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Jupiter in the Houses

By Saoirse
July 12, 2022
Jupiter in the Houses
Jupiter in the Houses
TL;DR Your birth chart is influenced by astrology signs and planets. Today’s article explores how Jupiter influences things in each of the Houses in our birth charts.

Getting your birth chart cast will tell you a lot about yourself beyond just what your sun sign is. It will explore what love language you speak, how you handle conflicts, how you view hearth and home, how you build friendships, and much more. The birth chart is divided into twelve sectors, or Houses, and each House rules a different aspect of your life. Within each of the Houses, planets and astrological signs passed the moment you were born, and those things decide a lot about you. The planet Jupiter and what is influences in each of the twelve Houses is what we will explore today. First, let’s learn a little about Jupiter.

What is Jupiter

Jupiter in the Houses

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and was named after the Roman father of the gods also called Jove and Jupiter Optimus Maximus, which is translated as greatest and best. He was born of the god Saturn and his Greek counterpart is mighty Zeus. Jupiter is actually said to be a god the Romans got from the Etruscans, and he was a protector god and called Jupiter Invictus, invincible and unconquered, and Jupiter Triumphpator, triumphant. He brought all this magnificent energy to protecting Rome during war and strife, and also maintained Rome during peacetimes.

At his temple in Rome that he shared with Minerva and Juno, Jupiter magnificently awaited the people. Victorious generals returned from battle and led a procession of triumph. The general would be decked out in a fine purple robe in a chariot drawn by four white horses and followed by citizens, troops, and prisoners of war to show to mighty Jupiter. Sacrifice and prayers of thanks for victory would be showered upon the father god at his temple. He was patron god of treaties and oaths and the Senate refused to declare war without Jupiter’s permission.

What Does Jupiter Mean?

Jupiter in the Houses

The meaning of Jupiter in astrology is not too far off from the meaning of the god Jupiter, and we will examine both meanings. It is no wonder the largest planet in our solar system was named after this magnificent god. Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun, and it has a mass of more than twice what all the other planets in our solar system combined have. As it is a gas giant and its surface is a combination of liquid and gas, Jupiter has no detectable surface temperature, but its atmosphere’s temperature registers at minus one hundred forty five degrees Celsius. It is believed to be the oldest planet in our solar system also.

This fascinating planet instills certain character traits. According to George Llewellyn in his book A to Z Horoscope Makerand Delineator, the nature and influence of “Jupiter , by the ancients termed Jove, is the greater fortune, and is said to be hot, moist, sanguine, temperate, social, expansive, masculine, moderate, and electric. He governs the blood, liver, veins, arteries, and thighs. Rules higher education and reasoning. Signifies judges, bankers, theologians, also science, law, reason, and spirituality. Day, Thursday. Metal, tin. Color, green.”

He also states the nature of Jupiter in astrology in it’s dignified state is “…Benevolent, philanthropic, generous, truthful, honest, moral, sincere, charitable, reasonable, compassionate.” Jupiter can also make you “ Prodigal, wasteful, extravagant, pretentious, improvident, dissipated, hypocritical, thriftless, unjust. “

The Sign of Jupiter

Jupiter in the Houses

What sign does Jupiter rule? There are two signs Jupiter rules. Jupiter ruling planet governs Pisces and the other Jupiter star sign is Sagittarius. Some sources state the ruler of Pisces is actually Neptune, so we will only focus on Jupiter zodiac influence on Sagittarius. Jupiter meaning in astrology for its sign, Sagittarius, is that it instills these and more qualities in the individuals born with their Sun in Sagittarius. They are outspoken, honest individuals who can be brutally plain spoken and outrageously flamboyant at times.

They are typically very energetic, to the point of restlessness sometimes, and they can become bored very easily. As reasoning is ruled by Jupiter, and Sagittarius is the Jupiter zodiac sign, many Sagittarians are thinkers, and sometimes think they know more than everybody else. Sometimes they do, so you should listen when they speak!

They are not known to be “cold” hearted people like the planet is below freezing, but Sagittarians have a passionate temperament, being a fire sign. To read more about Sagittarius, see here: Scorpio Star Sign in Spotlight & It`s Meaning | Mysticsense

What is the meaning of Jupiter in Astrology?

The meaning of Jupiter in astrology, as in the Jupiter astrology sign of Sagittarius is one thing, but the Jupiter planet meaning when it is in each of the Houses is entirely different. Astrological Houses and meaning will be provided one at a time for all twelve of the Houses and what happens when they are ruled by Jupiter will be explored.

In general, Jupiter expands things and increases them. It brings optimism, luck, and learning to whatever it influences. Long trips, good fortune, and progress are also brought in by Jupiter. Each of the Houses and the things they rule are aided by this amazing energy.

Before you read more, read all about Venus and what Venus in the Houses causes here: What Does Venus Mean in the Houses? | Mysticsense

Jupiter in the First House

The First House is called the House of Self and it rules worldly outlook. Jupiter in the first House grants the ability to lead in executive positions and in social groups. It instills confidence and determination, broadmindedness, and good reasoning capabilities. It can also make one prone to varicose veins or gout so take care!

Jupiter in the Second House

The Second House is called The House of Possessions and wealth, earnings, gains, losses, debt, and inheritances are included. Jupiter in the Second House makes success and wealth more likely and increases the chances the individual will shift wealth toward the greater good of society.

Jupiter in the Third House

The Third House is called The House of Communication. Brethren, short trips and journeys and air transportation as well as writing, studying and all forms of mental abilities are ruled by the Third House. Jupiter in the Third House makes you travel for pleasure and it makes you a very optimistic individual. It helps make you adaptable and good with words. It makes you open minded to new ideas, and you are somebody who could benefit from being self-aware and keeping any bad habits that you may develop in check.

Jupiter in the Fourth House

The Fourth House is called the House of Family and Home. Our ancestry, heritage and family life as well as real estate and traditions are ruled by this House. Fatherhood, mines, lands, properties, old age, and the end of life is also ruled by the Fourth House. Jupiter in the Fourth House creates a happy home life, and you will gain wealth and land through family. Make sure you have a good lawyer so nobody can dispute your inheritances.

Jupiter in the Fifth House

The Fifth House is called The House of Pleasure. Happy emotions, and love and romance relations are ruled by this house. Whether we have children and what kinds of memories we create with them is also ruled by the Fifth House. When Jupiter is in the Fifth House, you will have successful romance and happy children. You may not have kids of your own, but your nieces and nephews and your friend’s kids will be close to you. Investment and financial enterprise will be especially profitable.

Jupiter in the Sixth House

The Sixth House rules our hygiene, health, and illness. Employment, training, employees, and service in general is ruled by this House. The Sixth House also rules the things we eat and drink and the things we clothe ourselves with. It is called the House of Health. When Jupiter is in your Sixth House, you will be especially good at healing others, and you could do most any job you want in the medical field be it as a doctor, or even a receptionist at a clinic. Be sure you don’t overindulge in eating or drinking too much, or you may have digestive issues.

Jupiter in the Seventh House

The Seventh House is called the House of Partnership and it rules all partnerships and relationships we have with loved ones and friends as well as enemies. Unions, marriages, and legal proceedings and how we partner with other people are all ruled by this House. Jupiter in the Seventh house increases the chances for happy marriage, and financial gain due to who you choose as a partner. Jupiter in the Seventh House means you will probably gain power through marriage and friendships. Business partnerships will be especially profitable and you may have to be careful your generosity is not taken advantage of.

Jupiter in the Eighth House

The Eighth House is called the House of Sex and it rules birth, death, and rebirth. It rules occult encounters and wealth we gain that is connected with other people like marriage wealth, alimony, and inheritance. Jupiter in the Eighth House can bring gain through inheritance or marriage. It enables you to investigate the occult sciences successfully and helps you to keep an optimistic attitude and a cool head during crisis.

Jupiter in the Ninth House

The Ninth House is called the House of Philosophy and it rules long trips and journeys, higher education and how we seek to find meaning and how we explore and expand our world by travel. Philosophy, study, and dreams and visions and psychic abilities are ruled by this house. Jupiter in the Ninth House makes travel and success abroad favorable and strengthens your psychic abilities. It makes you a lifelong learner and gives an unquenchable appetite for learning and an optimistic outlook.

Jupiter in the Tenth House

The Tenth House is called the House of Social Status and it rules the roles we play at our jobs and in our general community. Career, professionalism, and our reputations are ruled by this House. How we use our talents in society and the role we play in government are ruled by the Tenth House as well. Jupiter in the Tenth House grants good morality and you will have highly influential positions. You will rise through the ranks of whatever you want to whether it be socially or in career, but you will probably climb both ladders to the top. You may occupy high government positions, but you may also have a minor government job like in banks.

Jupiter in the Eleventh House

The Eleventh House is called The House of Friendships and it rules our friendships, and the roles we play in collective gatherings and endeavors such as clubs, organizations, and even small friend circles. It also rules professional organizations and the role we play in the wellbeing of our employers. Marriage partners will aid in your success when Jupiter is in the Eleventh House, and you will be popular and benefit from your friend’s positions. You will be good at fulfilling your desires, but just make sure your friends who help your success don’t give you a sense of entitlement.

Jupiter in the Twelfth House

The Twelfth House is called The House of the Subconscious and it rules isolation, limitations, unforeseen problems, restraint, and secret enemies. It also rules magical and spiritual truths. It rules prisons, asylums, hospitals and anyplace we can feel limited or stuck. It rules our subconscious mind and things we keep secret. Jupiter in the Twelfth House stirs up success in occult studies and through work in hospitals, asylums, or jails. Enemies are won over and turned into friends and people give help confidentially. You do well in places that are quiet and secluded.

Jupiter Line Astrocartography

Jupiter in the Houses

As if all this about astrological planetary alignment was not enough, there is more to know! There are lines that fall on a map of the world that explain how you feel at certain places when you visit, believe it or not, based on your birth chart. This also explains why you are drawn to particular places and where you have a good emotional response. You may be drawn to move to certain places at certain periods of your life, and where things are in your birth chart influence all of this.

The Jupiter line is one of fortune, abundance, and good luck. For example, the author was born during the month of September at a ridiculous time in the wee hours of the morning in a city in the state of Indiana. The author used this information to find out that her Jupiter line passes through several places including part of the state of Georgia where she just so happened to spend many happy days in her childhood. Those were days of financial prosperity for her family, and the author is so satisfied with what her Jupiter line said, she is going to study her astrocartography map in more detail. To find your own astrocartography map free here, click this link.

You will need your date of birth, time of birth, and birthplace.AstroCartography Online, Free Astro Map Travel Astrology Calculator |

The more you know about the planets and signs and where they fall in your birth chart, the more you will learn about yourself, your life, and where you are going! Would you like an online psychic reading to know even more? Start a reading with one of over five hundred of our different psychic advisors at Mysticsense today! 

Jupiter in the HousesAbout the Author: Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life, but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Mysticsense and she writes for Pagan Pages emag.

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