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When Your Psychic Gives You Bad News

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
January 28, 2023
When Your Psychic Gives You Bad News
When Your Psychic Gives You Bad News

What happens when the psychic says you can’t change it when he chooses someone over you, that you are being used in a relationship, or that your lover isn’t going to marry you? What do you do when you find out you cannot create the outcome you want, and your psychic tells you that you have to accept things that break your heart? Find out what to do when your psychic reading reveals heartbreaking truths today. In this article we will explore

When you go for a reading from someone who sees the future, you never expect them to tell you that things will not go as planned. When a question of “Will he propose?” is answered with “You do NOT need to marry him!”, it can leave you feeling lost on your path. Not all readings give news that all will go as you desire, but there are things you can do to make your life the happiest it can be, even if the psychic reveals an ugly truth. Discover what you can do when your psychic tells you there is something else meant to happen than the good things you have been hoping for.

Bad News

When Your Psychic Gives You Bad News

When you go for a reading, it’s supposed to be fun and uplifting right? Well, if you go to readers who only read for entertainment, sure, why not? However, when you go to see a psychic for the truth, that is what you are going to get. The best psychics are people who tell you what the cards say, not people who lie to you and say only what will make you happy. They will also give suggestions of what you can do to create positive solutions, and that’s not always fun either. It’s more fun to assume we need only think positively or say a prayer and the universe, or some deity will automatically fix everything for us.

Sometimes, a miracle happens, but most often, we have to be proactive in making good things happen for ourselves. Sometimes, we are involved with people who we shouldn’t be around, and it’s up to us to break things off, or set boundaries in that relationship. What can we do when our significant other has gone cold, or when they chose somebody else besides us? What happens when your psychic tells you that you won’t get married as soon as you hope or to the person you expect to and what happens when it is you who is the problem in your relationship instead of your loved one?

When He’s with Someone Else

Being too available to somebody who either picked over you or who is cheating is a huge mistake. It shows that your relationship with yourself is the one that needs work. This is because if you care about your feelings and needs, you won’t waste your time with people who don’t, and if they are not choosing you, why choose them? Besides that, an uncomfortable truth is, sometimes people who we want to be with don’t belong to us, and that is nobody’s fault. People end up with the people they want to be with, and people do have the option to say no to us, even if we love them, no matter how much that can hurt.

We can’t win the heart of someone who isn’t meant to be with us, and sometimes, focusing on how to be with people who don’t love us only holds us back from being open to meeting new people who will love us. So, let people go if they choose someone else over you because other people will choose you.

He’s Being Cold with Me

Like we can’t force somebody to love us, we can’t force people to be attentive. If you are in a relationship with somebody, and they have suddenly gone cold, don’t just rely on telepathy between hearts to give you all the answers to what they are thinking and feeling. Reach out and ask them what is wrong or what has made them do that. You actually can pay a psychic to find out what has made somebody go cold, but it is always best to communicate with the people we love. Opening the door to a conversation about what may be wrong will open dialogue to discover what it can take to make things right, after all. Then again, some people go cold when they want to step away, and that is not too different than them choosing someone else over you. If they want to step away, let them. People who belong with us won’t leave us.

When Will I Meet My Husband Prediction

Society pushes us to marry from a young age, and some people feel their biological clock ticking as their twenties pass them by. They watch friends their age settle down and marry, and wonder, when will this happen for them? There have been psychics born who can flat out predict timeframes, even pinpointing about how many months or years until an event will happen, but it is more likely that a psychic will be able to tell you what will happen right before you meet your significant other.

For example, one woman asked a couple of different psychics when she would find who she settled down with, and one flat out told her she had already met him but could not tell her exactly who it was. Another psychic told her that when the leaves turned orange, she would settle down. That very fall, when the leaves really were orange, she got back together with an ex, and a few years later, they married. She had not expected to get back together with the man she eventually married, and she was very disappointed nobody could pinpoint exactly WHO or a date and time, but the information was still accurate.

Can people tell the future? Some can, and when they predict it, they do so in the way the universe has allowed them to. There are no fancy tools of the future you can buy at a store that will provide lottery numbers or exact date, time, and street address where we will meet who we marry. The ability to tell the future is a gift that few have, and most of them share that gift to help people who have questions. When your psychic predicts who you will marry, listen , even if they only have part of the person’s identity. Then pay attention, watching for the signs they gave you. Maybe orange leaves will be the sign, or maybe the sign they will be wearing a red scarf will be but watch for those signs!

Will he Ever Propose to Me?

A lot of people ask, “Will he propose?” after they have been involved with someone for a long time and he hasn’t. The ugly truth is, sometimes he won’t, and it won’t be fun to hear that from your psychic even if you already suspected it was true. Some people don’t want to be married, and while that can be easier to accept, be prepared that maybe he will be married someday, but he doesn’t want to marry you. Some people stay together all their lives, but they don’t feel the need to get married, and that might be what they want. There is nothing wrong with asking him to marry you instead of waiting on him to propose if you want to and even if you don’t get married, there is nothing wrong with staying together and being committed without legal paperwork of your commitment to one another if that is what you both want.

When You Messed Up in a Relationship

Sometimes, the problem is you, and your psychic won’t lie if that’s the case. If something you have said or done has hurt the person you love, it’s going to be up to you to make things right again. There is nothing wrong with accepting our imperfections and working to keep them from hurting people or destroying our relationships. The worst thing that could happen when you admit you are the one who is in the wrong is that you will apologize, and your apology won’t be accepted. You shouldn’t be afraid to admit when you were wrong, and admitting that can be the first step to fixing things.

Sometimes something that was said or done cannot be forgotten, and permanent damage is done to the relationship. When this happens, your psychic can’t tell you what to do to make someone take you back. You will have to accept the consequences and respect your loved one’s need for space. Maybe they can move on from things and rebuild your relationship in the future, but for now, they are the ones who were hurt, and the priority needs to be allowing them to do whatever they need to heal from the hurt. After all, when we love people, we put their feelings first. Just remember that if you are meant to be together for the long haul, nothing will keep you apart.

Being Used

Signs you are being used by a woman or man are not as difficult to spot as you might think. If they only contact you when they want something from you, but they don’t set aside quality time together, they are using you. If you always do things for them, but when you need them, they can’t be bothered, they are using you. If all they do is ask you to buy things for them, give them rides places, or get you to do favors for them, but you never hear from them any other time, you’re being used, and it is not up to your psychic to tell you that you owe anything to people who use you. Your psychic will tell you that there is only one way to stop that from happening.

Stop doing whatever it is that you do for these users. It is never our fault when people behave that way, but if we choose to participate in it, we are allowing it to happen to us. Some people are master manipulators and know how to make people feel responsible for them, and you feel guilty at the very thought of not doing all these things for your user, but are they really that helpless? There is a major difference between helping somebody who you love who reciprocates, even if they can’t do much in return, and being taken advantage of by a selfish person. Your psychic is right if they tell you to stop consenting to being used and focus your time and energy on people who actually care about you.

You Can’t Wow Your Way into His Heart

One question a lot of people have is how they can make somebody who behaves as if they are completely uninterested to fall in love with them. While you can find plenty of people who will sell you supplies and spells aimed at making somebody love you, a lot of other people will try to sell you books and makeovers to change you into somebody deemed “more attractive” and tell you that these spells or makeovers will make anybody, and everybody fall madly in love with you. Any good psychic will tell you that we cannot force people to love us. They either do or they don’t and changing yourself into someone who you aren’t won’t make somebody love you or want to be with you. Even if you get their attention temporarily, is it really worth turning yourself into somebody who you aren’t? Beyond that, trying to force somebody to feel a certain way takes away their ability to consent, and it’s not a loving thing to do.

The best thing you can do is not to try and look or behave like somebody you aren’t. It’s not wrong to get a new haircut or wardrobe to look your best, but being your best self is different than transforming yourself into literally somebody else to impress someone who does not like who you truly are. Magic to draw love can be done and the simplest way to do that is to meditate on “The people who love me come into my life naturally, and I don’t need the people who don’t love me.” Beyond that, here are some things to keep in mind: What is love spell? Are Love Spells Needed? | Mysticsense

The Cards

When Your Psychic Gives You Bad News

Any card can be in a reading that gives not so great news, but there are certain cards that give special warnings. Plenty of readers will do a love Celtic Cross reading where each individual card is in a position to answer a specific question, however, sometimes no specific formation of cards is needed, and the cards speak for themselves. The Empress, Devil, The Tower, Death, and Justice cards have messages of their own that can portend bad news.

The Empress Reversed

The Empress Reversed love card is not really one you want in a reading about love. The Empress love card right side up tells of great abundance and fertility as well as the presence of love, protection, and nourishment both physically and emotionally. It can reference the energy in the relationship, or the type of person you are. Reversed, all these good things fall away. There is some form of barrenness, and it might be lack of love or caring from your partner. When the Empress is reversed in a love reading, it can be telling you that this relationship will not stand the test of time, and you are headed for a heartbreak.

The Devil Reversed

The Devil card reversed is usually believed to be telling you good things. Right side up, the Devil card speaks of confining situations, unhealthy mindsets, and being ruled by these awful things. Reversed, these situations have fallen away, and the people involved can breathe a sigh of relief to have freedom from all this. However, if this card comes up reversed, and you are still feeling stuck, it means the situation is not the problem, and chances are, you have not taken steps to embrace the new, better circumstances. That means your psychic can help you to see what changes are needed, but you will have to act! It might be difficult to break old habits, but it’s every bit worth it.

The Tower

When reading about the future, Tower cards are not fun to get. Right side up, the Tower is telling you that you are either in the middle of a disaster, or it is about to strike. It often comes on unexpectedly, and it has catastrophic results. The terrifying imagery on Tower cards shows a lightning strike that takes down a tall tower an individual was standing in, and both said tower, and the individual is falling with no way to break the fall. Your psychic will be able to pull other cards and may be able to tell you what is coming and what you can do to start picking up the pieces after this tragedy strikes. Hang in there and do what it takes to pull through, no matter how difficult it is.

The Death Card

The Death future reading looks scary, but it usually doesn’t tell you somebody is about to die. It usually means there needs to be drastic changes, or a “death” of the way things are. Making these drastic changes can be exhausting, and disheartening, most especially if you worked hard to cultivate things just the way you want them to be. When the cards tell you major changes need to be made with a Death card, it’s not like the changes a Tower card brings. The Tower tells you those changes are coming on their own, and the Death card tells you that you need to “cut away” old ways to make a path for rebirth. Take heart, though, because once you make these necessary, although difficult changes, you will be glad you did!

The Justice Card

The Justice love card in a reading can be a very unwelcome one to get, most especially if things are going wrong in your relationship. Justice right side up typically says things are fair and the things that deserve to happen are. Does that mean you “deserve” to have relationship problems? Specifically, no, it just means the problems were created by one or both of you, and you are in a position where you either allow them to continue, or you undo them and recreate things. This is different from the changes called for by the Death card, because you don’t necessarily have a hand in the way things have been in the situation the Death card shows, but somehow, you directly created whatever is happening when the Justice card comes right side up. The choice will be yours as to whether you make things better or keep them the same.

Can You Change Your Future?

When Your Psychic Gives You Bad News

Can you change the future? Every last decision you make creates a change, and that is you creating your future. When your psychic tells you bad news about things like you are not meant to be with somebody you want to, chances are , they are right, and no, you cannot change that. What you can change is how you let it affect you. You can choose to let it hold you back from the good things you have in life, and you can choose to fight things you cannot control, or you can accept things and adapt to what is going on.

It is always easier to go from psychic to psychic asking the same questions about disappointing things and expecting them to tell us what we want to hear than it is to admit that the bad news given is true. You don’t have to let bad news ruin things, and you can instead use it to empower yourself to grow. When bad things you can’t change happen, get your psychic to help you begin a plan to act and create the change you want to see. You will be glad you did!

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