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Honoring the Dead

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
September 01, 2023
Honoring the Dead
Honoring the Dead

Most people with psychic ability will have discovered their own ways of calling a spirit. Then there are people who can talk to the dead and who maintain communication with the people they love even when they have passed on to the next life.

People who talk to the dead can tell you that the dead talk back, and if you are someone who talks to the dead, you know that they will always be available to give advice, watch over us, and allow us to feel their love. The dead can sense our feelings and intentions too, and you might want to pay respect and honor to them instead of just communicating.

Can we talk to the dead? When someone you love has passed away, you don’t have to completely give up communicating with them, thankfully. There are various simple techniques you can use to communicate with dead loved ones, and beyond that, there are beautiful, meaningful things you can do to honor their memory.

Aside from what you can do on your own, when you feel like something is missing in your communications, you can talk with an intuitive person who speaks with the dead in order to help you. You don’t ever have to give up the people you love just because they have died, and the ways to show them your respect and love are limitless. Read on to learn how to honor the dead.

How To Contact a Dead Loved One

Honoring the Dead

Contacting a dead loved one can be as simple as thinking of them, or just speaking aloud to them. Family and friend telepathy may allow us to immediately connect to them, but sometimes it takes a little more effort to communicate with the dead.

We can pick the times when the veil that separates the world of men from the realms of the spirits thins, and we can communicate from a place that was special to our loved one. We can simply speak from the heart, or we can meditate or even make séance time.

Harness the Thinning Veil

The first method of contacting a dead loved one is to harness the thinning veil. It is believed by some who walk magical paths and ascribe to old Celtic beliefs that there are two times each year when it is easiest to communicate with the dead. Those times are when the seasons change from Winter to Summer, and again from Summer back to Winter.

It is said that during these seasonal changes at May 1 also known as Beltane and then November 1 also known as Samhain, the magical partition keeping the land of the living separate from the land of the dead becomes thinner, and the dead can be accessed more easily. Using this time to reach out to your dead can help make communication easier.

Visit Somewhere Special

When honoring the dead, you can also visit somewhere special. Places where you visited together, and old family homesteads, are places where the spirits of those who you love might be found. They may also be at their grave site or at a memorial that was established in their honor. Going to the place where you first met or the last place you saw them alive are also good ideas when you are looking for a special place to contact your dead loved one.

Their spirit may be easily contacted at the place they called home or even at their favorite parks, restaurants, or vacation spots. Choose someplace that was special to them as a location where you seek to establish contact with them, and they might immediately respond because their spirit may favor these places.

Speak From the Heart

Some people don’t need to say or do anything special. All they need to do is speak from the heart, and the dead will respond. Even if you did not have regular communication with your loved one before they passed, you can still open your heart and speak to them, asking them to communicate with you.

The closer your connection was with them, the better the chance that they will respond, and quickly too. Sometimes, no verbalization is needed, you just need to think loving thoughts and your dead loved one will respond.


Visions while meditating might be what you are hoping for to decipher the answers your dead provide when you speak to them, but one thing you should do is speak to them first! Make some efforts to reach them, and then tell them you will open your mind and heart while meditating, so that they can respond.

Not everybody gets messages from spirits during meditation, but some people swear by relaxing their minds to receive messages better. Depending on how you meditate, you may completely alter your consciousness and may astral travel during meditation as well. A lot of people use meditation as their way of communicating with spirits, and say no other method helps them more.


Despite what fictional horrors and some terrified people who think all spirit communication is evil, séances are a great way to communicate with the dead. While you don’t need to be afraid that demons are coming for you at séances, or they open gates to monsters and eternal damnation, you should still be careful.

Only hold séances with experienced psychics, and only call up your own dead at these sessions. Some people assume séances are for thrills and fun times to see what random spirit responds when a general call is made, but this is highly disrespectful. You would not invent a phone number, call it for fun, and demand that the stranger who answers have a conversation with you. So why treat spirits the same?

Séances can be easily done, but should only be held for the right reason, and that reason is to communicate with the spirit of someone you know and love. This is not for fun and entertainment, or to have an exciting adrenaline rush. When the psychic coordinating the séance makes contact and tells you what your loved one is saying, you will immediately be able to tell that it is their spirit speaking.

You will be aware of their presence, and you will be very happy to talk with them. Sometimes after the séance, your departed loved one will keep contact with you, and you won’t need a psychic to help, but anytime you do, make sure to ask.

Listen to the Dead

Honoring the Dead

The voices of the dead might not appear as the voice of somebody who is still alive, but they will still be as clear as a bell. Their answers might manifest as a phrase they used to say, or you may catch a glimpse of them out of the corner of your eye unexpectedly. They may visit as butterflies, or cardinals, or some other creature that was special to them, and they may visit you in dreams. They might speak to you in visions and meditation, or you might just get a very strong instinctual feeling they are telling you something.

When you feel messages coming, stop what you are doing and give your full attention to them. When the dead reach across the veil to speak with us, they should have our undivided attention and our full concentration. Wait until you can tell they have finished what they are saying, and then thank them and ask them to make sure they keep in touch from now on. You can also tell them that you love them.

Can the Dead Feel?

Honoring the Dead

Can the dead feel your love? Loving him or her will not have changed just because they have died, and thankfully, yes, they can still feel our love. We can still feel their love too, though, and when they pass away, they won’t have a body anymore, but that does not mean they cannot still be a part of our lives. They don’t have to be completely gone for good, and one way we can keep them near us is to honor them.

How to Honor The Dead

Honoring the Dead

Learning how to honor the dead takes time and patience. Since they are the ones who have departed, it’s up to us to honor the wonderful relationship they established with us whilst they were alive.

Small things like having an ancestor altar in their honor or talking about them while you keep up family gatherings are great ways to show devotion. We can carry out wishes they had, follow their example, and we can also build on their legacies in order to honor them.


Personal magical altars dedicated to our ancestors are one of the easiest ways to maintain communication with our loved ones after they have died. Some families build an ancestor altar together, with many generations of family members contributing to them, but a lot of people have their very own ancestor altar. If you belong to a religious tradition, your clergy can tell you what is generally used on ancestor altars in your faith, but even then, you can still customize your altar to suit your taste.

What goes on an ancestor altar is generally some type of fabric item for an altar cloth, images and photos of the dead, things that belonged to them, things they loved, and offerings of food and drink. Your altar can be as simple or as elaborate as you prefer. Some people select meaningful colors to place on the altar, while others focus solely on what they feel will make their dead feel drawn to the altar.

Your altar can be a place where you can go to focus on communication with your ancestors, and it will become a place they come time and time again to spend time with you. Your altar will change and evolve the longer you have it, and it will be a place of refuge where you can always feel the loving presence of your beloved dead.

Family Gatherings

Not all ancestors are blood relatives, but a lot of them are. It is said that blood bonds are the most powerful, and nobody knows that better than the family members you have strong relationships with.

At family gatherings, remember that the blood of your departed family members flows in your veins and in the blood of your living family members. Each of you who are living evidence of the love they shared, and you continue that love every day. Gather with family often and share stories from your departed loved one’s lives, and in this way, you help honor them.

Carrying Out Their Wishes

Did your loved ones ask you to do something before they passed? Did they ask you to finish college or to pursue a dream you had been putting off? When you do these things they asked of you, you will make them very happy. Doing what they asked of you is one way you can show them how much love you feel for them and how much you respect their wishes.

They are not alive any longer to see your accomplishments when you are doing what they asked of you, but their spirits can still see you, and are so proud when you have honored them by doing what they wished you would.

Emulating Their Example

We have all been blessed with people in our lives that we look up to. When people who you admired have passed on, a very powerful way to honor them is to do things the way they taught you. Maybe they taught you to control your temper better or how to bake the best pies on earth, but whatever it is they taught you is something worth learning from and applying to your own life.

Emulating the good example people who we loved set for us will also show other people better ways of being. In this way, your beloved ancestor’s lessons stay alive and well, and their guiding presence will be felt by many.

Expanding Their Legacy

Did your loved one start a restaurant you want to keep open? Did they teach you how to sing well, and you want to teach people to sing like they did? Or did they spend a lifetime collecting obscure books that many seek out, but few could find without their help? Keeping the things that they established going is one way to honor the dead after they pass away.

Plenty of people keep their loved one’s legacies alive and add their own special touch. For example, Velvet Ice Cream started in Ohio in 1914 when an immigrant from Lebanon started making ice cream. His family are now in their fourth generation of keeping the legacy alive.

Mediums That Talk to the Dead

Honoring the Dead

When you have been struggle to contact the dead, you may need help communicating. Thankfully, there are specialized psychics to go to. These are called mediums, and being a medium means you act as an intermediary between the living and the dead.

These are very intuitive people whose natural psychic gifts allow them to understand how to speak to the dead. Each medium will have their own special way of speaking with the dead, and once you find a medium you trust, you may never ask another one for their help.

In this day and age, “Who is the best medium near me” might not be the question you ask. You might instead ask, “Who is the best online medium?” Thankfully, plenty of online intuitive communication experts can be found. To talk to a medium online can be the same as seeing one in person, and an intuitive medium can often do phone readings as well as online chats and video calls to help you communicate with the dead.

If you don’t want to consult our mediums, who are available anytime any day, that’s okay. Just make sure to check online reviews before choosing a new psychic to make sure you are happy with the results. You might establish a good relationship with your trusted medium advisor and speak with them for many years.


Your loved ones may have left their bodies, but their spirits are still very much alive, and they will be happy to hear from you. Being gone from this world does not mean they have forgotten you. Besides speaking directly to them, you can do many things when honoring the dead to let them know you still love them even though they are gone.

The more time you spend honoring the dead, the closer you will feel to them. Love is forever, and your relationships with your beloved dead can be, too.

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