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Cutting the Ties That Bind

By Saoirse
June 23, 2021
Cutting the Ties That Bind
Cutting the Ties That Bind

Energetic cords are the emotional ties that bind us to one another. This can be good and bad. Sometimes we need to know how to stop an argument with a loved one, because no petty squabble is worth terminating a good relationship over. There are times there is more to it than that. Unfortunately, sometimes we find ourselves in a terrible relationship, and cutting someone off, as well as cutting energy cords with them entirely is the only thing that can be done. Knowing how to say it’s over, and doing a cord cutting ceremony will serve to help you transition out of your heartbreak of having dealt with a bad relationship.

Give Me an Answer, YES or NO!

How do you know when it’s time to call it quits on a relationship, and how do you even know how to cut energetic cords? How to give up something you love like a strong relationship isn’t something you are born knowing, and each of us has to go about it differently. Only you can decide if it’s time to terminate a relationship. Is it toxic, or have you grown past it? Does he need time or space or is it over? Have either of you stopped caring about making the relationship a priority? There are countless reasons why we grow past relationships.

There should be no guilt when the time comes that we realize it’s time to break things off, although both you and them may be crushed emotionally. Maybe “He doesn’t care if I leave him” or maybe “He says I make him happy, though!” is what you can say about a relationship that’s just about done and over with. Remaining in a relationship that has served its purpose or is an emotionally cutting train wreck doesn’t help either of you in the long run. Staying in a relationship simply for the sake of doing so holds you and them back from moving forward into a new relationship that is already waiting for you. We have explored reasons to call it quits, and to not keep trying in an article you can read here:

Forward! Never Back (

How To Cut Ties With Someone

cut ties with someone

Sometimes you just have to say in some way or another, “It’s over”, and that handles it. How to tell someone it’s over varies by situation, and a truthful talk with them about this and why it is happening for the sake of closure can be all that’s needed to finalize the breakup. It can be the simplest way of how to cut someone out of your life forever. Sometimes, more is required, most especially if they fight breaking things off and then they just won’t leave you alone. In these cases, it will take time and more work.

1. Make yourself completely unavailable to them

If they have no way to call or text, private message you on social media, e-mail you, or show up and see you in person, they can’t very well be around you, can they? No, they can’t. They may keep trying for a while, and if this becomes stalking, a talk with law enforcement can help deter them. However, this is possibly the most effective way to cut ties with somebody.

2. Stick to your guns

No matter how much they try to get back with you, the most magical word on Earth you can use is simply “No.”

3. Don’t repeat yourself 

You have already explained why you need to cut ties physically, spiritually, and emotionally. They know what you told them, and it is not your responsibility to reiterate it constantly.

4. Make it clear that other people cannot sway you either 

 Sometimes, mutual friends or family try to talk you into taking the relationship back, and if you don’t want to, you just don’t have to. It’s not other people’s business, and if they try to involve themselves to dissuade you, simply tell them you won’t allow it.

5. Don’t feel guilty

 There is no reason to blame yourself when a relationship needs terminated. It is what it is, and you were good enough to make the decision to free the both of you from what was not working out.

Is It Possible To Stop Loving Someone?

stop loving someone

Can you ever stop loving someone? Not if you ever loved them to begin with. However, when a man doesn’t care about your feelings, or if you can say something like “He doesn’t care about me” and “He says he has no feelings for me”, listen to your friends who tell you “I know you love him, but it’s over, Mate” or “I know you love her, but it’s over , Mate”, because it is. The goal in this situation is not how to stop loving your boyfriend or how to stop loving a girl, but how to make the decision to do what is right for you when the time comes to break things off. You will love somebody for your whole life, but simply loving somebody does not justify a toxic relationship.

How To Tell When It’s Over

tell when it's over

How do you know when it’s over? You just know. There is no set answer to this. In a nutshell, the relationship is over when it no longer benefits one or both of you. Unfortunately, some people hold on to dead relationships for many years out of fear of failure or fear of being alone. The loneliest feeling on the planet, however, is being alone IN a relationship. It’s just not worth it. Your partner may realize it’s over before you do, and it may take you a while to realize they are right. Even though accepting things are done in the relationship hurts, especially at first, it hurts more holding on when nothing is left anymore.

How To Stop Giving Too Much in a Relationship

giving too much in a relationship

How can you stop loving someone too much? Some insist their only mistake is “loving too much”, but the truth is, there is no such thing as loving too much, although some people don’t know how to love fully enough. How to stop loving someone “too much” is to realize the more love you have, the more you want your relationships to be healthy, and you don’t want one person in the relationship to do all the giving, and the other all the taking. So, yes, in a relationship like this, you DO love more than the person who only takes. However, this is not a matter of you needing to care less. It’s you being cut off by someone you love, and not getting love back. Care enough about the both of you to speak up when this is happening, and if nothing changes, you may want to walk away.

Cutting the Ties of Karma

ties of karma

You cannot escape what is already decided by past deeds that will come to pass for you. Some believe they are in bad relationships due to “past life sins” and that can act as an excuse to stay in a bad relationship, rather than to take action. In relationships we have the power to leave, and we are not trapped in an inescapable abusive situation, some enjoy the attention they get from friends when they complain about how they suffer at the hands of their significant other. Thankfully this is rare, and how to stop being an attention seeker in these situations is the main goal. Some of us find ourselves in a never ending role of supporter for such drama seekers, and energy cord cutting from such people for our own mental health is the only option we have sometimes. We cannot fix their lives, and when they become an emotional drain, they can go.

A Cord Cutting Ritual

cord cutting ritual

For a cord cutting spell, and cutting cords of attachment, simply cutting the connection can make the change needed. If having a heart-to-heart talk with your loved one, and cutting ties, meaning cutting off communication doesn’t get it, deeper cutting the cord spiritual work is necessary. Spiritual cord cutting magic can be as simple as you telling yourself “NO!” whenever you are thinking of restarting communication with them. It can also be as simple as the relationship itself doing the cutting off work all on its own, truthfully. How many times have people told you they had “grown apart” or “stopped loving each other” to which you replied , “ HOW do you stop loving someone????” knowing full well that love never dies, but relationships certainly do.

Ending time together and the passing of time itself often cuts the cords of emotional bonds. Cord cutting toxic relationships sometimes cut the things that bind us to others hearts and lives all on their own as well. Then, there are times that no matter how much time goes on, and no matter what you do on the mundane level, you can feel the heart binding cords are not broken! In that case, how to cut cords of attachment on a magical level can be done a few different ways.

To begin a cutting cords ritual, go through your home and gather up each gift, memento, or thing you have that makes you think of this person you want to break emotional connections with. Discard, send back to them, give away, or sell each thing you can afford to part with. Some things, you need, and a cleanse or blessing of this with simple prayers of things like “I cleanse you of all traces of (say their name). You are mine, mine alone, and the only energy in you comes from me.”

Another method is to light a candle in a darkened room, look in a handheld mirror, seeing all you can by candlelight. Look all around the room for traces of them in your space. The darkness can reveal energies you had not realized are there. If you see any energetic or physical tidbit representing them, get rid of it, or banish it by sprinkling holy water on it, or smudging with your smoke of choice. Simply saying very forcefully to it “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE AND DON’T COME BACK!” can be all that is needed. Make sure to leave a window open to let the energy out. The goal is to get every bit of them out of your space, and never let that return. More workings for cutting the cord, meaning magic to help, can be found here:

What is love spell? Are Love Spells Needed? | Mysticsense

How To Tell if Someone is Cutting You Out

someone is cutting you out

“She didn’t tell me it’s over, but she is refusing to talk to me!” and “ He is cutting our connection!” are things you can be sure you start feeling when somebody is cutting you out. You can always try to reach out, telling them your relationship is too valuable to you to just give it up, but in the end, like you, they have the right and ability to terminate the relationship if they so choose. You may ask, when this happens “How do I stop falling in love with someone?” and it can feel like your World is crashing down around you to lose this wonderful person you thought would be in your life forever. Sometimes, though, it’s over, and they are going away. That just means they are not “the one” and you certainly don’t have to stop looking for your soulmate when this person you believed was the one turned out not to be.

Wish them well, thank the powers that be for the good things that happened because you were together, and as you heal, you will gain perspective as to why they were meant to be in your life for a short period rather than your whole lifetime. You are going to love again, and when the person or people you are meant to spend your life with enter, you will be so much happier than you were with this temporary love.

How Do You Feel After Cord Cutting?

Side effects of cord cutting range from an overwhelming sense of well-earned freedom to overwhelming grief from cutting someone out of your life. Energetic cords can go deep into our hearts and souls, and to give up something as important as a relationship, even when you know it’s time to give up trying can still hurt. However, it can also stop verbal abuse, stop you having to deal with things like “ He puts me down,” and “He says I’m crazy.” Even if they say they love you, someone who says one thing and does another is not somebody you can cultivate a healthy relationship with. Cutting energy cords with an ex and doing a getting over someone spell can be the best way to tell her or tell him that it’s over, and take control of your own life and relationships.

What happens after cord cutting, and whether it hurts or feels great will depend on the situation, but one thing is for certain in every instance. When energetic cord cutting is necessary, for whatever reason, it’s the right thing to do. You wouldn’t stay in a sinking ship, so you don’t want to anchor your heart to a sinking relationship. Sometimes a relationship cannot, and should not be saved, and emotional cord cutting and knowing in general how to cut ties with someone you love is the only possible course of action. Your number one relationship is with yourself and loving yourself enough to cut off relationships that don’t benefit you is the most loving thing you can do sometimes. You deserve it.

Cutting the Ties That BindAbout the Author: Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life, but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Mysticsense and she writes for Pagan Pages emag.

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