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How to Include Everyday Magic In Your Life

By Mysticsense
April 05, 2021
How to Include Everyday Magic In Your Life
How to Include Everyday Magic In Your Life

Magic...Most say they don’t believe in it, and think of science fiction movies or childhood fairy tales when somebody refers to it. They think of purple dragons, winged Pegasus, and blinking the eyes to create instant change, like the stories wistfully describe. You will be surprised to find out that you do, indeed use magic in your own life, and you might even be using it on a daily basis.

You make a wish, and blow out the candles on your birthday cake. Shhhh! Make sure not to tell anybody what you wished for, or it won’t come true, you were told! You see a shooting star and make a wish! You pick petals off a flower saying “He loves me” and “He loves me not” to see if you can divine the answer. You throw out your fresh greenery by Epiphany after Christmas, because it’s bad luck to keep it in the house afterwards. You almost about broke your ankle trying to catch the bride’s bouquet, vying with all the other single ladies to be the one who got married next. You can probably think of dozens of little things like this you do without thinking on a regular basis, but magic, and the use of it, happens to be so very much more than just these kinds of things!

What Is Magic?

Magic is defined as moving energy in conformity with your will, or basically, that which you want to have happen. This means using energy to create the change you want in the physical world. While many will use spells, oils, candles, and ritual to do this, all of which are very physical things, they are simply used as props for those using the magic to move the energy around.

More than structures, ritual work, though magic is a mindset, is a way of being. It starts with belief that you can move the energy to create this change, and operating with confidence that this will be so.

A Word of Caution

You cannot have just anything you want, however. Your will is just part of the formula. There is your will, the wills of the other people who would be involved in whatever you are partaking in, and then the basic will of the Universe itself, and what is meant to be. Believing you can have your bosses job just because you want it badly enough won’t land that position for you, for example. But, if you work hard, take classes to further your skills, and watch for openings, you could land the same job elsewhere, or maybe even take over for your boss when they retire someday. IF it is meant to be, it is. If you belong elsewhere, all the magic in the world you try won’t change that. Magic is all about manifesting things, and moving energy is just a part of that.

Reaping What You Sow

A woman went to college and got an unpaid internship writing for the local arts commission. She did articles for them for two years, before she had to devote her attention to full time work in another field after graduating with her writing degree. She used the communication skills she learned in school all the years she worked, but she never had time to publish, although she always wanted to. Twelve years later, she changed careers, and was told by a coworker they thought she ought to get back into writing, so she found a volunteer writing opportunity. She went through two groups she wrote for before settling on a third, and really enjoyed publishing monthly with them. She took an online job with a company doing one thing, and four months later, was asked to write for that job. A friend of hers said, in response, “Look what you manifested!” It took over twenty years from the college work to the job to gain a title, and her work towards the goal paid off.

Sometimes using magic for results takes a long period of time, and diligent work is the energy it takes. Sometimes, our everyday magic is something as simple as meeting a deadline to work towards a promotion, or foregoing that ice cream sundae in order to get diabetes under control and the goal is long term transformation! Slow but sure can win the race here, and your results may not be seen for weeks, months, or even years, but it’s more than worth it.

Beyond this, perhaps the most important magic we use in our everyday lives is manifesting.

Manifesting: What it is and What it Isn’t

Manifesting is about setting our minds that we will cause something to happen and keeping that steady mental focus until we make it so. However, some would use the cliché phrase and state that all one needs to do is “put the energy out there” and then go off forgetting about it until one day the Universe just hands us all we want on a silver platter with no effort on our own part.

That’s a great way to never meet any goals, or wait for luck which may never even happen, and it’s not recommended. Another saying that applies is “The only thing that ever sat itself to success is a hen” but even the hen’s body DOES something to lay that egg! Being proactive during manifesting is the number one way to make things happen, and it’s the best way to work magic. There are easy steps to go about this that include but are not limited to:

Research - You can’t accomplish something if you don’t know how! You may have to start at the very bottom, reading, asking others how whatever you want to do is accomplished, and keep learning along the way.

Trying and failing - Practice makes perfect in all things in life, and sometimes, you won’t have any idea how to do something until you make a mistake, realize how it is NOT done first, and go back to regroup.

Trying again - Learning from mistakes is often the best way to learn, and you can’t give up if you want to achieve your goals.

Maintaining the change once it’s achieved. If we go back to old habits and do the things that got different results, we may lose our progress, and all that hard work will seem wasted.

The Mighty Will

As kids, we read a great book about the Little Engine Who Could. He wanted to make a trip, and it seemed impossible at first! He couldn’t imagine how he could do such a thing, but he said to himself “I think I can!” And he tried. He kept chanting, like a mantra “I think I can!” and pretty soon, he realized he was well on his way, and said over and over to himself “ I know I can, I know I can,” and he did. He met his goal!

It might sound silly to say such things aloud, and you might catch strangers looking at you like you are off your rocker if you do so, but saying these things to yourself is crucial. If you believe you can do something, your chances of success are much greater, and you basically magically talk yourself into giving it your best efforts. Without this, especially if it’s a difficult endeavor, you may not even try. We work magic on ourselves if we decide something is possible, and we also work magic on ourselves if we convince ourselves something is impossible.

While it’s very important to be fully aware of the obstacles, and difficulties that may arise, so we have a game plan to overcome them if they do, there is no good that comes about in telling ourselves we CANNOT do what it is we are trying to do.

On the other hand, another popular belief is that we should live as if we have already accomplished our goal, and that’s being ahead of ourselves. “I want to be rich, so I will spend money like I am,” will land us in serious debt, shelling out late fees that could have been avoided. However, learning what it takes to become wealthy will entail the realization that some wealthy people are savvy investors and then don’t spend frivolously. Learning about how to budget, save, invest, and work your way to a higher paying job is a better way to become wealthier than just spending money like somebody who has more money than you do. It’s magic.

Wishing Ourselves Successful

We can’t just wish for all we want, and it automatically happen like in fairy tales. There are going to be times when we believe in ourselves, give it our all, stick with things long term, and we simply cannot manifest what we worked for- and the truth is- that’s okay. It’s disappointing, but it’s okay. You may, for example decide you want to win an athletic competition. Your magic will be the training, hard work, and years of diligence that go into making you a fine athlete. You may be convinced you are ready to win, and you walk into your event, get beaten badly by somebody you never even heard of, and you watch them walk out with that prize you told yourself for a long time was yours.

Some would say you failed in some way in your magical operations, and need to rework your magic. The reality is, we cannot accomplish all we desire, no matter what, but don’t miss the fact you did the work to be the very best you could be and at the end of the day winning against all opponents was not the best goal - but doing your best was! However, there is something we can do to project an image of ourselves to people that will directly affect their reaction to us.


Perfumes, makeup, clothes, posture, how close we stand to people, how loudly or softly we speak, and how firm of a handshake we use are all physical things that create an illusion we want people to react to. Things like this create a positive outcome for us. The deceptively simple ways to do this will pleasantly surprise you.

To draw a lover, wear the perfumes you know they prefer, for example, as opposed to perfumes you prefer. It’s all about attracting them, not pleasing your own nose. To communicate you belong in a certain job, discern where the people in that job field socialize, and put yourself in those places. It communicates you are like everybody else in that job field, that you are one of them, and belong. If you want to get somebody’s attention, stand close to them, make direct eye contact, and speak a bit louder. To get the opposite response, hang back, make little noise, and don’t do anything to draw attention to yourself.

Think of the reaction you want from people, then pay attention to what things illicit that reaction, and do those things. While many of us don’t dress to impress, or do things to conform, people do unconsciously react to whatever it is they SEE us as, and that’s how they form their perception of us. Perception simply isn’t reality, but people believe it is. So, taking advantage of that and using it in our favor is one way of using magic in our everyday lives.

Mouth Magic

In cartoons, magicians often utter the word “Abracadabra” before making something magically appear. What may seem funny and like nonsense actually has foundations in history, and concrete practice today. Abracadabra first appeared in a magical book in the second century and translates as “I will create as I speak.” It comes from an Aramaic word meaning “I create the word”. It was used as a magical incantation, and was inscribed on amulets to battle fever.

History aside, it means that what I say, I bring into being. Have you ever heard somebody talk themselves out of something? “I will NEVER find a significant other” just because they are currently single. Or “I will never be happy” or even “ Oh I hate my life”. All these things we tell ourselves are things we come to believe. Our mouths create our mindset in this way, and allows us only to see the parts of our lives we verbally acknowledge. To use mouth magic to your advantage say things like “I’m going to do the best I can” or “I’ve got this” or even “I deserve a good life”. You will find that your words have power over you, and you can use this method of magic to your advantage.

The Middle Path

The magic of mindset cannot be stressed enough. To be eternally “positive”, one believes they can have all they want, no harm can ever befall them, and nothing will EVER go wrong for them under any circumstances. To be eternally “negative” as some say, is to believe the world is always down on you, nothing ever goes your way, and you will never succeed or be happy.

Neither of these supports everyday magic. These mindsets make one completely unbalanced, and unable to successfully manifest. To experience life in its fullness, as a magical individual, means having an objective view over all that goes on, embracing the joyous times and successes, and giving oneself room to grieve and process disappointments - and be eternally realistic.

To Be Fair

Some believe that we create all in our lives we have, and that those who go without, somehow suffer, or cannot make certain changes happen are completely to blame for their own misfortunes, deserving every bad thing that happens to them. This is more than lacking in compassion, but highly unrealistic. As our wills are not the only ones deciding things, inability to get all you work for is not necessarily a failure that deserves punishment. It just means bad things happen to all of us sometimes, and being human, mortal, and imperfect means we can’t fix everything. Don’t make the mistake of setting yourself up for disappointment or low self esteem by expecting to be given all you want in life just because you use magic. Remember that magic harmonizes with the natural world. Remember that while we all experience joys, triumphs, and good things, likewise, we all suffer, and experience sorrows. Yes, even people who know how to move energy.

The Bottom Line - Magic is not a mysterious, supernatural practice the few excel at, and many envy. It’s a natural human ability that need only be focused on and practiced regularly to pay off. You needn’t invest in a library of spell books to be proficient in magic. Just learn to set your intentions and alter your approach and behaviors to support whatever your goals are, and you will be a master at manifesting and using magic in your everyday life.

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