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Understanding Aura Colors

By Saoirse
June 30, 2021
Understanding Aura Colors
TL;DRGuides for what a positive aura meaning is and how to tell what color your aura is can be found everywhere. How do you know the color of your aura and how do you see your aura to begin with? Human aura colors just reveal what is going on inside of us emotionally or psychically, and the colors themselves change as our aura changes. Seeing auras around people and things is just one way to read energies, and learning about these can help you as an energy worker.

What is a Human Aura?

Our auras are defined as electromagnetic energy fields we give off, and the colors they are vary by those energies. The energy and color can change from minute to minute, and we can project more than one aura color at once. Seeing auras is just one way to pick up on them, and while not everybody can see their own, plenty of people can. What does an aura look like? It varies by who is seeing it, and it won’t look exactly the same to two different people, but the basic feel will be the same. Temperatures can also communicate aura, as well as emotional feeling. Seeing auras and their colors isn’t the only way to be aware of them, and knowing how to read auras in the way that works best for you is the first way to manifest a magical aura.

You may be aware of how auras look, and you may only be aware of them by seeing aura colors, but you may see different sized and shaped auras also. Some auras look like a halo around a person’s body or head, and others look like an energy field moving around somebody. Some people feel the energy vibes from people’s auras coming from the feel they give off instead of seeing them. If somebody has a very positive attitude, somebody will feel that positivity coming from their aura, and if somebody is brokenhearted, some very sensitive empathic people can actually feel the person’s pain.

For those who actually see auras and want to know about human aura colors and meanings, auras can be any color at all. Mysticsense has explored the beauty of auras that are blue. You can read about that here:

Blue Auras And Their Meaning

Auras on Things

Both people and objects have auras. Seeing a physical aura around an object and feeling the energy it gives off is just as common as when you see your aura, or an aura from another person. Past events can leave energy that creates an aura, and this is called energetic imprinting. Objects absorb energy, and retain it just like people do, and that energy can permanently affect the feel an object or place gives off. If you had a lot of good weekends cooking in your grandma’s kitchen with her, a pan or stirring spoon she used will have that good aura about it, and you can see or feel all those things when you come into contact with the items again. Likewise, if a very hateful person smashed in somebody’s car windows, the heat and rage will create a horrible aura that will rise off that car until the energy is cleansed from it.

Who Can See Auras?

Most people can sense auras in some way or another, even if they are not aware they can do it. What does an aura feel like to you? Can you feel the energy aura coming from somebody before they are in the room? Can you smell a good aura like you would the smell of beautiful flowers? Can you mentally pick up on it with no other sensory help, perhaps, or are you one of those people who can feel other people’s feelings? Seeing auras with your eyes may not be how you perceive them, and that’s okay. Pay attention to how it is that you are aware of somebody’s energy and attitude.

If you are not sure of how it is you perceive auras, think of somebody who you know whose feelings or attitude you can always understand even if they have not said anything. You may assume it’s due to body language alone, but if you really think about it, you will realize it’s more than that. People’s auras extend farther than just what is picked up with the five senses, and sometimes, it’s just a matter of your psychic gifts in action.

How To Feel Your Own Aura

Being aware of your own aura may be more difficult than being aware of other people’s and techniques of how to find out your aura color vary. Some people are able to meditate and see the color in their mind’s eye, while others automatically see them. One popular technique is to sit in front of a mirror, with your back to a completely white wall. Relax, breathe deeply, and patiently observe. You may not immediately see it at first, but with a few tries, you may very well be able to. You can proudly tell people “ I can see the color of my aura!”

If that doesn’t work, and you are still asking “How do I know what color my aura is?”, or “ how do I know what my aura is?” here is another way to try to see it. Creating energy by rubbing your palms together, and then slowly moving them away from one another once you feel energy- not heat, which is just friction- but real energy. Remember this may take a bit of time to perfect. You may feel instead of see the aura, and asking “What aura do I have” as opposed to “ What color aura do I have” may be what you need to ask yourself. If you specifically want to know about the color itself, you may need help from somebody else.

How Do I Find Out What Color My Aura Is?

There are multiple ways to discover your aura color. If you can’t see it on your own, you can go to a psychic who specializes in human aura energy. They act as an “aura detector” of sorts. Seeing People’s auras and sensing auras in general is a gift of theirs, and they can use their talents to help you. Some online sites may claim they can help you with a “ how to find your aura color quiz”, it is best to rely on human beings in person or to have aura photos taken. Having a photo can sometimes be the very best way of how to tell what your aura color is.

Interactive Aura Photography

Buying the equipment to take aura photographs can get pricey- even into the tens of thousands of dollars! If you cannot see your own aura, and are not satisfied a psychic can, asking yourself “Where can I find aura photography near me?” is a good starting point. Contact local new age, metaphysical, or Pagan stores, and ask them if they provide the photography. An internet search will turn up great resources.

An interesting bit of information is aura photography came from a wonderful discovery in 1939! Semyon Kirlian and his wife were watching a hospital patient get a treatment using electricity and electrodes and saw that as the electrodes came towards the skin, they created a glow. They experimented and discovered that manipulating photographic equipment showed a glow around both living and inanimate subjects being photographed. While other photographers experimented with this type of photography, the aura photography came to be known as Kirlian photography!

How To Change Your Aura

Auras can change on their own, but you can control them, as well. Auras change as mood, feelings, attitude, and as WE change basically. If you can tell you are putting off an aura you don’t like, that can be remedied. If your aura is beneficial to you and others, keep doing whatever it is that is making that aura be so wonderful, and that’s how to increase your aura. Controlling a strong aura benefits you in countless ways. The best benefit to changing your aura as needed is that you control the energy and aura you project in order to get the response you want from other people.

Seeing your own aura and understanding your own auras meaning will give you an advantage in career, relationships, and even in your relationship with yourself. Changing your aura, increasing it, making it less noticeable, and learning to read auras from other people is a group of one of the most powerful magical skills known to man. If this is the only magic you ever learn, it still gives you a very strong understanding of yourself as well as other people, and helps you become a top communicator.

How Do You Cleanse Your Aura?

An aura isn’t a dirty thing that needs cleaned or aired out from time to time, but “cleansing” an aura is one of the many ways of changing it. Changing the thing that is causing your aura to be the way you don’t want it to is how to “cleanse” that aura. Some insist that using sage to smudge, or ritual baths can cleanse auras, but it may be more effective for you to remedy whatever is making your aura be “negative”. You are not doing a banishing of yourself, but an adjustment of the energy you are putting off.

A simple aura cleansing can be an aura check and attitude adjustment. Sensing auras is something a lot of people can do, and people will react in negative ways towards you if your aura is making them uncomfortable. If you are in the airport, on the way to see relatives you just don’t want to, and nearly everybody else in the airport is avoiding you? You may want to improve your aura by watching what energy you project. If you are interviewing for a job you really want right after a fight with your best friend, and are quite aware these interviewers may know how to feel auras, knowing how to have a magnetic aura will benefit you.

 Attitude is a large part of it and putting negative thoughts out of your mind while being careful of words and actions, only communicating the message you want people to get will “cleanse” any negative vibes right out of the aura you are projecting. Inside, you may still not want to go on that trip, and still be brokenhearted over that fight, but outwardly you can project energy other people will respond positively to anyhow. Techniques for letting go of negativity and generating positive energy can help you “cleanse”, change, and control your aura. You can read more here:

How to Convert Negative Energy into Positive Energy

What Does the Color of Your Aura Mean?

There is no “typical aura”, or best aura color to have. As said before, auras can change often, and your aura can have more than one color at the same time. However, there are meanings ascribed to each of those colors. What does each aura color mean? Some insist it’s who we are and tells all about our personality, while others see auras change expressing emotions, feelings, and what is going on in our lives. Both interpretations are provided.

    • Red Aura Meaning
      A red aura personality is an adventurous person with a strong sense of self. They are classed as passionate people who seek to manifest their will. It can also indicate anger or exhaustion, however, which is a temporary thing.
    • Orange Aura Meaning
      The orange aura communicates joy, and sensuality. The orange aura personality is characterized as thrill seekers who are bold, grab life by the horns, and yell “Jeronimo!” It can also mean you are very happy, and in touch with your own sexuality.
    • Yellow Aura Meaning
      The yellow aura communicates intelligence, energy, and the wonderful attitude of enthusiasm. An intellectual aura, it can also communicate that you are inspirational to others, and are a natural born leader.
    • Green Aura Meaning
      Having a green aura can indicate you are growing and going through personal change. Associated with the earth, it is also a strong aura color of lifegiving, and it is said people in the medical professions give off that green aura of life. It can be communicating you are progressing and innovating.
    • Blue Aura Meaning
      A color of healing and sensitivity, the blue aura can also indicate you are at peace , and are emanating serenity. A relaxed demeanor and being balanced in life can also be what a blue aura is communicating.
    • Purple Aura Meaning
      The purple aura is said to show intuition or other psychic abilities. It is also the color for creativity in general and can show you are using your imagination and have dreams you are pursuing.
    • Pink Aura Meaning
      The love aura! They say people with pink auras are loving, kindly people whose goal is to spread that kindness everywhere they go. It symbolizes sensitivity and it can also mean you are emotionally open to others, not shielding yourself- which isn’t always good. It can show that you are feeling vulnerable or are in love also.
    • Black Aura Meaning
      It depends on interpretation as to what this aura means. A black aura can mean you are grieving, or ill. It can also, however, mean you are shielding from others and keeping your business and energy to yourself. A black aura can indicate you are going through rebirth also. A black aura can be very good or very bad.
    • Rainbow Aura Meaning
      It is said people with rainbow auras are typically healers, but an aura with multiple colors may just be expressing multiple things also.

    Don’t focus too much on what your current aura color is, or just SEEING auras by their colors. How to find your aura can be done in more ways than just getting an aura photo taken, and how to determine your aura depends on your personal psychic gifts. Your aura is just an outward manifestation of what is going on inside and can be used to indicate just that to you. Mysticsense will explore auras more in future articles, so make sure to join us to learn more!

    About the Author: Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life, but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Mysticsense and she writes for Pagan Pages emag.

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