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Attracting Good Energy and Blocking Negative Energy

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
June 05, 2021
Attracting Good Energy and Blocking Negative Energy
Attracting Good Energy and Blocking Negative Energy
TL;DREnergy is the animating force of all life, and luckily for humans, we have the ability to move that energy with the power of our will. While a lot of people are consciously aware of the ability to do this, since it’s not a large part of modern culture, many have the ability, but don’t know it yet. With just a little work, you, too can move energy, creating positive energy, and also learn how to block negative energy.


What is Energy?


Energy has existed before any of us have and will continue to do so after all of us have passed on. Some say this force is the divine creator and some say it’s just the combination of all that is alive, all that has lived, and all that will live. No matter how you define what energy is, one thing is for sure. Human beings are filled with this energy, are influenced by it, and can likewise influence it. It’s not something you can test in a science lab, but it’s just as real as anything that can be. Energy is at our fingertips, and it’s willing to be moved by us.

How do you move Energy?

move energy

It can be done physically or supernaturally , but both ways require the use of your mind. Some would call it a shift in attitude, and others would say it’s just a shift in behavior, although both methods can work. To influence the energy in something you can go into ritual, using crystals, oils, incantations, and ceremony, which is a lot of energy use in and of itself to put a certain energy into something. Or, you can just will an energy to go into something, and keep doing so until you feel it worked. Both ways are the right way to do this.

For example, say you have a child who is terrified of shots, and you need them calm because…it’s time for shots! You can just exude calmness, staying with them the whole time, holding their hand every last time, and over time, they will deal with it better and better. Eventually, someday they may overcome their fear of needles. On the other hand, you could do what a wise Eastern European Baba, or grandma once did for her terrified grandson. She bought a new pair of socks for him, prayed over them, and told him these are his lucky socks that he MUST wear each and every time he went to a doctor. Decades later, said grandson insisted that each time he wore THOSE socks, he did not have to get a shot, and he no longer feared needles.

While attitude works, simply thinking something is a certain way will not make it so, but it WILL change your attitude, which influences your behavior, which influences things. For example, say you are stuck helping out at the Church bazaar, which you hate doing. You know that if you go in, acting miserable, the day will drag by, and will feel like it takes longer. You decide instead to go out of your way to laugh, joke, and be as upbeat as possible, and the way people act happy to see you actually makes it easier for you to put up with being there. You get through it in one piece, and promise yourself to make sure to volunteer for something else next time so you can honestly say you are too busy to help. Mindset isn’t all there is to things, but it creates energy, which creates action, and this creates results.

Positive versus Negative Energy

positive vs negative energy

Energy is energy, but there is a distinctive difference between what is called positive and negative energy, and that’s mainly due to how they feel. Note, however, what makes some feel empowered will make others feel in danger. Snakes for example are sacred to some, and terrifying to others, so will have a different energetic feel for different people despite the fact it’s the same energy coming from the same animal.

Positive and negative energy has been characterized as positive being what makes us feel good, and negative being what makes us feel bad, but it’s not that simple. Cutting out unhealthy food to benefit our health feels very bad at first due to cravings. Although the benefits outweigh the initial discomfort, and it FEELS negative, it’s actually a positive thing. A more accurate description of positive energy would be beneficial energy, and negative energy being that which does not benefit us.

As energy movers, a major goal is controlling the things, people, objects, and experiences that are in our lives or even just interacting with us in the way that is most beneficial to us. This includes controlling our own thoughts, actions, reactions, behaviors, and attitudes. Sometimes, the only thing we CAN control is our reaction. For example, an ex-lover who you loathe may get a job in your department at some point, and while you’d LOVE to make them miserable, you know you are better off treating them in a way your superiors approve of. You can’t get rid of them, unfortunately, and the only positive thing you can do is conduct yourself professionally. Keep up the good work, and watch your superiors promote you right out of that department which takes you away from your ex permanently!

To channel positive energy, or sending positive energy when you feel it needs to replace negative energy can be as simple as sending a smile to somebody who is sitting alone and waving at them to come join your table. Before they even make it halfway to the table to accept the invitation, they will be sending their own positive energy your way. Other people in the room seeing this will be heartened by the fact all of this goodwill is going around, and they will in turn smile at others, and reach out as well. Before you know it, what could have initially been a gloomy room will be filled with happy people who are doing nice things for one another, spreading goodness. It doesn’t take much, and the benefits far exceed the small efforts put into transforming the energy.

What are Lightworkers?


There are differing opinions on what Lightworkers do depending on who you speak with. Some say they are healers who use psychic gifts for this and others say they dispel negative energy, creating positive energy in its place. How to channel energy to heal can be learned by many, although not everybody can do this. Each psychic healer has their own techniques, and some are even able to develop their gifts without the help of mentors. Some work by pure instinct, and their gift comes on its own. Others go into medical fields where they are able to use their gifts all day long and make a living wage doing it simultaneously.

Those who dispel negative energy, replacing it with positive energy can likewise do this a number of ways. Some are able to look on the bright side of things, and uplift sad people’s spirits by pointing out the hopeful things. Others are always making people laugh, while still others create positive from negative energy by telling sobering truths that may be difficult to accept, but then necessary change can begin. Your “tough love” parent who refused to enable an addiction might have SEEMED mean at the time, but they were moving energy to poke you in the backside to make sure you went to rehab and now look! You’re clean and living your best life thanks to them!

Lightworkers are people none of us can do without, and while some are naturally born to do this, all of us can learn to do these things at least part of the time.

How to Convert Energy

convert energy

This can be a very simple process, and can be done in mundane as well as supernatural ways. On a mundane level, something can be physically changed, repurposing it to your needs or preferences and that can take the negative energy right out of it. Say you were gifted a ring a family member used to wear and they stated they were passing it on to you, but the person who gave it to you tried to control when and where you wore it. Soon, you may become so disgusted with the ring, you don’t even want to look at it let alone wear it because you are so upset by their words. However, if you take that ring to a jeweler, and have the stones put into a different piece of jewelry or sell it, buying something else you would enjoy? It’s changed form, and makes you happy now instead of upset.

When you cannot change the physical form of something but want the negative energy out of it, that’s where crystal work, smudging, and prayers come in, most especially if the energy is in a place, like a property, rather than an object that can be easily changed physically. If you played baseball as a kid somewhere and the coach was abusive, it may trigger trauma to go there when your own kids play, even thought those days are over and the person who hurt you is long gone. Wear blessed things like a medallion with your guardian Saint’s image, and make sure to have your pet along to comfort you. Walk the playing area sometime in between games, sprinkling holy water, or with a stick of incense like sage of sandalwood that will help cleanse negativity. Say prayers before you go, and on non-game days, visit the space with something the abusive person disliked- whatever it was- a cat if they feared cats for example, to put the energy they felt threatened by but you don’t in the space as protection for yourself. Put things IN that space that empower you to make it good for you, and that will help change the negatives to positives.

How to Cut Energy Cords with Someone

energy cords

The longer your relationship, typically, the stronger your emotional attachment to somebody, most especially if you shared significant parts of your life with them. The pain of having to terminate a relationship can feel so overwhelming, you don’t know how you can ever break the emotional connection. It will take time, and hard work, but it absolutely can be done with simple visualization and space clearing.

First, get rid of every last item of theirs they left, and all gifts they gave you. If you don’t want to discard photos of them, put them away where you don’t have to look at them. Next, think of something that represents your emotional connection. It could be heartstrings connecting you, or roots they planted in your heart. Stop, catch your breath, still your mind, and physically take your hand and grasp where you feel the roots or cords to be coming out of your body. Gently grasp them, and physically pull them out of you, casting them aside, and visualize them simply disappearing.

While simply doing this ONE time isn’t going to automatically break that bond, it’s a start with temperance work. That is voluntarily refraining from something, and your work will be training yourself to refrain from allowing that energy bind to continue. It will take reminding yourself of all the bad things that led you to terminate the relationship, while focusing instead of all you gain being free of this horrible relationship. This is just one way of how to cleanse your body of negativity, and it doesn’t even entail candles, oils, or crystals- just reminding yourself of what is true.

It’s OK to be Angry


Some say that to experience the natural human emotions of disappointment, grief, fear, and most especially anger creates bad energy around you and you must NEVER allow yourself to do such a thing. Not only is this uncompassionate to shame people for suffering, but it denies the realities of being a human being. Anybody would be sad if somebody they loved died, if their best friend wrote them off, and anybody would experience anger if their bank account was hacked or if they caught their significant other cheating. What would create negativity is reacting without thinking to such things. Like retaliating against who you think slashed your tires by also slashing theirs only to discover they were not the guilty party, and now you are the one in trouble because witnesses saw what you did.

Don’t let anybody guilt you into blocking out real human emotions and for other people’s benefit, falsely exude positive energy on the surface. These are unhealthy people who are either trying to feed off your energy, or brag for attention about how “ positive “ they want everybody to think they are. While everybody will love your positive energy, you were not put on this earth to constantly generate that for other people’s benefit 24/7. Not only is it alright to be angry, but it’s alright to be sad, sick, tired, fed up, scared, disheartened, and any other unpleasant feeling that comes with being human sometimes. Don’t worry because better times will come, and you will feel better again. Sometimes the most positive way to be is realistic and to just allow yourself to feel the way you feel.

Does Hair Carry Negative Energy?

hair carry negative energy

Sure, anything can. Notice how many people run out to get their hair done after a breakup, or illness and afterwards, they automatically feel much better about themselves? Like getting rid of gifts and photographs from toxic relationships, cutting hair to release negative energy is a perfect way to part with it. If something inside you is telling you to chop off that hair- just do it. Don’t worry that you may not like the new haircut as much, because hair grows back! Whatever it takes to have you feeling positive energy is what you need to do for yourself.

The truth is, it’s your life, your mind, spirit, and body, and you have every right to control the energy that is around and within you. Through the power of your will, you can, and you will.

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