relationships and for this reason many people gift their lovers rubies. It attracts sex and helps keep the fires burning brightly in the bedroom! It helps to protect against harmful thoughts and worry, so you can use it to help keep you from overthinking small things that could lead you to worry too much about new relationships. Rubies are also energizing stones that will give you the strength to sustain exhausting times in your relationship and it helps protect against boredom. What seven-year itch?

More Love Crystals

Love Crystals

Besides the four we listed above, a plethora of crystals can be used for love manifestation. Some crystals are good to help increase sensual pleasure, others are good to help bring in harmony and quell tension and arguments. Still other crystals are especially good to block unwanted lovers from approaching and other crystals are good to help increase intuition about attracting love.

Soulmate Crystals

Malachite is a great crystal to draw your soulmate to you because it opens you up for love, and it helps to clear out negativity which could block new relationships. Amber is a stone that can be gifted to the goddess Freyja to ask her to bring your soulmate to you and yes this really works if the goddess decides to answer your prayer. Any crystal that is a twin crystal, or one that two crystals are naturally growing together, and their points have grown from a single base are called twin flame crystals. These can be gifted to those you love to symbolize your togetherness on a soul level, and the magic of this stone can unite you even closer together!

Pleasure Crystals

Pink tourmaline is said to increase and prolong passion and is perfect to keep near the bedside for extended lovemaking! Red jasper is also said to make happiness last even longer. It is said to reenergize the body to increase stamina, and it is good for making nervousness dissipate, helping to take down inhibitions to sensuality. Blue lace agate is especially soothing and helps reduce nervousness, helping shyer people to relax enough to be intimate. The shiva lingam stone is also used to increase sensuality and is a symbol of fertility and sexuality. It amplifies confidence and arousal, and some people always keep this in their bedroom to improve their sex lives.

Crystals for Stopping an Argument

Carnelian helps to stabilize relationships and can help keep tension at bay. Emeralds are stones that help to make you more patient and they open your heart to being more loving. Another stone used for keeping harmony in relationships is any stone carved in the image of the Buddha. If you are a believer in his teachings, so much as looking upon his image will remind you to be peaceful and bring tranquility into your relationships.

Crystals for Strong Intuition in Love

Turquoise is a crystal that is used to strengthen psychic gifts and aid in communication with the other world. Use it to open your psychic awareness so your intuition can draw you to good lovers and help steer you away from people who would break your heart. Amethyst also helps open the intuition and is used to help have more prophetic dreams. You might be able to dream of who your lover will be. Amethyst also opens the conscious awareness so you will be more able to know exactly what you seek in relationships and you will be less likely to find yourself in the wrong relationship with the help of amethyst.

Crystals to Ward off Unwanted Relationships

Typically, using love crystals is done to draw lovers, not keep unwanted ones at bay. However, sometimes, protection from what you do not want is just as important as drawing what you do want. The very best way to discourage people who you dislike from making unwanted advances is telling them you are not interested. However, sometimes, repelling what you do not want helps to keep them from even approaching.

A simple spell to ward off these people is to make a sigil or symbol that represents them to you. An easy way to do this is to create a sentence that represents them, and then cross off every other letter. After this, cross off half of those letters. Keep reducing letters until you have three to five letters left, and write those letters together on a small piece of paper. Roll it up or wad it up, whichever you prefer, and tie it with a red string- to represent magic- to a piece of hematite. Hematite acts to deflect unwanted energies, after all. Then place all of this in a black bag, and tie it completely closed with a red string. Say to the bundle, “I bind you away from me. You may not approach.” And then throw the bundle away someplace away from your home, sending the ability of these people to approach you away

You can also use plain quartz crystals in a black bag, bundled up with an image of you inside of it, where the sharp points of the crystal will repel whatever you deem undesirable. You can keep a mirror on hand with you and anytime an individual who repulses you approaches, tell them to leave, and shine the surface of the mirror at them to deflect them from you. Mirrors are, after all, made of glass, which is made of sand, which is a quartz product. A piece of obsidian, or volcanic glass will also protect you, keeping unwanted energy away. Wearing a ri8ng made of hematite will have the same effect.

Crystals Your Way

Love Crystals

What if you have used all the crystals the way people say to use them, and they just don’t get the desired results? Or what if the traditional meanings ascribed to crystals mean nothing to you? You are not alone in this. Plenty of people use crystals in unorthodox ways, and those ways are just the ways that suit them. There is a simple technique that you can master to make a crystal work the way you want it even if somebody else says that’s not what your crystal of choice is for. All it takes is your will and a few tries to perfect the technique.

Take the crystal, hold it in your hand, and talk to it. That’s right, talk to the crystal. Tell it what it will be used to do and what energy you want it to contain. For example, if you want a crystal to draw love to you, hold it in your hand, close your eyes, and with all the meaning you can muster up, say to it, “You will be as a love magnet for me. You will bring the love of others to me, and you will help to make me aware of who loves me. From now on, this is your purpose, and the more I use you for this purpose, the more powerful at this you will become.” Say these words, visualizing the energy charging the crystal just like you are charging something like a battery. You can endow any crystal you like with any energy you want.

Make sure to have different crystals charged with different energies for different purposes. Charge them often and use them often. The only right way to use crystals is the way that works best for you, and if traditional meanings for crystals are useless to you, come up with your own meanings, your own uses, and enjoy working with crystals your own way.

How to Use Love Crystals

Love Crystals

We have listed great crystals for love, but if you are not somebody who uses crystals often, you might not know exactly how to use them to benefit from their power. There are countless ways to draw the power of love crystals, but the simplest ways are to wear them, gift them, decorate your bedroom, or bathe yourself with them to absorb their power, or even use them for divination.

Adorn Yourself

The greatest way to absorb the power of crystals is to adorn your body with them. Many just do this by wearing crystals as jewelry. It is true that magnificent jewelry made from love crystals can be bought, but you can make your own jewelry to wear also. Wire wrapping around a special crystal, or even sewing crystals into your clothing is a great way to adorn yourself with love crystals. Don’t underestimate the power of wearing pouches and bags that contain a mix of crystals and hair pieces with your favorite love crystals can be made or bought. To learn how to do wire wrapping yourself, watch this video: (13) EASY Crystal Wire-wrap: Under 10 minutes - YouTube

Gift them to Lovers

To express and bring love to your lovers, gift them love crystals. You can even have matching love crystal jewelry you wear like people have matching “best friends” pendants if you like. Diamonds are perhaps the most popular stones to gift to lovers, but any crystal your lover likes will do. Not everyone likes diamonds and giving them their favorite crystal is perhaps the greatest testament of love you can make!

Decorate Your Love Nest

Your sacred space in your home where you prefer to make love is the perfect place to put love crystals. While it is said that some stones like opals are especially good at bringing sensual energy, large pieces of clear quartz amplify energy and can be placed around the bed, or even underneath it to amplify sexual energy. Place aventurine under your pillow so you can absorb its energy as you sleep when you are open to new relationships as it brings luck and success to you, and will help draw new love successfully to you!

Do a Bath with Love Crystals

Crystal baths help to cleanse and also endow you with the energies of the crystals. To cleanse the energy of a broken heart away, take baths in black onyx to heal grief and instill strength. Citrine can also be used in a bath to remove negative energy and help bring luck and help you forget heartbreak. You can do one bath to cleanse the energies you don’t want away, and another immediately following to bring in the energy you do want. Don’t forget that a bath with water that has been charged with the power of the Full Moon can bring in the power of goddess energy to strengthen women’s charms and make you more loving. Read more about Full Moon magic here: The Spiritual Meaning of the Full Moon | Mysticsense

Crystal Ball Talk

You can even use a crystal ball to ask questions about love! It can be made out of literally any material and need not necessarily be made of glass or quartz. You just need to be able to look into it, relax your consciousness, and watch for images that may appear in it. Ask your guides, meaning your personal spirit guides to grant you answers through images in the surface of your crystal ball, and then ask love questions. “Is HE the one for me?” or “ How can I open myself to new love after a heartbreak?”

While crystals do not guarantee you a lover, or even long-term success in a relationship, they can help by amplifying the energies you want, and cleansing out the energies that you don’t. The best way to ensure a good relationship is to pair with somebody who you are well suited to, and then to work together as a couple to compromise fairly when need be, and stick together when times are difficult. Some people say love is the greatest thing there is, and they can’t imagine their lives without their romantic partners! You can use crystals to help your romances be the best they can be!

You may not know how to calculate love probability from divination on your own, even when you communicate freely with your own spiritual guides, and that’s okay, because we are always there for you. You can ask any love expert we have to read the cards, runes, or even do divination based on your name or date of birth. Even if you don’t know what love questions to ask, you can still get started with a free relationship chat using your free minutes you get by simply signing up with us.

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