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What’s My Lucky Stone?

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
August 26, 2021
What’s My Lucky Stone?
What’s My Lucky Stone?
TL;DR A study of crystals and stones reveals that each of us has birth date stones and lucky stones according to date of birth that go by month and also by astrological sign. More than stones of love or magical stones for love and marriage, your gemstone by date of birth can become your personal power stone you draw energy and strength from all of your life. “What is my lucky gemstone by date of birth?” Read on and find out!

What’s My Gemstone?


That all depends. There are technically three ways this article will discuss to decide what your personal gemstone is. First, some people will say the stone corresponding to their birth month is their stone. Next, people will choose stones for astrological signs as their personal stones. Finally, people will spend time with the stones they personally feel drawn to, regardless of birthstone by month or horoscope gemstones, and decide for themselves.

How people decide what stones are ascribed to months or the zodiac signs gemstones is based on what they read that somebody they probably never met decided. The zodiac signs stones may have been decided as early as ancient Babylonian times, and more recently, in 2016, the Jewelers of America and the American Gem Trade Association added spinel as a gem for the month of August. Hinduism has their own list of what stones go by birth and Great Britain has a different idea than the Hindus or Americans of which stone stands for what month.

So, taking into account everything you read that everybody else, including the author of this article writes or says, make your own decision of what your personal stone is. There is no one right way to decide your own personal gemstone, and anything suggested in this article is just that- only a suggestion. Take your time deciding, trying many different gemstones, and have a selection of personal gemstones if having just one isn’t enough.

Gemstones for Birth Months

What are the stones of the month and what do they mean to you? In the Biblical book of Exodus, the Priest Aaron wore a breastplate that had twelve different gemstones in it, representing the twelve tribes of Israel. It is believed that somewhere along the line this was changed to stones for birth months and originally people wore each month colors stones to draw power from it during its corresponding month. It somehow switched from wearing a stone per month to wearing the stone corresponding to your own birth month gemstones to draw power from your own stone.



What gemstone is January? The stone for January is garnet. A protective stone, the January month stone is also said to draw love and romance due to it’s passionate coloring. The January stone is worn to protect the wearer from having possessions or intellectual property stolen. The garnet stone for January born can most especially benefit those born in this month but can be worn by anybody for its magical attributes.



What stone is February? February’s birth stone is the etheric amethyst. This stone promotes calm, tranquility, balance, and is used to still the mind, helping with meditation and peace. The stone for February is especially healing with clearing the mind of negativity and worry and is used for cleansing of the home and office spaces as well.



It’s a tossup for March, as some say bloodstone is the gem for March while others insist it’s the aquamarine. It never hurts to have options! The bloodstone was believed in ancient Rome and India to help stop bleeding, and is believed to instill courage, transform negative thoughts to positive ones, and make the wearer invisible if they want to be. Or you could use Aquamarine as the March birthstone which Ancient Romans carried for protection during sea travel, and it is believed to be emotionally and mentally calming and good for making stressful communications easier.



April’s birth month stone is the Diamond. A power stone, it is associated with success, victory, and invincibility due to its natural hardness, and it holds great financial value. It is also a stone of devotion and fidelity, as it is used in engagement rings to symbolize eternal love. The April birthstone is also used to magnify and increase energy and helps with increasing wealth and abundance.



The gemstone for May birthday is the emerald. It is said to help with mental clarity, and it is said one should not wear an emerald constantly, as it will lead to lack of rest because it stimulates the intellect so well! It is used to increase the memory and help with ensuring verbal communications are clear. It is said to bring harmony and balance to personal relationships and homelife.



Both the pearl and the moonstone are the gemstones for the June birth stone. The pearl is formed within an oyster when a grain of sand or some other foreign object is trapped inside the oyster’s shell. The animal throws protective substances around it and the result is the beautiful shiny pearl! Pearls inspire and amplify love and are thus given as a gift from a lover, and when worn by the recipient, further increases the adoration between the lovers. They are good for self-love as well and soothe the emotions. The moonstone is used to keep things from becoming lost, and are placed in briefcase, purses, wallets, and luggage for this reason. The moonstone is also used to strengthen and hone the intuition and is believed to link the wearer to the Moon itself.



The stone for July is the ruby. The July stone was worn in antiquity to ward off all forms of illness, and represented the power of the life giving Sun. The gemstone for July is also symbolic of passion and love, and is believed to be an aphrodisiac as well as strengthening a couple’s commitment to one another. The ruby July lucky stone has been laid at foundations of buildings, believed to amplify wealth, and was highly revered for both it’s beauty and financial value. The July month stone might not make you rich immediately, but it is believed to bring peace and drive away sorrows.



The August stone name is the peridot. Wearing the peridot is said to instill the wearer with protection against all evil and malevolent magic. It also gives the wearer the ability to forgive and let go of all resentments. It strengthens friendships, quells spite and anger, and increases the wearers sense of humor. A very happy stone indeed!



What stone is September? The gemstone for September is the sapphire. While the September stone color is most commonly associated with blue, sapphires can also be different shades like pink or orange, or even be colorless. The star sapphire is also included in this sapphire stone month. Sapphires are stones of mental clarity and truth, and help the wearer keep secrets when needs be. The star sapphire is said to be especially good in focusing concentration and aligning ourselves with our life’s purpose.



October stones are opal and tourmaline. October stone color is varied, as opals can have almost rainbow flecks of colors and tourmalines can range from greens and pinks and sometimes have multiple colors within the same gem. The October crystal stone of opal strengthen joyous passions, like the brilliant flecks of color within the opal remind people of a dancing fire. It brings good luck, optimism, and hope. The October crystal stone black tourmaline is powerfully protective and is used to soak up and eliminate all negative energy in general. All colors of tourmaline are used for protection during ritual. The tourmaline stone for October can also be planted in the garden to help nurture plants.



The golden Topaz is the November birth stone. It is another stone worn and carried to protect travelers, and it is also believed to protect against the evil eye. While topaz can occur in nearly any color, the color we most associate it with is golden, and it was associated with the Sun god ra in Ancient Egypt. A stone of friendship, love, and gentleness, the topaz instills the wearer with greater energy and strength and aids in forgiveness.



The turquoise is the December birth month stone and it strengthens the wearer's connection to the spirit world as it helps stimulate the psychic gifts. Also a symbol of power, South Americans adorned images of their gods with this, and Ancient Egyptian royalty adorned themselves with it. Turquoise also helps with focusing for meditation and protects against spirits who could cause harm.

Precious Stones According to Zodiac Sign

precious stones

What is your stone by zodiac sign? Gemstones for each zodiac sign have a bit more flexibility with some lists allowing up to a half dozen or more for each sign on their zodiac gemstones chart! Some horoscope stones are chosen by the birth month but monthly birthstones don’t take into account that astrological signs fall into two different months. It is up to you to decide which stones according to zodiac sign you prefer, regardless of what lists of gemstones for zodiac signs say. If we all chose gemstones by birth date and time, we would have multiple stones we used, and that is just as good as selecting one stone for your star sign.

Astrology and gemstones go hand in hand in picking stones that help bring out the best in the individual signs, supporting their strengths. Conventionally accepted astrology stones are just one of many that are the best stones for your star sign and gemstone astrology is just one way to choose what stones are best for you. If the listed zodiac stones don’t speak to you, or if your just don’t like your zodiac stone colors, don’t worry. There are more ways to choose your personal stone than just by astrological signs and stones assigned to them. Read here to learn more : How To Use Crystals | Mysticsense

Zodiac signs and gemstones associated with them harmonize by the stones attributes and the signs personality traits. Each of the zodiac signs and their stones when paired together are believed to bring good luck and protection to the wearer. Your zodiac signs stones are also believed by some to ensure your worst tendencies based on sign don’t take over by amplifying the best things about you. Some of the signs stones are listed below.

Astrology Gemstones List



Diamond and bloodstone are the Aries lucky stone names. Aries zodiac stones instill courage, and success into the already bold Aries, and the Aries stone color of a clear diamond or the bloodstone can be green or red or have both colors in it. The lucky stone for Aries in 2020, 2021, or any other year is the same, and energetic Aries benefits from bloodstone’s transforming negative thoughts to positive ones.



Green emerald and clear diamond are the Taurus zodiac signs colors and stones. The emerald stone zodiac sign Taurus benefits from emerald due to its mental stimulation. Taurus stubborn tendencies can be balanced by opening the mind even more, but their stubbornness CAN pay off, however when Taurus uses the diamond to help make them sure they are making a good decision! ! Taurus lucky stone of diamond will empower Taurus the same way it does Aries with its powerful energy and the Taurus gemstone color of the clear diamond is said to cleanse and dispel negativity. The Taurus zodiac stones diamond and emerald when used together are a dynamic combination of all the best things for Taurus.



Which is the best stone for Gemini? The Gemini sign stone is pearl and another Gemini lucky stone is agate. Gemini zodiac stone agate is especially good for the intellectual Gemini as it aids perceptiveness, increases memory, and strengthens analytical skills. The Gemini stone color of agate is much like Gemini- varied and spontaneous, filled with many layers of banded colors, each one seemingly more vibrant than the last. Another lucky stone for Gemini women and men is the delicate pearl. Geminis benefit from the emotionally stabilizing effects of the pearl, as Geminis are known to “wear their hearts on their sleeves''!



Ruby and moonstone are stones for Cancerians. Ruby stone astrology says the ruby drives sorrows away and instills peace, which sensitive Cancerians benefit from. A very sensitive and sympathetic sign, they also draw love from the ruby lucky stone for Cancer as it amplifies affection and care between lovers. Moonstone, another zodiac stone for Cancer, helps link Cancer to the Moon, as the Moon rules Cancer with its intuitive, empathetic, and emotional gifts. The moonstone stone for the Cancer zodiac sign is considered by some the one and only stone Cancer needs for personal empowerment.



Of all the zodiac signs and stones, the Leo star sign stones may come as one of the biggest surprises. Leo, ruled by the sun would be assumed to have the sunstone or golden topaz as its stones, but this is not the case. The onyx is a lucky stone for Leo as is the peridot. Peridot strengthens already strong friendships Leo forms and helps ease the fire sign Leo’s temper at times when it flares. The already jovial Leo’s sense of humor is strengthened by it as well. Onyx bestows confidence and self-control to the already confident, natural born leader the Leo is.



Stones for Virgo are carnelian and blue sapphire. Sapphire, the Virgo sign stone, enhances intellectual Virgo’s already clear mental clarity and helps keep them focused when they are burning the midnight oil- as they live to work! The Virgo zodiac stone sapphire is also said to aid in clear communication and enhances the ability to learn. Carnelian Virgo lucky stone further aides in concentration and helps the wearer accept change- which Virgo can sometimes use some help with!



Opal and blue sapphire are Libra’s lucky stones, and when it comes to zodiac signs and their lucky stones, Libra has lucked into two stones that truly benefits them. All the mental enhancing gifts sapphires bestow benefit Libra as much as it does Virgo, and Librans especially enjoy the communication boost of blue sapphire. The opal is especially helpful to Librans when their scales tip to a more sorrowful mood and it picks their spirits up with its joyful properties.



Topaz and aquamarine are Scorpio lucky stones. As topaz is a stone of friendship, love, and gentleness, it instills the wearer with greater energy and strength. Scorpio may find themselves emotionally depleted when others drain them and the topaz can help revitalize them. The best stone for a Scorpio woman or man who is struggling with a grudge is the topaz, as it helps them find it in their hearts to forgive. The Scorpio color stone of aquamarine is the clear crisp cooling water shade it is named after, and aquamarines aid in emotional calming, soothing the emotions, and instilling calm and tranquility.



Turquoise is a lucky stone for Sagittarius as is the and blue topaz and both Sagittarius stone colors are sky blue, with both aiding in communication. Blue topaz brings truth, as Sagittarians are well known for speaking their minds, although they can be tactless at times. The blue topaz helps bring clarity to communication to combat this. The turquoise will help Sagittarians mentally focus and it amplifies their already larger than life personal power and charismatic presence.



The serious, hardworking Capricorn lucky stones may surprise you. Garnet and ruby are both gloriously passionate reds or burgundies in the Capricorn stone color. The ruby lucky stone for Capricorn women and men will help amplify their hard-earned wealth and help them focus on strong love relationships. Capricorn sign stone garnet brings love, strong commitment to relationships, and enhances sexual vitality to sexy Capricorn. Perhaps most importantly, it brings trust to relationships, something extremely important to Capricorn.



Aquarius lucky stones garnet and amethyst bring gleaming Aquarian stone colors of burgundy and purple. Aquarius precious stone garnet brings all the love and sexuality to Aquarius that it does Capricorn, and Aquarians are highly sociable and put the utmost importance in their personal relationships. The Aquarian stone amethyst helps busy Aquarians with mental stillness and easing worries. The amethyst stone for Aquarius will help balance busy Aquarians, allowing them time to rest, and relax.

Garnet, another lucky gemstone for Aquarius will help the social Aquarian sort out which friends to trust and which to simply be cordial to as friendly acquaintances. Aquarius zodiac stone garnet will help remind Aquarians they cannot be all things to all people, and the amethyst will remind them to rest.



Which stone is best for Pisces? Amethyst and aquamarine are Pisces lucky stones. Like Aquarians, Pisces can worry and the calming, tranquilizing powers in amethyst eases their troubled minds and hearts, allowing them to relax and feel at peace. Aquamarine lucky stone for Pisces women and men is good for them as it further instills tranquility. Eager to do for their loved ones, and sometimes becoming overwhelmed by others demands, Pisces benefits from the emotionally rejuvenating powers of aquamarine.

A gemstone won’t make or break you but harnessing the power of the gemstones ascribed by your birth month’s stones, or your zodiac gemstones is just one more way you can use the magic of crystals and precious gems for your own personal empowerment! So, wear your opals if you are born in September, your rubies if you are a Cancer, or whatever your personal gems are to your heart’s content!

What are your personal stones of power and how do they enhance your life? How did you decide what your lucky stones are, and what would you like to share with Mysticsense about how your stones improve and revitalize you?

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