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Star Sign in Spotlight: Sagittarius

By Mysticsense
December 14, 2020
Star Sign in Spotlight: Sagittarius

The sign of Sagittarius is recognizable for its depiction as a courageous, ultra-masculine and ambitious centaur. However, there are differences in opinions as to the actual identity of this half-man, half-horse being; in Greek mythology, the centaur is believed to be Chiron, the son of Philyra and Cronus. In competing tradition, Sagittarius is considered to be symbolic of Satyr, a male spirit bearing prominent horse-like features who was revered by the ancient Greeks for inventing archery.

Sagittarians are full of optimism, adventure and the desire to make an impact on those around them. Being restricted or made to follow orders inevitably does not sit well with this free-spirited and independent sign, so expect a forceful backlash if this is to occur! Additionally, as archers, Sagittarians are on a constant mission to satisfy their outdoorsy personalities meaning fishing, swimming, hiking or any other activity that can be enjoyed in the beauty of nature is right up their alley. Freedom is treasured by this sign so friends and family will need to respect this integral part of a Sagittarian’s life. 

As Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, they are inherently lucky individuals who (somewhat annoyingly) seem to find success in almost all areas of life. This natural luck is particularly attractive, and thus many people find themselves inexplicably drawn to Sagittarius. Their cheeky charm and charismatic auras certainly do not go unnoticed and their enthusiasm for everything, even the most mundane, is positively captivating. This, alongside their strong sense of humor and eager inquisitiveness for life makes Sagittarius the type of people that everyone wants to be around. 

Alongside this, Sagittarians have the tendency to be rather blunt and brutally honest at times. Some people may find this a little disconcerting, especially when paired with the typically good-natured personality of their Sagittarius friend. However, it is important to understand that this sign only ever has your best interests at heart and would never intentionally speak out to hurt your feelings.

Love and Relationships

Sagittarians thoroughly and unequivocally LOVE to love. They are known to jump head first into relationships and give their all without hesitation. Once this sign has found their ‘target’, they will go to every possible length to secure the relationship they have long been dreaming of; Sagittarians are, after all, the ‘hunters’ of the zodiac, so expect for them to put up a fight when seeking to achieve a love interest. With this in mind, once a Sagittarian has locked in their lover, they are notorious for showering them with affection and acts of service. For the more reserved signs, this behaviour may appear intense, even bordering on disingenuous. However, once one has truly understood the romantic mind of a Sagittarian, their loving actions will soon be taken for what they really are. 

As this sign hates monotony, expect a Sagittarian partner to always be raring to seek change, adventure and the unknown. Exciting vacations to distant lands and spontaneous outings to discover more in one’s hometown are all a firm favorite for these explorers. If you are unable to keep up with this pace, a Sagittarian partner will not hold back in letting you know. Socially, it is typical for a Sagittarian to want to include you in their inner friendship circles. In their eyes, as partners, you both come as a team and thus friends and family alike are expected to appreciate this. As such, it takes no time at all to feel fully immersed and valued in a Sagittarian’s life. In the same vein, it is also crucial to embrace the efforts of a Sagittarian partner - resisting or defying their attempts for inclusion will only serve to hurt them and leave them questioning the longevity of your relationship.


Sagittarians are some of the realest and most loyal friends of the zodiac. They will never judge a person by their past, their reputations or on their social status and thus are willing to form connections with anyone they feel affection for. Despite their intense loyalty, a Sagittarian friend will be the first to let you know what you can do to improve. Again, these aren’t to be taken as personal attacks, but as compassionate and helpful advice. Above all, Sagittarians only ever want to see their friends flourish and thrive, so making a little extra effort to listen to their advice is bound to do a world of good. 


As adventurous explorers, Sagittarians take every travel opportunity that arises in their stride. Mountaineering in freezing climates or trekking through sand dunes in blistering heat are naturally fairly unpopular vacation destinations for the rest of the zodiac, but for Sagittarius, these thrilling escapades are a thing of dreams. Any trip that involves being physically active and surrounded by the beauty of nature is optimal for this sign. With this in mind, hot destinations and open campfires are particularly satisfying for this fire sign as heat helps them to feel rejuvenated and re-energized. Moreover, Sagittarians love to travel alone. Their independent and individualistic lifestyles mean that they rarely feel the need to rely on others or gain support through the collectivity of a group. This sign is brave enough to embark on vast journeys alone as they are confident and self-assured with who they really are. 


After reading the audacious travel habits of Sagittarius, it will come as little surprise that this sign fares best in physical, active or field-based types of work. Being in the outdoors is ultimately where Sagittarius belongs so being stuck behind a computer screen for hours on end will only serve to cause misery and dim their shine. Flexibility, adaptability and ingenuity are all Sagittarian traits making them brilliant colleagues and eager employees, but only when in a work environment that suits them. 

Simply put, Sagittarians are endlessly optimistic and help to keep positive morale within a team. Despite this, they do not make natural leaders, but this is only because Sagittarians are too free-spirited to conform to the responsibility that leadership roles entail. They will certainly put in the effort initially, yet find that they suit the position of team player far better. 

Most compatible with?


As Aries have a similar adventurous and free-spirited nature, they find it incredibly easy to keep up with the energy of a Sagittarius. Both signs are huge social butterflies and are in constant search of excitement and discovery. Sagittarians successfully pacify the hot-headedness of Aries by bringing peace and affection to the relationship, so expect a harmonious relationship between these two signs.


These two undoubtedly make a strong pair. Both sings have a streak of adventure and unashamedly live life at their own rhythm, unbothered by the opinions of others. They both take relationships very seriously and expect to see equality in each partner’s level of effort. At the core, these two signs are the best of friends and provide one another with all the support and encouragement a partner could ever want.


There is a magical connection that exists between these two signs, a connection that is often misunderstood from an outside perspective. Firstly, they both possess a similar level of zeal and daredevilry, while Sagittarius' more laid back temperament serves to keep Gemini grounded when being particularly frivolous. However, more importantly, both signs enjoy their own independence and are able to respect the boundaries of the other - this allows the two to truly enjoy the company of each other without feeling restricted by the relationship.

Least compatible with? 


Sagittarius is optimistic, dreamy and ruled by fire. They are constantly seeking adventure and value their freedom above almost everything else. With this in mind, strife is likely to occur between these two signs as Sagittarius will find Scorpio’s unpredictability and guarded personality difficult to trust. Sagittarius does not think or feel quite as deeply as Scorpio, so is unlikely to want to put in the steps needed to fully gain Scorpio’s trust.


Sagittarius is bold, spontaneous and approaches life with the confidence most of us wish we had. However, this can often leave Cancer feeling startled as their heightened sensitivity means they need a little longer to adapt to certain situations. For Sagittarius, Cancer’s intense emotional response can be unsettling and cause dissonance in their partnership. Alongside this, Sagittarius won’t take well to the cautious nature of Cancer and will find it hard to understand why Cancer won't join them on their thrilling adventures. While Cancer may be attracted to Sagittarius’ exuberance, it is unlikely that a long-term partnership between these two is on the cards.


Although potentially physically compatible, Taurus and Sagittarius will find it difficult to fully embrace the unique traits of their partner; Sagittarius’ laid back and carefree attitude often means that Taurus’ intensity in romance will feel somewhat overbearing. Moreover, as Sagittarius is constantly seeking exciting new experiences, Taurus will find it hard to maintain a similar enthusiasm. Unfortunately, there is more foe than friend when it comes to this pair.

At the end of the day, the zodiac is not to be understood as a rigid set of rules that categorize who we are and who we are compatible with without any room for deviation. After all, we are all special in our own unique ways and cannot be confined in a box. However, the zodiac provides hints and sometimes scarily accurate insinuations about who we are at the core. By taking the suggestions of the zodiac into account, we are able to seek greater clarity and understand our relationships to a greater degree than could be achieved otherwise.

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