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Your Reincarnations and Past Lives

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
November 16, 2021
Your Reincarnations and Past Lives
Your Reincarnations and Past Lives
TL;DREvidence of reincarnation is all around us and how to find out who you were in past lives can be done simply by using past lives astrology, psychic readings, meditation, or listening to dreams of past lives. Who you have been in past lives affects who you are today and what does reincarnation have in store for the future are things on many people’s minds? Explore what reincarnation is and how to find your reincarnation with us today.

Reincarnation of the soul is one of many beliefs about what happens after we pass away from this life. Some faiths believe the human soul immediately migrates to a new world in an afterlife, but many believe we are reborn many times, the soul being immortal, and that we always moving into a new life. What is reincarnation and is reincarnation real? Proof of past lives has been attested to in stories of reincarnation experiences and how to find past lives is easier than you think. Read on to learn about these and more topics about reincarnation, into the past of who you were and learning how it affects your future.

What’s Reincarnation?


The definition of reincarnation is transmigration of the soul or essence of a person into a different body upon physical death. It is believed that the soul is eternal, and beliefs, preferences, ego, feelings, and some personality traits can be carried over from life to life. The belief is embraced in Hinduism, Gnosticism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Theosophism, some Neo Pagan religions, and in some New Ager communities as well as other religions. Some believe that karma, the culmination of good and bad deeds we have done, decides situations and conditions we are born in to when we reincarnate, and others believe we are placed in situations that help us learn lessons, and no punishments or rewards are included when we are reborn.

Reincarnation proof is believed to be based on remembered lives as well as the fact babies are born with certain instincts that some people believe could not possibly be known without remembering how to do them from past lives. While some believe life happens but once and the soul then goes to a permanent afterlife, other people believe that past life reincarnation is the reality of life after death and that we continue reincarnating indefinitely. That is, unless we reach some cosmic form of being when we no longer need to reincarnate due to learning everything we are supposed to.

Real life reincarnation may or may not be remembered by children or babies, some teach, and some say how to remember past lives is through careful study, meditations, psychological levels of hypnosis, or past lives analysis through dreams. Do past lives exist? Some say they don’t, but some swear they do. What do you think?

My Past Lives Quiz?

past live quiz

“I want to know how to find my past lives. Who was I in a past live? What quizzes or tests can I take to calculate my results?” Wouldn’t it be nice if all we had to do to learn all about our past lives was to take a quiz? It’s not quite that cut and dried, but there are things we can do and how to find our past lives, and it all boils down to taking the time to do it. The methods range from astrology to numerology, and even palmistry! There is no one right way of how to know past lives, and the longer you do your research, the more you will find out.

Deja Vu and Karma

deja vu and karma

Déjà vu is defined as an overwhelming feeling you have been someplace or experienced something before, but you know for certain it hasn’t happened in this life. Some interpret this as reincarnation evidence! If you want to know is reincarnation true, think of places you have been where you feel right at home, but you have never been there before, and you also haven’t been anyplace similar. Some people try to will explain déjà vu away, saying people who experience it are either hallucinating, or they have been somewhere similar and have simply forgotten it.

Unfortunately for the naysayers, déjà vu has been attested to by people all over the world as evidence of true reincarnation. One woman said “My past lives were spread over China and Japan, and every time I am near anybody from there, I immediately feel comfortable with them even though I grew up in American and have never travelled to anywhere in Asia. The foods feel like native foods, and the art and music is more familiar to me than what I heard growing up. Also, one of my closest friends says she remembers lives we spent as sisters in China.” When it comes to stories of reincarnation, proof is found in déjà vu and that’s one reason why reincarnation cannot be explained away by people who don’t believe in it.

How to Find Out About Past Lives

about past lives

“ I believe in reincarnation! Who was I in my past lives? What reincarnation am I now?” you ask. How to know your reincarnation lives takes time, so don’t be disappointed if your first efforts are fruitless. There are many ways of how to tap into past lives and knowing if reincarnation is affecting your life today will help steer you into a more successful incarnation for this life. Is reincarnation possibly something you want to know about? What is reincarnation creating for you today? You can use readings, astrology and meditation as a few of many ways to learn your past lives.

Astrology and Past Lives

Reincarnation of who you have been can be shown through a detailed astrological birth chart which will reveal your South Node. This shows negative personality aspects you had in a past life. That won’t tell exactly who you were, when your life was, whether you were rich, poor, male, or female, and it won’t tell a lot of details you might like it to, but it will tell what lessons you could focus on. The house where the South Node sits tells more about where your past life was. Then there is an asteroid names Chiron that shows up that tells you a bit more depending on what house it sits in on your birth chart. Unless you want to undertake a study of astrology professionally to learn more, you can simply use Café to cast your birth chart and look up each item to discern meaning. You can also consult a professional astrologer and he or she can explain everything in detail.

Café Astrology’s page can be found here: Free Astrology Birth Chart Report (

Past Lives Psychic Readings

A surefire way to learn more about your past lives is to consult your psychic. Not every psychic specializes in reincarnation real stories but your tried-and-true psychic can help. With psychic guidance, reincarnation shows who you have been before and your reader can help you to see more about the past and how it relates to your life today. One woman saw a psychic because she suddenly developed a phobia of bridges. She and her psychic discovered that in a past life she has suffered a fall from a bridge that killed her, and she was exactly the age in that life that she was in the current life when the phobia began. After a few more sessions, the phobia disappeared! Maybe your past life events are not effecting you that strongly today, but knowing about them will help you understand more about who you are and what things you would like to do in this life.

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Palm Reading Past Lives

It is said by many palmists that if the lines on your palms do not look anything alike, then the lines on one palm are the map to what a past life was like. It is accepted the lines on the left hand would be the ones reflecting the past life, and karma from that life. Sometimes, some of the lines are the same on both palms, but one major line like the life line is drastically different. That different line will give evidence of what the life was like in a past life!

Life Path Number 11 Reincarnation? Your Past Lives Astrology Chart

astrology chart

Want to know about Pisces past lives? Well astrology and past lives isn’t explained in quite that way. One way some say to learn about your life reincarnation goals is to calculate your life path number which is based on your date of birth. This will not help with how to read past lives or tell you precisely who you have been in those past lives, but it is believed to help with who you are today and what your life purpose is right now.

A master number is found doing basic math with the digits of birth month, day, and year combined, and a single digit is then found. So, while some ask about number 11 life path number, they are actually needing to add the one and one together to get a number two life path number.

Best of all, this is something you can do yourself and an easy guide of how to and what the master numbers mean can be found here: Calculate Life Path Number to Reveal Your Life's Purpose (

Meditation Past Lives


Another great way to get mental reincarnation pictures about who you were in past lives is to do meditation and this is best done through a past life regression session. Past life regression is a hypnotic technique where the therapist or psychic takes the client into a deep state of relaxation, and asks them questions, which helps them to unlock areas of their memory they had forgotten in past lives. Some would debunk this saying it is evidence of why reincarnation is not possible, insisting the therapist convinces people wrongly that their reincarnation stories proof is real. Only you can decide if your reincarnation true story is legitimate, and if it is to you, no evidence for other people is required.

A YouTube reincarnation video from Brian L. Weiss M.D., an American hypnotist and psychiatrist includes a past life method he has created using past life regression to therapeutically counsel patients. He believes past life traumas create issues in our current lives, and we can deal with these things best when we understand what happened. This video shares him talking about this and doing a guided meditation you can participate yourself from home.

To do this would be like a free past lives reading you do for yourself and you can view here: (31) Brian Weiss Past-Life Regression Session - YouTube - YouTube

People From Past Lives

people from past lives

One publication you can get a copy of to learn about some of the reincarnation mates who found us in this life is called Karmic Astrology Past Lives Present Loves by Ruth Aharoni. She writes about how karma can bring us together, and how to get more out of your relationships. A soulmate from past lives may be found in this life, and some people insist they go from life to life with the people they love most. Is there reincarnation together? How do we know if our relationships have stood the test of time and we will always find one another? Aharoni’s book can help.

You can get a copy here: Karmic Astrology: Past Lives, Present Loves: Aharoni, Ruth: 9780738709673: Books

Soulmate Reincarnation

soulmate reincarnation

Yes, soulmates and past lives come back to us from life to life, and some people swear they recognize one another the moment they meet- or should I say reunite! Reincarnation soul mates are said to plan to go from life to life together, and some say it is to help one another with lessons although some insist they are just life mates, and partners forever. Sometimes, people even take vows to always find one another, and some people state the fact some life partners die very close to the same time as one another is further evidence this is happening for them. Like with soulmates, lovers from past lives find one another from life to life as well. Similar to when you meet your soulmate from past lives, you may immediately recognize your lover from past lives. Why have you been lucky enough to reunite with in your life who you remember from past lives?

Old Soul Reincarnation?

old soul reincarnation

Another discussion with people who believe in reincarnation is how old of a soul you have. Many people who believe we carry over wisdom and compassion from past lives also believe that spiritual maturity can be achieved from life to life. If somebody is considered to have an “old soul” they are people who have likely been reincarnating for many lives, and whose patience, kindness, mercy, and wisdom give them deep understanding of how things are. They often act as teachers and guides to others on their paths, and old souls typically have a lot of patience and empathy for others. Don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself an old soul because you will continue reincarnation, gaining wisdom and knowledge, and you will have many more lives to learn your unlimited potential.

Can You Dream About Past Lives?

dream about past lives

You absolutely can dream of past lives, and as a matter of fact, some people insist those very vivid, realistic dreams we have when we feel like the dream is really happening is oftentimes us dreaming of past lives. Most especially when we dream about a place or time many times, and it feels like home, those are considered to be dreams of past lives we have had. Sometimes, it’s your memories, and others, it’s lessons or messages from past lives reaching out through dreams to share with you in this life. Have you had dreams you believe have been about past lives? Tell us about them!

Is There Evidence of Reincarnation?

evidence of reincarnation

Some people remember past lives and are not so quick to write that off as their imagination playing tricks on them. They have meditated, done past life regression, listened to dreams, and have otherwise accepted they have reincarnated and remember those past lives. Nobody can prove reincarnation is possible to people who don’t believe in it, however, people’s real reincarnation memories cannot be explained away by people who simply have not had the same experiences. What proof is there besides what you remember? A lot!

Some people believe the instincts babies are born with prove they have lived past lives, because they consider it impossible for a baby to immediately know something it’s not been taught. Prodigy children who excel in mathematics or the arts are also considered to be a proof of reincarnation because it is considered impossible for them to know so much about something without years of study. A controversial belief is that being born underprivileged or with an impairment, disfigurement, or disability indicates you did wrong in a past life and are under the effect of karma in this life. Other people say this view is instead lacking in compassion and shaming people for suffering they are not to blame for. However, some people insist this is proof past lives exist. What do you think?

What Is the Meaning of Reincarnation?

meaning of reincarnation

What does reincarnation mean? For some people it means the things they have done in past lives creates the reality they are born into in this life. These people also believe that whatever they do in this life will create the circumstances they are born into in future lives. For other people, reincarnation means learning, growth, and what kind of a person they become, and they don’t believe that situations or circumstances are dictated by past lives at all.

What do you believe? Is there proof of reincarnation and what would you like to share with us about that? Is reincarnation real? What reincarnation dreams have you had? What are your true stories of reincarnation? We would love to hear them!

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