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Tarot Card Love Readings

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
November 25, 2021
Tarot Card Love Readings
Tarot Card Love Readings
TL;DRWhat is the meaning of the Tower in a love reading? What about the Lovers in a love reading? Getting a tarot reading to find out what is going on in your love life will give answers about where your romantic life is headed and can help put into perspective whatever your current relationship’s problems may be. Join Mysticsense exploring what some of the cards from the Major and Minor Arcana are telling us about love and unlock the secrets of your own love life!

One of the main topics people consult their psychics about are matters of the heart. What is going on in love, and where are relationships heading? People who recently suffered heartbreaks will want to know when they can love again, or if there is a chance of getting back together. A tarot reading can provide clarity about these things and more. 

While each reader interprets cards their own way, there are basic classic meanings that can be ascribed to each card. The Empress in a love reading will mean something different than the Nine of Wands in a love reading. Whereas the Hermit card reversed can be telling you to go within and spend time with yourself, the Hermit card in a love reading can be telling you to avoid a relationship with somebody you are asking about.

Cards like the Empress love reading meaning is similar to what it means in most other readings, and the relationship the cards have to one another in a reading further explains things. The reversed meaning of the cards is usually the opposite of the upright meaning, and if reading for yourself doesn’t give all the answers you are looking for, consulting your psychic will help you get the most out of the messages the cards are sending. To learn more about what some cards in a love reading are telling you, read on!

The Major Arcana Love Reading

major arcana

It is assumed that the “Arcana love reading” can only mean a love reading with Major Arcana cards. Thankfully, both Major and Minor Arcana cards are used for love readings, and the messages are no less powerful with one than the other. If you do prefer to use Major Arcana cards only for love readings, that’s okay. Just don’t think Minor Arcana cards hold no answers.

The Fool in a Love Reading

fool in a love reading

If you get the Fool in a love reading, it is advising you to take a leap of faith and set forth on a journey of love! If you have asked about an individual, then yes, give them a chance! If you are asking about love in general, you are being advised to open yourself to love, and keep a lookout for prospective lovers!

The Empress Love Reading

empress love

The Empress represents fruitfulness, hearth and home, and possibilities for all things to come to pass. In a love reading this card is telling you opportunities for love are abundant, and you will have plenty of lovers to choose from or even ONE great love to enjoy soon!

The Hermit in a Love Reading

hermit in a love

This is indicating you should pull back and observe. You can weigh options or spend a time with no romantic relationships for a time. If you are healing from heartbreak, take as much time as you need to go within, and if somebody is in hot pursuit, this card is telling you that you are going to be just fine without them.

The Tower Love Reading

tower love

In any reading, the Tower portends major disaster that is groundbreaking and life changing. This isn’t going to be fun for everybody, and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. Remember though, pieces of your life can be picked up and mended no matter what goes wrong. Have faith in your ability to survive and thrive no matter what.

The World Love Reading

world love reading

The World card in a love reading is one of the best ones to get! It means you will have a partner who creates a happy world of love with you and that you both balance and satisfy one another. It will seem like “you have it all” together because you do! If they are not in your life yet, the card is telling you they will be, so watch and wait!

The Moon Love Reading

moon love reading

What does a Moon card mean in a love reading? The Moon card in a love reading is all about emotions. It advises not to let overblown emotions get the better of you. Thinking with your heart is very important, but this has to be balanced with thinking with your head. Uncertainties, and worrying about all the little “what if’s” and what could go wrong can set us up to compromise relationships, and also cause us to stay in bad relationships because we are afraid to be single. Take a breath, objectively look at your emotions right now, and don’t make any split second decisions based on them.

The Sun Love Reading

sun love reading

The Sun card in a love reading means happiness and a great relationship. The Sun card represents success and being at the pinnacle of your persona power. If you are happy being single, don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t be. If you are in a relationship, this card is telling you this is a great relationship, and to keep moving forward with it. If you are single and open to romance, it’s coming, and it’s going to be great!

The Lovers Card Love Reading

lovers card love

The ultimate card to get upright in a love reading is the Lovers card! If you are in a relationship, you are perfectly paired, and if you are single, hold on to your seat, because a fabulous lover is soon to be yours!

Justice Card Love Reading

justice card love

The Justice card represents fairness and good decisions. This card is advising you to be fair to the people you love and make sure they are fair with you. It can indicate your relationship is well balanced and you have the relationship that you deserve.

The Emperor Love Reading

emperor love

The Emperor card is all about protection and stability, and this energy is present in your relationship. You can be happy if you are in a relationship with somebody and this comes up in a love reading because it’s telling you that you have that healthy energy in your relationship. The card can indicate your lover will watch over you, and always have your best interests in mind.

Temperance Love Reading

temperance love

This card represents balance, and patience in relationships when it is upright. It is indicating your relationship is a good one and if you are seeking a relationship, hang in there a little longer. It will happen when it is meant to, and this is reassurance that it IS going to happen!

Devil Card Love Reading

devil card love

This is not a fun card to draw in a love reading because it means you feel stuck by your love life. If you are in a relationship, you may have turned away from one another, or you may be in a very unhealthy relationship you are better off stepping away from. The Devil reversed love reading, however, indicates freedom, overcoming obstacles, and independence!

The Magician Love Reading

magician love reading

The Magician card is a great one to get in a love reading. If you are in a relationship, this is telling you things will get stronger and stronger. If you are single, it means that you will find a stable lover who is absolutely crazy about you!

The Minor Arcana Love Reading

minor arcana love reading

There are four suits in the Minor Arcana and those are Cups, Coins or Pentacles, Swords, and Wands. Each suit has a general meaning. Cups generally discuss feelings and relationships, so more emphasis will be on their meanings in love readings in this discussion. Swords deal with conflicts and obstacles and can help identify what sorts of problems or complications arise in a love relationship. Coins or Pentacles represent worldly things like wealth and possessions, but they correspond to all forms of success, not just monetary ones. They can indicate success in careers and relationships as well. Wands discuss action and things you will be creating. In a love reading this could address what things you will create to make relationships happen and also what things you and your lover create together.


Ace of Cups in Love Reading

ace of cups in love

The Ace of Cups in a love reading represents an overflowing cup, so full of abundance, it can’t hold it all! For love readings this can be good, and if this is a new relationship, it indicated this is a good beginning, and it’s a green light telling you to go for it!

Two of Cups Love Reading

two of cups love

Two is a magic number for lovers! This indicates harmonious relationships, and great potential for success. It can indicate a great pairing with you and somebody you are drawn to, and it can also indicate reconciliation.

Three of Cups Love Reading

The three of Cups represents a joyous coming together to the point of celebration. It can indicate happy community relations, or a happy family life stemming from love. You and your lover will join with others happily, and it can symbolize that you are well suited to build a life together.

Four of Cups Love Reading

four of cups love

The Four of Cups can indicate you are focusing on things you feel are missing. You might be hurting because a relationship you wish could have worked out didn’t, or you may be unhappy to be single. We all process pain differently and being still with the pain while you work through it may paralyze you temporarily. During this difficult time, this card is pointing out there are other possibilities, and you won’t be hurting this way forever.

Five of Cups in Love Reading

The five of Cups card is calling you to wake up and stop dwelling on the past. You are going through a time of disappointment from past events, and refusing to move forward, but it’s past time to. Good things are waiting for you!

Six of Cups Love Reading

six of cups love

The six of Cups in a love reading is all about good things. It indicates happiness, a positive attitude, and fond memories. Perhaps you have a happy past with your loved one, and this card could be telling you the two of you have loved one another for a long while, and your devotion has stood the test of time.

Seven of Cups Love Reading

seven of cups love

The seven of Cups in a love reading represent confusion, too many choices, temptation, or illusion. You can’t see clearly and will need time to clear your head and get a good grasp of the situation before making any decisions. Emotions may be blinding you, or you may be lying to yourself about something in your relationship.

Eight of Cups Love Reading

The eight of Cups is often a breakup card. You or your lover may walk off, or one or both of you may have “checked out” emotionally already. Stepping away may be the best thing you can do and letting go of a relationship that just isn’t working out may be very painful, but necessary.

Nine of Cups Love Reading

nine of cups love

Right side up this card is telling you to enjoy the relationship you are blessed with. Celebrate and indulge in spending time with them, enjoying one another to the fullest. This is a card of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Ten of Cups Love Reading

ten of cups love

The ten of Cups represents a perfect union and relationship. This is a “happily ever after” card of sorts. A great card to draw in a love reading!

Page of Cups Love Reading

page of cups love

This card represents somebody who may be young or not, but they are still learning and growing, and could be considered immature. Also known as a Knight of Cups, love reading meaning in this can also be that something new and exciting in the works such as a new love or a new marriage for existing love.

Queen of Cups Love Reading

queen of cups love

The Queen of Cups is supportive, loving, loyal, and pure of heart. In a love reading, this is the energy you are advised to bring to your relationships, and this is the type of lover you should seek.

King of Cups Love Reading

king of cups love

The King of Cups brings fairness and diplomacy to love readings. The King of Cups in a love reading is communicating that in struggles, to emulate his example and his stability he teaches will balance everything.


Three of Swords Love Reading

three of swords love

Many spreads show three swords piercing a heart, creating heartbreak. The trick is to find a way to pull the swords out and release yourself from the suffering. Your heart is still in one piece, and the piercing swords CAN be pulled out safely when you are ready to.

Six of Swords Love Reading

In a love reading this card is counseling you to move forwards, although you do so with a heavy heart. You have the means to leave toxic relationships behind even if you don’t want to, and the time to act is now. This card is also reassurance that you will be okay.

Ten of Swords Love Reading

ten of swords love

Another card of heartbreak, the Ten of Swords indicates a relationship is about to go through a disaster. This could be the relationship has been winding down and one or both of you will finally call it quits. It could also mean sudden heartbreak due to infidelity, or they might decide to dump you without notice, but one thing is for sure- this is going to hurt. You won’t be able to prevent this, and you are going to have to endure this heartbreak.

Queen of Swords Love Reading

queen of swords love

The Queen of Swords represents a lover who has a lot to offer and knows it. She is selective with who she spends her time with, makes her needs and boundaries known, and has a lot of be proud of. If this card is advising you of how to act, don’t just allow anybody in your life who wants you to, and if you are asking about who to look for, seek somebody who has the integrity and pride of the Queen of Swords.


Ace of Pentacles in a Love Reading

ace of pentacles

Wonderful new beginnings are announced when you get the Ace of Pentacles in a reading. In love readings that means a good love relationship will either begin or new good things for your existing romance will manifest.

Seven of Pentacles Love Reading

seven of pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles tarot card has to do with growing great things, reaping what you sow, and that all your hard work will benefit you. Keep working on your love life, and you will have a great one!

Eight of Pentacles Love Reading

eight of pentacles

A step farther along than the seven of Pentacles, this card means efforts realized and the hard work has paid off. You have achieved what you worked so hard for! Enjoy!!!!

Ten of Pentacles Love Reading

ten of pentacles love

You have set a strong foundation, and the benefits you worked so hard for are continuing abundantly. If you are in a relationship, this card can indicate you are settled in long term, and if you are single but open to romance, it can be telling you that your family and friends’ group will be a strong decider in who you choose to settle down with. Your foundation is with them and whoever is lucky enough to win your heart will fit right in with them. Many Pentacles in a love reading shows an abundance of all the good things that make love worth it, and are encouraging you to enjoy it all.

Page of Pentacles in a Love Reading

page of pentacles in a love reading

This card may represent a loyal, dedicated lover or it could represent that energy, and the Page of Pentacles can be telling you not to give up on an existing relationship if things seem dull. It’s just time to remember why you fell in love to begin with, and bring that devotion, plus some new fun back in. Also called the Knight of Pentacles, love reading for single people with this card is letting you know to be on the lookout for the kind of lover this card represents!

King of Pentacles Love Reading

king of pentacles

The King of Pentacles is very similar to the Emperor card. He is stable, protective, and dedicated. It may take the King of Pentacles a while to commit, but once he does, he’s in it for the long haul. If you are in a relationship with somebody this card represents, you can take pride in him and his dedication. If you are single, this card is telling you that your King of Pentacles is out there, and someday you will be happily settled down with him.


Four of Wands Love Reading

This card represents a happy life of harmony, home, and domestic bliss. If you are asking about someone and what their relationship with you will bring, stick by them, because you will have a good partnership with them.

Nine of Wands Love Reading

The Nine of Wands is a card of hope and optimistic outlook for the future. Times may have been tough and you may have been hurt or dumped, but you have a better love life to look forward to in your future. Just don’t give up or close yourself off from new loves, because they are waiting for you.

Page of Wands Love Reading

page of wands love

Open your eyes and ears because the Page of Wands is putting you on notice you are about to get some good news! It might be a new love or moving to the next level in a current relationship. It might signal marriage is on the way, or even that you are about to be parents. Congratulations on whatever this great news is about to be!

King of Wands in a Love Reading

king of wands

The King of Wands represents a passionate, fiery lover who may be a bit much for some people, but he’s certainly crazy about you! If this card represents energy instead of a lover, it can remind you to put that kind of crazy passion in your love life or to be passionate about being open to love.

Reading Playing Cards for Love

While each reader has their own style of reading, and preference of which deck to use, some use ordinary playing cards to give readings! Some readers who use playing cards for divination use each of the suits to substitute for Minor Arcana cards. The suits change but meanings are the same. Clubs become Wands, Hearts are Cups, Spades substitute for Swords, and Diamonds represent Pentacles or Coins. Aces stay as Aces, and Jacks become Pages or Knights. Kings and Queens remain as such, and joker or wild cards are removed for these readings. These are read upright and reversed, and the only thing that is different is there are no cards to represent the Major Arcana using this deck.

Besides this, some readers pay attention to whether there are more red, the lighter color, or black, the darker color in the reading. Lighter colors represent more happy things, and black represents more sadness or misfortune. For other readers, paying attention to what suit of card is next to the card they are reading is necessary. For example, a Spade to the right of another can indicate misfortune, while two Hearts side by side indicate happiness and love.

Some readers use playing cards to give their readings exclusively, while others get a cheap deck of playing cards to use for readings while they are saving money for a more costly tarot card deck. Remember, there is no ONE right way to use cards for divination, and you have to allow your own intuition to decide what tools and style of reading is best for you.

Like with any question you have about your life, the cards deliver clear answers about your love reading questions, and they won’t leave you in the dark! Would you like to know more about your love life? We have hundreds of accurate love experts available to give you a reading. Sign on anytime 24/7 to get a psychic love reading with Mysticsense today!

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