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What are the Best Love Matches for Libra?

By Saoirse
April 26, 2022
What are the Best Love Matches for Libra?
What are the Best Love Matches for Libra?
TL;DRIt may seem that beautiful Librans love to be in love, and you may fall head over heels the minute you meet one. Indeed, Librans are known for their charm and love of romance, but how do you know if you are the best mate for Libra and how do you know when Libra is in love? Learn this and more with Mysticsense today.

Libras in love seem to be in their element, and it is as if they were born to thrive in romance. They are harmonious, seeking peace and fellowship with all they meet. They love beautiful things, people, and skillfully make attractive homes, gardens, and create peaceful energy in their environments. You may hope you are the best match for Libra, and unlike with some other signs, you won’t have to search for signs a Libra man loves you because a Libra man in love will make sure he shows it. While it may seem like anybody can be one of the top love matches for Libra, it’s not that easy to win their hearts, and even if you do, keeping them isn’t always easier. Find out if you are Libra’s perfect match for love with Mysticsense today.

Understanding the Libra Man or Woman

What are the Best Love Matches for Libra?

Your Libran may seem like the most balanced individual you have ever met, when all of the sudden, they will cut somebody out of their lives they have known for years. One minute your Libra is mediating a conflict between colleagues, and the next, they seem to have taken an unusually aggressive tone in trying to get their way. What are Libras best traits and some of their darker traits, and what do their characteristics say about them in general?

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The Bright Side of Libra

What are the Best Love Matches for Libra?

Known as peacemakers and those who seek justice, Librans seem to create beauty wherever they go. They have a way of making people want to get along with each other, and they have an unbreakable will when they feel they are doing the right thing. These are some of the best traits Librans have and will likely make you hope to be a Libra relationship match.

Lovely Libra

Librans love beauty in all things. They are in love with visual beauty and will spend a lot of time and effort making their surroundings absolutely stunning bringing in art and decorations they adore. They may excel in the arts themselves taking up design or painting and will typically enjoy trips to arts museums and the theater enjoy the performance arts. They may be drop dead gorgeous themselves, and if they were not born beautiful, will likely have a very strong sense of personal style and be meticulous about their appearance.

Harmonious Libra

Their love of physical beauty isn’t the only way they bring beauty into the world, but they love beauty in words and behaviors as well. Tact and diplomacy are things they strive to excel at, and they may tell an occasional white lie to keep the peace. Even if they are completely honest, they can be very good at sugarcoating even the worst of news, and they are called upon to mediate and soothe tempers. They prefer peace in their own personal lives and will step away from relationships they feel are rift with drama, backstabbing, or squabbles.

Tenacious Libra

Librans have an iron will once they set their minds to something and will stop at nothing to see their goals through when they have decided they are doing what is right. The often fight for what they feel is justice and tirelessly crusade to make the world a better place, seeking fairness for all people they help. While they seek peace, they don’t have a problem rocking the boat to solve problems in the long run, even if it creates fights and upset feelings short term. They will do what they feel is the best thing and will put all their time and energy into the quest for the right outcome through right action.

The Dark Side of Libra

What are the Best Love Matches for Libra?

While it may seem your Libra is perfect, they are far from it, even though you might not believe that. Librans can be downright pushy about giving orders, they can take forever to make up their minds, and they have no issue ditching a long term friend if they feel it is time to.

Bossy Libra

While on one hand, Librans want everybody to get along, they want it done their way. They MIGHT listen if somebody disagrees, and they just might not. Once a Libran gets their mind set they know best, few can dissuade them, but if you are armed with the facts and you present your argument rationally, you may sway them. Librans seek to be correct, and if they see they have been wrong, they will own up to it and make adjustments to their attitude and behavior to do what they feel is right.

Indecisive Libra

However, getting to the point of what they feel is right might take a while. Represented by the scales, Libra is always weighting options and deciding. The ability to see all options and all sides of debates and viewpoints helps Librans to make informed decisions, but it holds up the process. Whereas some signs make one way decisions based on what only benefits them, Librans prefer to do what benefits everybody. So, if yours is taking a bit longer to make a decision, be patient. They are coming to the best conclusion, and that takes time.

Fed Up Libra

A big misconception is that Librans are everybody’s friends. It’s true that they do their best to get along with everybody, but that doesn’t mean they want a personal relationship with everybody. Even if your Libra has been in some sort of friendship for a while, they won’t hesitate to cut things off if they feel it’s for the best. They believe in preserving their mental health and understand that if people in their lives don’t support that, they need to go. They abhor fights and arguments, and even if they love somebody, they know sometimes relationships die, and it’s best for everybody to move on when that happens.

Signs a Libra Man is in Love with You

What are the Best Love Matches for Libra?

Libra man love is easy to detect. He will stick by you and be supportive in difficult times as well as sharing good times. A Libra who loves you will be understanding of your bad habits, and while he may fuss about you, trying to get you to improve certain small things, if he loves you, he will put up with imperfections because he wants you in his life. A Libra in love will tell you his feelings for you, and it is rare for a Libra to keep their feelings for you hidden from their friends and family. If you are what she considers a potential life partner, she will start talking about that, and she may even propose herself.

Other Libra woman in love signs to look for is she tries to help decorate for you, take you places with her, plan vacations with you, or she might just invite you to move in. Librans are very persnickety about their homes, and they don’t like people messing with their things. If a Libra woman lets you move yourself and your things into her home that she worked so hard to make what she considers perfect, and it’s not simply a roommate situation, she’s in love. Librans will often hold hands with you in public and introduce you to their friends. If you are lucky, and you are a Libra woman’s perfect match, she will be yours for life!

The Perfect Libra Partner

What are the Best Love Matches for Libra?

To be fair to Librans, not just anybody is a Libra man best match. Libra woman love compatibility requires you to keep up your hygiene to her standards, and to pick up after yourself well enough to communicate that you don’t expect her to. You will need to accept her sense of style, even if yours is different, and you will need to listen respectfully when she shares her viewpoint. Librans don’t expect everybody to agree with them, but they don’t appreciate arguments, and if you think they are wrong, simply educate them so they can learn and improve their knowledge base.

Another thing Libras love is socializing with their people and fitting in with their family and friends is crucial. They will want a life partner to go along with them to all the places where they are interested in going be those places short day trips, or weeklong vacations out of the country. They tend to enjoy a variety of foods, a variety of hobbies, and a variety of people, so it is important you can adapt to the changes they like to make in their lives. These are not major life changing things, but if they are playing flute with an orchestra one day and decide to join a bird watching group instead, know that your Libra is the same person they always were, their activities have just changed.

Librans often have no issue with casual dating or one-night stands, but once they decide they want a serious relationship with you, if you are not on the same page with them about that, you can kiss the good times goodbye, because they won’t waste their time committing to somebody who isn’t committed to them. Librans want to be happy all their lives, and they fill their time with things and people who make them happy and make them feel like they belong. If they feel like they belong with you, then you can be satisfied they won’t ever want to be without you. Lucky you!

Libra’s Best Matches

What are the Best Love Matches for Libra?

What does it take to be a best match with Libra? What signs tend to go best with Librans for love? While horoscope sign alone doesn’t determine who we love and form partnerships with, there are some signs that typically pair better than others do with Libras.

Libra and Leo Love Compatibility

Leo is one of Libra woman’s best matches and certainly one of Libra woman’s best matches for marriage. Libra and Leo love mates and friends go together like chocolate and peanut butter. In other words, it seems like they were made for each other, and the Libra and Leo love match is a top match for both signs. Leos have the stamina for Libran’s social and travel preferences, and they never run out of things to talk about or laugh about. They are one another’s number one allies, and sexually, they know just what to do to keep things exciting. Leos love Libran’s beauty, and Librans appreciate the admiration. Both Leo and Libra people love beautiful things, so they will have to watch they don’t overspend together, but other than that, the Libra and Leo match is a perfect one. Leo male and Libra female love compatibility is at the top of both signs’ compatibilities, and they could do much worse than to be life mates with one another.

Libra and Libra Love Compatibility

A Libra and Libra love match makes a combination for both people that is so much of a good thing, the fun never stops. They are allies in planning good times, creating a beautiful home, and prioritizing harmonizing perfectly together. Two Libras in love can create an unstoppable team who stick together through good times and bad, making the most of difficulties, and cherishing the best of times. They are very understanding of one another’s need to weigh their options, will be democratic in making decisions, and will support one another when emotionally they can’t handle a mutual friend’s behavior. Two Libras can make a perfect couple, and will enjoy a long life of love, beauty, and happiness together.

Libra and Aquarius Love Compatibility

An Aquarian and Libra makes amazing friends and lovers. Aquarians love variety as much as Libras do, and Libras have enough energy to keep up with their Aquarian who seems to be always on the go. Perhaps the most enterprising sign, Aquarius people have a lot of interests, hobbies, and are always creating something new. This appeals to Libra’s love of beauty, and both signs are deeply concerned with the wellbeing of others, and will join forces for the greater good, seeking fairness and doing charitable works together. Neither of them can stand to be talked down to and will go out of their way to be as respectful as possible to the people they love. Both signs make one another a top priority as life partners and will enjoy many happy years together.

Who is Libra’s Worst Match?

What are the Best Love Matches for Libra?

While it may seem Librans can get along with pretty much anyone, in their personal lives, not everybody makes for a blissful pairing with them. Librans don’t like feeling dominated, and they don’t like temper eruptions.

Libra and Virgo

While Virgos and Libras may like working together and they can certainly admire and respect one another intellectually, this isn’t usually a good pairing for long term love for one reason- Virgos need to be in charge at all times and Libras don’t like being bossed around. Libras have no issue taking directions but to completely follow orders at all times from a romantic partner turns them off faster than flipping a switch and Virgos don’t understand why Libras don’t appreciate the “guidance”. If a Virgo can be democratic, and not have to be the boss, there is a real possibility these two signs can fall in love, but that’s a big if. Both signs will make the people they love their top priority, so if they can work together instead of one trying to lead the show, they can find love together.

Scorpio Libra Love Compatibility

Do Libra and Scorpio match? A Libra Scorpio match can be a match made in hell, or it can be their best match. Things can go either way. Libra and Scorpio love compatibility is dependent on how much the Libra is willing to be delicate with their Scorpio’s feelings. Libras and Scorpios in love both need to have lovers who they feel understands them, and sometimes a Scorpio’s strong feelings overwhelm a Libra, who feels their Scorpio is overreacting. Libra and Scorpio couples who make things work listen to one another, and that means Libra not only listening when their Scorpio is upset, but Scorpio has to take a step back and make sure they are not indulging in temper explosions, which will compromise Libra and Scorpio love compatibility. Scorpio Libra love can be a powerful bond or a horrible fight, and if both people can’t work on things, they are better off parting as friends.

Aries Libra Love Compatibility

These two signs make amazing friends and work partners, but romantically, it’s difficult for them to come together. Libra and Aries couples can have some of the same problems Libra and Scorpio couples do because both Aries and Scorpio people sometimes blow their top in anger- which Libra can’t stomach. However, the Libra and Aries love match can succeed if Aries can learn to control their temper around Libras and Libras can be understanding if Aries has a moment. Libra and Aries love compatibility can be powerful because both signs are energetic, love their friend circles, and enjoy variety and having fun new experiences. Libra and Aries love can be quite passionate sexually, which is important to both signs, and the Libra Aries match can be a good one as long as both people work together and don’t forget one another’s emotional needs.

What is Libra’s Soulmate Sign?

What are the Best Love Matches for Libra?

Libra and Aries Soulmates are just as typical as Libra and Aquarius soulmates, believe it or not. Soulmates are not necessarily romantic partners and may be friends or family members. Members of any zodiac sign can be another individual’s soulmate. People can also have multiple soulmates, and sometimes soulmates are lucky enough to be in one another’s lives for their whole lives, but sometimes, they are only together for a short time. Our culture tends to push us into focusing only on finding romantic love, but we have love relationships with people we don’t date, have sex with, marry, or have kids with. Our soulmate can be a non-romantic partner, and can come into our lives when we least expect it. Would you like to know more about finding your soulmate?

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If you are a Libra, whether you couple with a feisty Aries or Scorpio, or another Libra or Aquarius who will harmonize with you, the people you welcome into your love life will be lucky to have someone close to them who is as beautiful, determined, and energetic as you are. Would you like to know about your love life today?

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What are the Best Love Matches for Libra?About the Author: Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life, but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Mysticsense and she writes for Pagan Pages emag.

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