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Contacting The Dead

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
May 19, 2022
Contacting The Dead
Contacting The Dead
TL;DRCan we talk to our dead loved ones after they pass away, and how do we move on to find new love after the death of a spouse? Is it true death comes in threes, and how can Psychic Mediums and other men or women who talks to the dead help with contacting them? Learn these things and more with Mysticsense today.

To talk to dead loved ones would be great, wouldn’t it? It can feel like nothing matters after somebody you love dies, and to just be able to talk to them one more time, even just to say goodbye would make it seem like you could go on. Thankfully, we can talk to the dead, and how to contact a dead loved one will be explained here. What the Death card in Tarot means as well as new relationships after the death of a spouse will be explored also. Can you talk to the dead? Yes, you can, and not only can you talk to them, but they can communicate with you as well.

Each of us has a special relationship with our own dead loved ones and ancestors that other people can say they understand, but nobody truly knows your own relationships like you do. People who talk to the dead can be reached to help making contact, but thankfully, most of the time, you can make contact on your own. How to do that varies, and each of us has to decide what methods work best for us. Can the dead feel our love, and how do you find love after death takes a significant other away? Is the Death Tarot card one that tells us somebody is about to die, and do deaths come in a series of threes like the myth says? Read on to learn these things and more as Mysticsense explores these intimate topics today.

What is Death?

Contacting The Dead

Medically, death is defined as when the physical body ceases to breathe, pump blood, have brain activity, and all other vital functions have ended, but spiritually death is said to be when our soul leaves our body, and our spirit goes on to some other plane of existence in an afterlife. Some say that our spirits go to a place, and others insist we reincarnate, returning to experience more lives with the people we love. For those who believe the souls of their dead can still hear and see them, communicating with them can be very important. While it’s not the same as picking up the phone to make a call or visiting someone in person who is alive, communication with people whose bodies no longer contain their souls is as normal as talking to the living.

To give an idea of how many people die, the Worldwide Death Clock is available online and it calculates how many deaths around the world there are. It states that there are about fifty-six million deaths worldwide annually. We add about seventy-five or eighty million people to the population annually and we will double the population every thirty-five years at this rate. The World health Organization lists leading causes of death as ischemic heart disease, strokes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and lower respiratory conditions. There is approximately one point eight deaths per second, and the Nation with the most death rate per one thousand people is Bulgaria, experiencing over fifteen deaths per thousand people annually with their population in decline.

Death in Threes?

Is it true that deaths come in threes? Statistically, sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. In the United States in 2001, there were 2,416,425 deaths reported and that number divided by three is exactly 805,475. However, in 2019 in France, 612,500 were reported to have died, and that comes out to 204,166.667- not exactly divisible by three. The belief that death or anything else comes in sets of three is considered an unfounded superstition believed by people who count three similar occurrences, and start at the next occurrence counbting the next as the first occurrence instead of counting it as the fourth occurrence. So, don’t worry yourself after one death that there will automatically be two more people who you love die soon.

Can the Dead Feel Your Love?

Contacting The Dead

Death doesn’t have to mean the death of a relationship and communication can always continue. In some parts of the world, people sit food out for special occasions for the dead, and go beyond this by holding entire festivals to honor their dead.

A film you can access for free on YouTube explores in depth some ancestral festivals held in China that will illustrate how much some people there believe their dead can see them and feel their love, and continue having a connection with the living. (27) An intimate look into ancestral Chinese festivals | Connections - YouTube.

Generations of people in China and also parts of South America can’t be wrong. In Mexico, the Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos celebrations occur for three days when it is believed the dead can come home and visit. When the author of this article visited San Miguel, and Mexico Cities in Mexico in 2008 in early October, the churches and cathedrals had begun processions and events for Day of the Dead almost a month early. People go all out to welcome their dead loved ones home for the short visit.

A short video explores Day of the Dead, which is not to be confused with Halloween although it shares some similarities. (27) Día de los Muertos: A History - YouTube.

Some people in parts of the British Isles and America celebrate an old high day that has been transferred over to Halloween that is called Samhain. Like those who celebrate Dis de los Muertos, Samhain celebrants believe the veil between the land of the living and the realm of the dead is thinner, so the dead can come visit.

In years past, the emphasis was on warding off the dead, lest they carry the living away with them, but today, many people use the holiday as a memorial day of sorts. Samhain can be read about here- Samhain - Traditions, Halloween, Wicca - HISTORY.

All of these ancient and modern people observe these things not only for their own need to feel connection with their dead, but to warm the hearts of their deceased loved ones as well. Many people worldwide believe the dead still see us and have feelings that should be respected and accommodated. When you believe your departed loved ones can still feel your love, you may not have events and festivals to show it, but small things you do can express that love to them just as much as the big events can.

Finding Love After the Death of a Spouse

Contacting The Dead

For some people, lifelong devotion to a spouse doesn’t end just because their spouse dies. One of the finding love after the death of a spouse quotes is by Mary Josephine, and she said “ You’ll find love again.” Death and lovers who we thought would be with us forever may end up together instead. Telling your significant other and life partner goodbye is difficult enough, but the very thought of having another lover in the future may feel like infidelity. After death, future love seems uncertain, and the idea of having somebody else in your life after a lifetime with your spouse may seem unattainable, but think of something- you already have people who you love.

You may have had children together, and you share love with them. You share love with sisters, brothers, aunts, nephews and other blood relatives. You even share the love of dear friends who are as close to you as family. Love isn’t specific to romantic love, but someday, you may indeed meet another woman or man who you feel ready to open your heart and your life to romantically. Your spouse would want you to move into a new life of happiness with this new person. Another partner will not erase the beautiful love you had with your husband or wife who died, but a new lover will share more years and create new memories with you.

The Death Card in Tarot

Contacting The Dead

Perhaps the scariest card to get in a Tarot reading is the Death card. In some decks, it’s Death XIII numbered and in others it is 13 Death numbered. In the Major Arcana, Death is one of twenty-two cards, and the Death Arcana card almost never indicates a physical death is about to come about. The card Death as feelings and the Death reversal card are different meanings than one another, and the various things the Death Tarot card can mean may surprise you.

The Death Card Right Side Up

The Death card typically indicates a cessation in a way of being. It can also indicate that you need to put the past behind you and move forward into change. Like the dead branches of a rose bush keep it from thriving and growing, holding on to attitudes and behaviors that no longer serve us hold us back from our own growth. Cutting away things, patterns, and even relationships that we have grown beyond will enable us to move into our future and while the process may feel difficult, we will be happier and better off once we push ourselves past the fear of doing so.

The Death Card Reversed

The Death card reversed means it is either not time to move into change, or you are holding the necessary changes up, and you need to get a move on! Death reversal love reading indicates a resistance to change in your love life or relationship. It’s okay to be afraid of change, most especially if you feel things don’t need to change, but oftentimes change makes things better. Most especially if change improves our love lives, it’s okay to be scared, but moving past that fear and allowing the change to happen will make you much happier!

To learn more about the cards of the Major Arcana, read here: The Major Arcana of Tarot and the Cards Meanings.

How to Contact a Dead Loved One

Contacting The Dead

Thinking about the death of loved ones and how much we miss them may have you wanting to contact them, but how do you do that? The techniques for reaching out to them are simple, and you may already be doing some of these things without realizing it.

Just Talking

Simply speaking aloud as if they were in the room with you and talking to your dead is one simple way to communicate with them. They don’t have physical bodies anymore to speak words back, but after you communicate your thoughts and feelings to them, asking them to communicate in response can result in surprising results you can read about below.

Writing To Them

One way to communicate with your departed loved ones is to write them a letter. You won’t need to mail this letter, but you can still send it off. You can burn it after you write it and release the ashes to the wind. You can also bury the letter in the ground someplace meaningful like their favorite corner of the garden. You can write your letter in the sand at the spot they favored at the beach where you spent a lot of time together. You can also trace the letters of the words you write into the water at their favorite lake with your fingers. They will get your message spiritually.

Respecting Their Wishes

One way to communicate with the dead is to do something they would have wanted you to. If you always planned to open a restaurant together, but never had time while they were living, forging ahead and opening that restaurant is one way to do that. If they had hoped to retire out of State at the town where you owned a vacation home together, you can go ahead and do that on your own if they pass away first. If they wanted to make sure your child graduated from college, ensuring that happens is one way to honor them. This communicates to them you remember what was important to them and even though they have died, you are still doing these things.

Emulating Their Example

Many of the people we are lucky enough to have in our lives have done things we respect them for and seek to emulate. If your loved one was known for their great compassion to stray animals, volunteering at their favorite shelter will ensure all of the good they did still continues even after they have died. If they were the best baker you knew, using their recipes to bake for the people you love will keep that memory alive. If your Granny made people laugh, you can likewise follow her example by making people laugh. Their bodies may be gone, but their spirit can live on in the things they have taught you to do.

Visiting their Grave

Some people feel the presence of their departed loved one at the place they are buried. Their bodies may be decomposing into the earth, but their body does still lie in their grave. Some people go to decorate the graves of their loved ones, and count it as a visit, talking to them each time they go. Some take gifts or tend plants on the grave as a sign of devotion. Cemeteries are also called memorial gardens because so many people find comfort in going to the place their loved one is buried to see them.

Building an Ancestor Altar

Some people like to create a permanent ancestral altar at home where they visit to communicate with their loved ones. This can be something as simple as a tiny corner in the house with a photo of your loved one and a single candle. It can also be as elaborate as a large chest or armoire you fill with photos and items that belonged to everybody you love who has passed away. Some people have special incenses they burn and special foods they offer to the dead, and some people do prayers at their ancestor altar daily. Gifts of flowers, sweets, favorite drinks, or tobacco are seen as traditional gifts to put on ancestor altars and you can use this as a sacred space where you can focus to communicate with your dead loved ones.

How the Dead Communicate with Us

Contacting The Dead

We may use our bodies and objects to communicate with the dead, but they cannot respond in the same ways they did while they were alive. When you communicate with them, ask them to answer you, and then patiently await their response. The ways they communicate as spirits are easy to understand once you know what to look for.

In Dreams

Your loved one may appear to you in dreams. Sometimes they bring messages, but oftentimes, they come just for a visit. Sometimes, a dream is just our mind’s way of occupying itself, but you will know in your heart when a dead loved one has come to you in your dream. You will be able to feel it is a true visit, and you can always ask them to come and visit in your dreams again.

In Signs

Signs in the physical world are not random but are the dead communicating. One woman lit a candle at her ancestor altar and then visited a man her deceased grandmother had strongly disliked because she thought he was a bad person. She came back from the visit to find her grandmother’s picture had fallen and the candle’s flame was very high. She took it as a sign her grandmother was telling her to break up with the man immediately. One woman blurted out a word her grandmother used to use, although that word was not part of the woman’s regular vocabulary, and that week found a photo of herself and her grandmother in her car she had not remembered even having in the car. She knew that as her grandmother saying hello. Your deceased loved one will also give you signs like these that are not in any way coincidences.

In Feelings

You may be thinking of your deceased loved one and feel a tap on your shoulder, only to turn around and see nobody there. A sudden feeling of comfort and peace may come over you, and you will know your loved one is sending love. You may feel their presence in the room and get a glimpse of them out of the corner of your eye at that very moment as well. Your emotions and physical feelings are not deceiving you when you feel their presence or their touch. Their bodies may be gone but their love isn’t.

Getting Help from a Psychic Medium

Contacting The Dead

Some online psychic services on various websites offer the help of psychic mediums. A genuine psychic medium can always help contact the dead if you have been unable to do so on your own, but what is a so-called medium, psychic or otherwise?

A Medium is somebody who can communicate with spirits. Some mediums can sense spirits naturally, and some will use a crystal ball or even Tarot cards to tell them what the dead are trying to communicate. You can do all the above listed things and feel you are getting no messages back from your dead loved ones, and a psychic Medium can speak with the dead in your behalf and will relay their messages back to you.

To get free minutes with one of our talented Mediums today, sign on to Mysticsense. You can get your free love forecast to tell you about finding love after the death of a spouse, and our Mediums can tell you all that your loved one wants you to know. Sign up today to chat about relationships.

Your loved ones may have died, but that doesn’t mean they are gone from your life completely. Their bodies have departed but their soul still lives, and you can talk to them anytime you want to. They will respond, and make sure you know they have not forgotten you and are still an important part of your life forever. 

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