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How to Develop Your Intuitive Abilities

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
April 22, 2022
How to Develop Your Intuitive Abilities
How to Develop Your Intuitive Abilities
TL;DRThe meaning of intuitive person is somebody who knows things and isn’t sure how. Intuitiveness synonym isn’t observant, by the way, it’s psychically aware. What does it mean to be an intuitive person, and how can you develop these gifts further if you have them? Explore what intuitive abilities are and learn ways to use them and develop them with Mysticsense.

Have you ever just known something and you weren’t sure how? Did you ever get a hunch about something, and it turned out to be true? Chances are, you are what they call aware, meaning intuitive. Intuitive definition may be something you never thought about, but you know you have abilities to be aware of things with no reason, except that you just are. What is intuitive personality meaning anyways, and what does it mean to have those gifts? Are any Zodiac signs more likely to be intuitive, and what can you do with your intuition?

What’s Intuitive Abilities?

How to Develop Your Intuitive Abilities

The definition of intuitive is to have the ability to know things instinctively without need for investigation, or conscious thought. While it would be great if a class like “Intuition 101” could be taught in every school, it seems some people are naturally intuitive, and other people just can’t learn how to be. Some people consider this a gift of spirit that we are either born with, or not, and some intuitive people simply say they are “good at reading people and situations.” Yet, it’s so much more than that.

Intuition has been considered by some as the sum total of collective consciousness and the ability to recall experiences from past lives. Seeing something similar happen in the present life, we recall what had happened before, and we can see what is likely to happen in this very similar situation. Other people say intuition is not possible because the mind is incapable of portending the future, but if you think you know what will happen and it does, you simply made an educated guess. This theory doesn’t honor the fact people who are intuitive can see what is about to happen regularly. Is it possible that your whole life you are just making educated guesses, and it’s all a coincidence? That’s highly unlikely.

The kinds of things that happen with intuition vary. Sometimes, you will get a hunch to hire a particular employee over another one even though both candidates seem equal in how qualified they are. Later you will find out the employee you did not select had lied on their application, and there were no red flags during the interview. You may have a mental nagging not to go shopping at a particular mall on a certain day, and so you didn’t, only to turn on the news and see that cars that had parked exactly where you would have ended up being damaged by a falling tree. Something may tell you to look in a particular place in the house for a lost object even though you never would have remembered putting it there, and it turned out your child put it there and forgot to tell you.

Intuitive people will recognize that intuition is not an educated guess, but it’s a kind of psychic gift. It has been said a lab has been unable to prove psychic gifts in a scientific setting with some professional group of doctors, but generations of psychics and the people they learn from and who they teach have proven time and again that their gifts are legitimate ones.

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Observant vs Intuitive

How to Develop Your Intuitive Abilities

How do you know if you are intuitive or just highly observant? That’s easy. Being observant means taking clues into account that you can see. For example, observant people can read body language to discern people’s attitudes or personality traits. However, if you have been asked to meet your friend’s brother at the airport to give him a ride, never heard anything about him, and you get a feeling he is going to be somebody who you form a friendship with? If that actually comes to pass, that’s not you being observant, it’s intuition because you would have had absolutely no way of knowing that.

If you know somebody very well and decide to visit a crowded city out of town together, thinking they may become agitated in a large crowd based on the ways you have seen them behave before, it’s you being observant, not intuitive. Intuitive people can also be highly observant, yes, but it is not necessary to be intuitive to be an observant person at all. The two abilities can go together, but they don’t have to. They are very different abilities and anybody who has one gift or the other is very lucky indeed.

How to Develop Intuition

How to Develop Your Intuitive Abilities

How to strengthen your intuition once you realize you have it isn’t as difficult as you might think. The thing is though, not just anybody can be intuitive. Intuition is one of many psychic gifts and learning to work with what you are given is the best approach rather than trying to develop psychic abilities you don’t have. There are four simple things you can do to strengthen intuition, and you are probably already doing these things without even realizing it.

Pay Attention

Paying attention to how your intuition manifests once you realize it is happening is the first step. You will have noticed patterns of intuition over the years, and at some point, you will accept it’s not a series of coincidences. Your mind naturally alerts you of things, and this can help you make decisions that will benefit you based on what you can tell is about to happen. One parent put their child to sleep and went to bed. They had never checked on their son after tucking him in for the night before, but they got a strong feeling they had better go in to check. Sure enough, they found the child’s covers had become twisted around his face and neck, and had they not checked, he would have suffocated.

Your mind may show you an image of what may happen, or it may come in the form of words. You may get a feeling of anxiety for no logical reason when you come near certain places, and that is how you know to avoid them, or you may feel a change in temperature upon touching things if they are meant to become a part of your life. You may feel an unexplainable desire to be somewhere or feel an immediate connection to a stranger who turns out to become a big part of your life. Pay attention to what happens when your intuition is alerting you of things, and act on it.

Create Tests

Early on, while strengthening your intuition, you can find small ways to test yourself. You can have somebody you trust hide an object somewhere and see if you can find it based on intuition alone. You can ask yourself questions about what is likely to happen. See if you can guess the gender of the food delivery person before you see what their name is or try to intuit their hair color. See if you can instinctually tell what films are on the queue to stream when you turn the television on or try to guess how close to the time your bus will arrive compared with what time the schedule says it will. These small things are not life changing by any means, but small tests like this can help you recognize and build your intuition. The more you prove the power of your intuition to yourself, the more you learn to trust it.

Talk to Others

Chances are, you have friends who have psychic gifts if you have psychic gifts, yourself. When you get a hunch about something, check with them to see if they did too. Ask other people about their own intuition and compare your experience to theirs. Some people may feel shy about sharing their stories with other people at first, but the more you learn how similar other people’s experiences with being intuitive are to yours, the more you will understand how very normal intuition is and how many people experience it.

Be Patient

Don’t expect to be the most powerful psychic intuitive overnight! This is a gift you will be blessed with all your life, and it will grow and develop at its own pace over the years. Whereas when you were a child, intuition was just part of who you were and you didn’t think about it but as you get older, and become more aware of it, you will recognize it more and pay close attention. Don’t expect to get on a fast track, climbing some type of ladder of success in developing intuitive gifts. Just relax, pay attention to it, journaling if you want to keep a record of experiences, and let it unfold on its own.

Intuition may be called a skill by some, but it’s actually more of a gift. Skills are things that are learned from a teacher with no prior knowledge of them and those skills can be sharpened with more education. Gifts are innate abilities we are born with and while they certainly can be worked on, gifts are not something that can be learned if we don’t already have them. You can be taught to work with your gifts better, but you cannot be taught how to manifest a gift you don’t already have. So be patient as your intuition grows over the years.

What Can I Do as an Intuitive?

How to Develop Your Intuitive Abilities

While that intuitive gift is developing over the years, what can you do with it once you learn how to recognize it and use it well? How can it benefit you, and are there any special things you can do to help other people? Of course, there are! Like other psychics, intuitives can act as guides, counselors, and mediums, helping people every day.

Intuitive Guide

Intuitive guides are people who can act as life coaches, helping people know what decisions to make in their personal lives. Some are career coaches, helping clients focus on what line of work to go into based on personality and talents, and others help guide people on what to focus on to further their career. For example, an intuitive can tell that somebody with a hot temper and a short fuse is going to have problems in their interpersonal relationships at work and needs to work on anger management if they want to keep a good job. An observant person can also tell simply by attitude if somebody is struggling with this, but an intuitive can actually tell if a man has issues being supervised by women because he was raised by an abusive mother even without being told these things by the client.

An intuitive guide can help said client come up with a plan of action or refer them to counseling. An intuitive can also tell if an employer is a poor match for a client, or if they are meant to relocate or change careers. It may seem uncanny how a stranger can tell you so much about yourself the first time they meet you and tell you what it is you need to do in order to work towards your goals, but that’s what intuitive guides do. Some people can’t be without their intuitive guides and swear by their intuitive’s abilities.

Intuitive Counselor

There are people who are in the psychological and religious career fields who use their intuitive abilities to help counsel the people who come to them. Some men and women who read Tarot rely on their intuitive gifts to read the situation, and the cards are the tool that gives them the answers their clients need. Some Priests or Priestesses are intuitive about the emotional and spiritual needs of the people who come to them, and they have the answers about what people need to do to strengthen their personal relationships with their deities, and what methods they should use to go about it.

Some psychiatric counselors rely on more than medicine to treat patients. Some counselors can tell before their client arrives if they are having an especially difficult time or not, and others can intuitively tell the best approach to treatment. Some people call them natural born healers, and their medical degree enables them to have the job title so they can help the people who need their natural gifts to heal them.

Intuitive Medium

Intuitive communication with spirits is one way to help people using your intuitive gifts. Being able to instinctually tell when a spirit is near, and what it wants to communicate is a special ability that helps the living keep in contact with departed loved ones. We are heartbroken when we lose people we love to death and finding a medium who can deliver their messages can soothe that heartbreak a little bit for a few moments at least. Sometimes, not being able to say goodbye before death makes accepting that your loved one has passed away all the more difficult and being able to tell them goodbye through a medium and hearing them remind you they are always watching over you can be just what you need.

A Famous Intuitive

How to Develop Your Intuitive Abilities

Famous intuitive Astrologer and medium Cecilia, who is called such things as “Cecilia Intuitive Astro Coach” has over twenty-nine years of experience helping people. She is not only very intuitive and a psychic, but also an Astrologer, an author, and she not only tells you how things will affect your Sun sign, but she does readings with your full birth chart. Cecilia intuitive Astro coach reviews include this testimonial “ You are simply great, Cecilia. I have benefitted so much with our predictions, and it’s coming so true in my life. I am lucky to have found you at the right time of my life. Thanks so much.” And this review was from Anita in Singapore.

To learn more about Cecilia, see here: Cecilia - Psychic, Astrologer, Intuitive Coach (

What is intuitive meaning for you as an intuitive may be different than for somebody like Cecilia, but your gifts will still help at the right time. Maybe your intuition will just help you on your own path, but the people who know you as an intuitive will ask you about your gifts, and you will help some of them develop their own intuition. Maybe your intuition will warn you not to take friends to a certain location while you are vacationing together, and later you will hear that part of town is high crime. Intuitive abilities meaning may be more personal for you than for famous intuitive people like Cecilia, but yours will be just as powerful.

Which Signs are Intuitive?

How to Develop Your Intuitive Abilities

Anybody born under any Zodiac sign at all can be intuitive, but Astrologers identify a few signs as having greater likelihood for being intuitive.

Scorpio Intuitive

Scorpio’s can be so intuitively perceptive that it may seem like they know everything that is about to happen and that can be downright creepy at times. However, many of them use this gift to the benefit of other people and not just themselves. On the job, intuitively reading applicants will save everybody the time of hiring someone who doesn’t fit in with the team, and oftentimes Scorpios can tell the first time they meet you if they want to be friends or not. Their intuition helps them know how to adapt their approach to communicate most effectively with new people- IF they will allow it, that is. Some Scorpios don’t compromise their personal approach to accommodate anybody, but if they do, it will help them go farther in communications with others.

Pisces Intuitive

One of the most empathic signs, Pisces people have a firm understanding of their own intuition and are often the most intuitive people in the room. While much of their intuition is used to understand how other people are feeling, that intuition comes from within them, and they often have the uncanny ability to predict the future. Being an emotional sign, they read energy from other people’s feelings, and this can translate into reading people’s thoughts as well. Intuitive Pisces people focus so much on using their intuitive gifts to help others, but it will benefit them to focus on doing for themselves also. After all, the more we nurture ourselves, the better able we are to help other people!

Aquarius Intuitive

Aquarians are well known for being unique individuals and trusting their own inner voice. While some signs like Virgo pay attention to what others do and think, Aquarians focus on their own feelings and think for themselves. They are open to exploring non-mainstream philosophies and are open minded about spirituality. Many non-mainstream paths both believe in and teach psychic gifts, and Aquarians are often onboard to learn about them. Inventive and innovative, creative Aquarians are deep thinkers and it is difficult to find one who doesn’t have a powerful sixth sense. They listen to their inner voices and trust them in ways many signs don’t, and they are almost always happy to teach you how to understand your own intuition.

As you engage in more intuitive behavior, and your abilities become stronger, identifying as an intuitive will become automatic. Would you like to know more about being an intuitive person? Some of the best intuitive readers work for Mysticsense. You can reach out to us anytime, day or night, and speak with an intuitive person for clarification about your own personal psychic gifts and learn what it means to have an intuitive heart, mind, and soul today.

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