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Psychic Energy Work for Home and the Workplace

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
June 29, 2021
Psychic Energy Work for Home and the Workplace
Psychic Energy Work for Home and the Workplace
TL;DRHow to work with energy for your personal psychic body is one thing, but how to get positive energy at home and at work are quite different things. Trust and control of other people at work is often out of your hands, most especially when they make decisions that create a stressful environment. At home, protection from negative energy may be easier, as you can control the guests who come and go, but, energy work after visits, and to banish spirit entities you don’t want lingering is still important. No matter who you are surrounded by, positive energy brings results. Using simple techniques, you can direct the flow of negative and positive energy at work and home, creating harmonious environments anywhere.

Positive Energy Only!

Positive energy attracts positive things. We all need positive energy, and by radiating positive energy, you get the ball rolling to fill your workspace and home with it. Negative energy protection and positive energy production are really all you need to know to make this happen. How to KEEP positive energy is part of that as well. There are different types of energy work, and Mysticsense has explored just what is energy work. You can read that here:

How to Convert Negative Energy into Positive Energy

Basic Banishing and Space Clearing

banishing and space clearing

Some people have a daily banishing and space clearing regimen they use, and they observe this ritualistically. Others just automatically do certain things on a regular basis without thinking of it, and it clears things out of their space they don’t want. Simple things you may already be doing to keep your space spiritually cleansed include:

Burning Candles or Smudging

Combining the elements of fire and air, you can burn special candles that cleanse space or use incense or smoke for this as well. Palo Santo, pinion, and white sage can be burned, all of which are believed to spiritually cleanse all negativity from a space. Resin incenses burned over a specially made charcoal like frankincense has been used in sacred spaces for centuries and not only smells great, but is also available for personal use today. A blessed candle in whatever color you feel is best can be burned to bring the light and lifeforce in, which will help remove negativity. If the color you prefer is not on hand, always remember that white candles can be used for any magical working.

Protection From Negative Energy Symbols

Every culture and tradition have their own protective symbols to drive out negative energy. For many people, the symbol of their faith is the only symbol needed, but other people have a variety of things they use. Some Norse Heathens have a hammer in their home representing the Hammer of Thor that protected the home of the gods, and also wear a pendant of Thor’s Hammer for protection. Some have a mirror just inside their front door, which is believed to reflect any negative spirits or energy right back out the door. Catholics do the sign of their cross as protection over themselves, and some people will get their protective symbol tattooed on so they are never without its protection.

To protect yourself from negative energy, another technique is simply telling the negative energy it just isn’t welcome. This must be spoken with authority and confidence. “This is MY space and you are NOT welcome” can be all you need to say. Chances are, it will leave immediately, and it won’t be back. Negative energy in person is seldomly some powerful monstrosity that is insurmountable. Acknowledging that you are in charge of your own energy and spaces, carrying yourself like king or queen of your own life, and saying such is one of the very most powerful forms of spoken magic.


It is no coincidence that some people believe flies and negative energy go hand in hand. A filthy space harbors negative energy. It is necessary to keep your home and office physically clean as well as spiritually. Many would insist a cluttered, unorganized workspace or home breeds chaos, although some geniuses like Albert Einstein were able to work quite well in clutter. This is because he controlled what clutter was in his office, and did not have things in it that did not serve his work. What some view as a waste of time, cleaning rubbish, and whatever else is physically cramping space at work or at home that does not contribute to a positive environment may be all you need to clean out negative energy.

A purge and deep clean can be done using run of the mill store bought cleaners, but some magical people prefer to use things they have made themselves or those things that are specific for spiritual cleaning. Wiping down the meeting room table with Florida Water with the windows open, and sitting a bowl of water in all four corners to catch negative energy is a simple way to take out any negativity that may be nearby. Simply opening the windows to allow fresh air and light in, is also a way to clear out negative energy and bring in positive energy. It might be time consuming, but maintaining a clean and cleared out environment will help in the long run to keep space open for positive energy and keep negative energy out.

Chants or Rituals

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is one many swear by for cleansing their personal spiritual body, and some even say that this cleanses all spiritual influences from the home, although some would disagree and insist it only cleanses the spiritual self. Another space clearing ritual used by many is to sprinkle holy water or another blessed material like salt around the home, while using sound, like a chant, or the sounding of a ritual bell to drive out unwanted energies. Filling the space with joyful sounds like laughter, and well-loved music or drumming acts as a space clearing ceremony also.

Positive Energy Colors

The simple truth is no two people have the same opinion or feelings about colors. Some prefer all black, like Morticia Addams, saying “Black is such a happy color” while some find pastels more conducive to creating positive energy. Some find red to be the luckiest color, while others see it and get angry or anxious. Still others thrive in all neutral surroundings, and others feel bored to death without a kaleidoscope of colors all over the place. Don’t let pop culture, psychologists, or New Age practitioners preach color to you. Use and enjoyment of the colors that benefit you most is the number best way of how to give off good energy using color.

How To Bring Positive Energy at Home

positive energy at home

Your home is your castle and your sanctuary away from everything else. It is a place of rest, joy, and an outward extension of who you are. It is crucial you control the energy in your home, control who is welcome, and ensure it is filled with the experiences that make you feel best. All of the above techniques can be employed in the home to banish negativity and bring positive energy, of course, but there are specific things to keep in mind when deciding what energy to have at home.

  • How To Cleanse Your House of Negative Energy
    When focusing on bringing IN positive energy, it’s important to remove negative energy first. If techniques mentioned previously don’t work, and you don’t feel you can effectively banish negativity from the home on your own, a holy person can be contracted to come do this for you. Catholics pay their priests a small fee to come bless the home. Some sects of Hindus have a gathering of friends and family members when they first move into a new house to bless the home. Even paying a professional housekeeping company to scrub the last of the grime the previous homeowners left behind can be spiritually cleansing enough to banish negative energy. Starting with a clean slate, all the negative energy gone is a great way to begin the process of bringing positive energy into your space.

  • How To Create Good Energy in Your Bedroom
    The best way to do this is to structure the bedroom around restfulness. Some fall asleep to the tv set, while still others banish a television from the bedroom entirely. Choose bedding that provides top notch comfort to you specifically. Some say weighted blankets give the best night’s sleep, while others feel suffocated by them. People with severe allergies find it best if pets are not allowed in the bedroom while other people would die of heartbreak if Spot the dog or Morris the cat could not sleep in bed with them. Like selecting colors, when bringing the best possible energy into your bedroom, your bedroom should have the “give me positive energy“ vibe that suits you. Making a list of what things make you rest better is a good starting place. Something that helps a lot of people, however, is to shun making the bedroom a multipurpose space if at all possible. While having the home office in the bedroom may be necessary due to space constraints, putting up a partition to block workspace energy when it’s time to sleep is an easy solution to keep a restful environment present at night. Even closing the laptop or shutting the computer down and covering it with a decorative cloth when work is over creates a sectioning off that allows for more restful slumber. Speaking of restful slumber, getting enough sleep is an easy way to help you generate positive energy. How to give off positive energy when you don’t feel good because you are not rested? It can be done, sure, but it’s far better to get the rest you need so you are at your best when you get up the next day instead of struggling through fatigue while fighting to be a beacon of positive energy at the same time.

  • Objects You Love
    Bringing the things that make you comfortable into the home is an easy way to create positive energy in the house. Nobody can tell you that your way is wrong. If you want a baby pool with goldfish in the living room, then have a baby pool full of goldfish in the living room, even if somebody disapproves. If you do not want the antiques your parents “ passed on to you” meaning they dumped the things they expect you to hold on to for them when they decided to downsize, tell them to get a storage unit or sell these things but you are not keeping them. Besides, it gives more room for your goldfish. Anything in your home that does not make create positive energy can, and should be replaced with something that does.

  • Control Who is Welcome
    Feeling the negative energy of spirits in the home quite often means you feel the negative energy coming from the spirit of human beings who come into your house. Some people just enter with bad intentions, or they don’t respect you or your home. People believe they are owed hospitality, when in fact they aren’t. If somebody comes in with negativity, you are allowed to tell them that they have to leave and they can’t come back. That’s all there is to it. Your house your rules- period.

How To Bring Positive Energy At Work

positive energy at work

Using many of the same concepts as creating positive energy at home, creating positive energy at work can be done successfully, although the techniques must be used differently. You can’t just go into the office and throw a coat of purple paint on the walls because it helps with your creativity unless you get permission, although at home you could for example. There are some simple techniques you can use to promote harmony, however, and if all you do is these things, you will be responsible for a whole lot of positive energy at work.

  • Work/Life Balance
    It’s a wonderful thing when you love your job so much , you never want to leave, and it’s also a good thing when you are a supervisor who is able to motivate their employees to greater levels of achievement. Unfortunately, obsessing over a job to the point you are constantly there, or forcing staff to be creates an environment of overwork, and takes away the opportunity to partake of the good things in life outside of work. Your family and friends will be heartbroken going places they were supposed to be able to enjoy with you, and if you don’t give yourself enough time off, your health will suffer. Productivity suffers also if you don’t get enough rest. Take the days off, enjoy life, and it creates better energy within yourself, meaning you can bring greater positive energy on the job.

  • Pick Your Battles
    If you dislike the HR Assistant’s cologne, is it necessary to make a remark to him about it? If you think Patty in Accounting wears colors that clash with her hair dye job, who cares? But when a co-worker touches you inappropriately, or is caught eating people’s lunches? It’s time to speak up. Picking your battles wisely on the job will help reduce tension and reduce negative energy. Nobody likes to work with a temperamental hothead who seems to always be looking for a fight, but not speaking up when it’s called for will make you a doormat, and that creates a negative environment for you.

  • No Gossip
    We’ve all been in the break room and listened to the rollicking banter at the expense of somebody who isn’t present . Deny yourself the indulgence of partaking in such festivities. If nothing else, pay attention to what happens when somebody gets up and leaves after all that. Chances are the topic will change to cutting down whoever just got up to leave. You will get your turn as well. Gossip creates an environment of distrust, and that’s the last thing you need on the job. You are a team and you and your teammates need to be on each other’s side in order to get the job done. No gossip.

  • Know Your Co-Workers and Supervisors
    Get to know your teammates and figure out what their habits are. If Joe has a cup of coffee every day at 2 P.M., and you want a cup at 1:54, and there is one cup left, have the courtesy to make another pot of coffee so Joe can have his 2 P.M cup of joe. If your supervisor is moody on Mondays, don’t drop bad news on them on Mondays if you can help it. A harmonious work environment can be more easily achieved if you don’t stir up negative energy. Knowing small things about co-workers that make them more comfortable is an easy way to create positive energy at work.

  • Push Away Negativity
    Refuse to engage with a hostile co-worker or boss. Don’t react when provoked, and if upper management doesn’t intervene if you can’t diffuse the situation, it may be time for a new job. A toxic work environment is at the top of the list of why people leave jobs. Bad managers, inability to advance or grow, a bad work life balance, and feeling unappreciated or not fairly compensated are other top reasons people leave jobs. If you have done all you can to make it work, and are powerless to fix the negative energy at the job, it’s okay to take a better job. Sometimes, that is the only way you can create positive energy for your own career.

It really is true that positive energy can heal the Universe, one space at a time. Your positive aura and energy, or the energy and lifeforce you emanate is not the only thing creating things in the world, but greatly contributes to that which is created. If you give positive energy, you get positive energy. Practicing things that support that will have people saying to you “I love your positive energy”, and you will love the results that come from it. Controlling the energy you bring into work, and the energy, people, and things you allow into your home will give you a more balanced, peaceful, and happy life. You deserve it.

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