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My Animal Spirit Guide

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
September 16, 2021
My Animal Spirit Guide
My Animal Spirit Guide
TL;DR As you learn about spirits, your journey will take you to spirit guides, and some of those will be animal spirit guides. Also called totem animals, or animal guides, these creatures will be non-human kin who instill in you their strengths, teaching you spiritual gifts all your life. Through meditation, and encounters, you will discover for yourself which animal or animals are your animal guides, and a short list of some animal spirit guides and what it means if they are yours can be found below. First, read about Animal Spirit Guides here: A Guide To Spirit Animals

The Eagle Spirit Animal

eagle spirit animal

The bald eagle spirit animal soars in the sky, seemingly the king of the heavens and that’s why it’s the national bird of America. The enduring spirit of the eagle represents freedom, strength, pride, and longevity. The eagle spirit animal will instill these strengths in you and will help give you the courage to reach for greater things, climbing higher, and soaring to new heights. Your spirit animal bald eagle symbolizes victory with your eagle spirit animal blessing you with the strength to conquer all obstacles that may come your way. The spirit animal eagle bestows stamina, success, and seizing opportunities, because the eagle spirit animal meaning for you is that you have what it takes to triumph!

The Elk Spirit Animal

elk spirit animal

A true king of the woods, the majestic elk towers above many other creatures, and symbolizes grace, dignity, stamina, and wisdom. Their teeth and antlers are collected by those who are psychics to help them with their gifts, and in some American indigenous tribes, the amount of elk teeth a woman has sewn to her dress symbolizes her husband’s skill at hunting. Your elk spirit animal also brings the gift of being patient to you, and the spirit animal elk helps draw you closer to members of your community. When the elk is your spirit animal, it bestows integrity and respectability in you, and it teaches you how to be a powerful protector, most especially to women.

The Falcon Spirit Animal

falcon spirit animal

Falcon spirit animal meaning is that of sharp vision both physically and intuitively, and the falcon animal spirit instills the gifts of sharpness of mind and quick decision-making skills as well. Your animal spirit falcon also gives you the ability to be a visionary individual, helping you to see possibilities and help you to set goals, plan well for them, and helps you to successfully attain those goals! The falcon totem animal grants unwavering focus towards what you are working towards and the precision to do jobs perfectly. The falcon spirit animal meaning is also that of being independent and able to tackle difficult tasks on your own when needs be!

The Fly Spirit Animal

fly spirit animal

The fly spirit animal meaning is that of opportunism, efficiency, and persistence. Note how the fly animal manages to gather all it needs no matter how little there seems to be? This stems from its determination to go the extra mile, looking in all hidden places for solutions and resources even with it looks like there isn’t anything left to gather. Due to these talents, the spirit animal fly buzzes into your life with abundance, and the ability to multiply your resources at a breakneck speed, far outpacing many others. When the fly is your totem animal, you will have the ability to find great things in the least glamorous of places, and you and those you love will seldomly, if ever go without.

The Fox Spirit Animal

fox spirit animal

The animal spirits fox totem animal brings the special gifts of all forms of intelligence from wisdom to cunning. The cunning of the fox animal is attested to in how well it attains things it wants, sneaking in unnoticed, and “stealing” things like people’s chickens! The sly fox animal guide instills the ability to act in ways that benefit you and those you love most, and the unique gift of adaptability is what the fox brings as well. The fox animal spirit reminds us to be playful, no matter how hard we must work, and to enjoy life in all its fullness.

To read more about the meaning of foxes, read here: What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Fox?

The Goat Spirit Animal

goat spirit animal

The mountain goat spirit animal gazes down, seeing how far it has climbed, and never dismays if it has still farther to climb, because it knows it can. Like your spirit animal goat, when it’s your totem animal, you, too will be blessed with the ability to know how to prioritize what steps to take first, and also how to know what comes next. Your goat spirit animal bestows the ability to land on your feet in the rare instances you may fall and gives you the self-assurance that you won’t fall far when you do. The goat spirit animal gives you the tenacity to keep going no matter what and the knowledge that no goal is too lofty for you!

The Gorilla Spirit Animal

gorilla spirit animal

If yours is the gorilla spirit animal, you may have a “tough exterior”, but if so, then you are a gentle giant! Thought of as “big and scary”, gorillas are actually protective of their family and friends, very dedicated to their community, and gorillas symbolize stability in relationships. The gorilla spirit is gentle, kindly, nurturing, compassionate, and humble. Also known for their intelligence, if the gorilla is your spirit animal, you will be a fast learner, and have the ability to pick up new skills nobody would expect you to. The gorilla totem animal instills the ability to approach situations and individuals respectfully, and you will work well with “difficult” people because you realize they aren’t actually difficult, but just misunderstood!

The Hare Spirit Animal

hare spirit animal

When the hare is your spirit animal, it brings gifts of transformation, magic, and intuition. The transformation they allow may manifest as physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual growth, and when the hare is your animal spirit guide, you never lose the ability to keep reinventing yourself. Males can be seen sparring in spring, fighting for dominance in order to select a mate, and the rabbit spirit animal will impart in you this fighting spirit, helping you to tirelessly step in, taking what’s yours. The hare spirit animal is considered one who lives in the realm of spirit part time, as it disappears into its underground burrows, and reemerges on land. Like the hare, you will have strong gifts of communicating with spirits when the hare is your animal spirit guide.

The Hawk Spirit Animal

hawk spirit animal

The hawk spirit guide embodies the “watch it like a hawk” saying and you will too when hawk spirit guide is yours. The hawk spirit animal meaning is that of observation and keen awareness. Your spirit animal hawk brings power to go along with that great visionary skill, and like the mountain goat, bestows the ability to succeed. Your spirit hawk brings the gift of understanding what your higher purpose or meaning is in your life, and the reminder not to focus too much on small unimportant things that do not support that purpose.

The red-tailed hawk spirit animal is specifically respected as a messenger, bringing you truths that are not pretty as well as those that make you happy. Red-tailed hawk spirit animals are also believed to be messengers for the divine, and remind us to see things from spiritual perspectives, not being bogged with the mundane of the material world.

The Jaguar Spirit Animal

jaguar spirit animal

If the jaguar is your spirit animal, you benefit from the psychic abilities the jaguar has to open communication between the dead and the living. Considered a sacred animal, and half human by some, the jaguar spirit animal symbolizes intelligence, grace, and power. If the jaguar is your totem animal, you will have a strong presence that people immediately respect, and people will want to stay on your good side, as they know you could mow them down if they seek to harm you. Seen as master of realms of sky due to its ability to prowl the trees, earth, as well as water due to its swimming prowess, the jaguar was considered a creature of all realms and if the jaguar spirit animal is yours, you will excel in all environments where life places you.

Your jaguar spirit guide will help you to see hope even in the darkest parts of life where all hope seems lost, and it will help you learn silence and stealth, keeping things to yourself unless it benefits you to share. Your jaguar spirit animal will also bestow in you the gifts of self-confidence, and pride in all you accomplish.

The Lion Spirit Animal

lion spirit animal

The mighty king and queen of the jungle, your lion spirit animal will bring the gifts of strength, bravery, and leadership. The lion spirit guide also gives you a magnetic, commanding presence, making you stand out from the competition, and rise above it. Like the lion’s roar can be heard for miles, your voice resonates powerfully, and the lion spirit guide reminds us to choose our words well because they make great impact. When the lion is your animal spirit guide, making success a top priority will be a lifelong goal, and the lion spirit animal reminds us that to lead is also to serve. The lion spirit in you will make you fiercely protective of those you lead and that will make them ever more loyal to you.

The Mongoose Spirit Animal

mongoose spirit animal

The tiny but tough mongoose has the uncanny ability to battle the mighty snake! The mongoose is immune to the venom, and instead of dying is often able to defeat the predatory snake! Like your mongoose spirit guide, you will benefit from the ability to defeat formidable challengers, rising above whatever things about you seem to make you “smaller” when in fact, you’re not! Your mongoose spirit guide instills a fearlessness in you, and your confidence and ability to take risks pushes you to greater achievements many are too afraid to attempt. The mongoose spirit animal also gives you an ability to react quickly, making split second decisions when needs be!

The Moose Spirit Animal

moose spirit animal

The moose spirit animal meaning symbolizes life, strength, and pride. The moose spirit guide gives the inner strength to make your own decisions, not buckling to peer pressure, and helps you to be true to yourself even if some people frown upon it. The moose spirit’s power lies in its ability to balance confidence with caution, understanding that leaping without looking can be disastrous. The self-preservation of the moose spirit extends to those the individual who has a moose spirit guide loves also. If the moose is your power animal, it makes you very protective of family, retreating with them if need be, but charging to drive away all threats of harm when that is called for as well.

The Opossum Spirit Animal

opossum spirit animal

The opossum or possum spirit animal, as it is sometimes called, has an unfair reputation for being mean, but nothing could be farther from the truth. The possum spirit is that of resilience, surviving, and nurturing. Another creature that snake venom doesn’t harm, the opossum still “plays dead” when it needs to in order to deter predators. The opossum spirit guide teaches how to pick your battles, withdrawing when necessary, and not engaging when it’s doubtful you could defend yourself. Highly adaptable, and able to survive in many ecosystems and environments, the possum spirit animal will teach you how to be flexible, changing your approach well to allow the maximum comfort and survival no matter what happens or where you are.

Your spirit animals will support, guide, and strengthen you, and the closer you grow to them, the stronger your personal power will be. Listen to the wisdom and lessons of your animal spirit guides and walk with them on the journey of your life to be the best you can. Join Mysticsense for future articles about your animal spirit guides!

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