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What is the Meaning of Snakes in a Dream?

By Saoirse
October 07, 2021
What is the Meaning of Snakes in a Dream?
TL;DR The meaning of snakes in dreams is different than the spiritual meaning of seeing snakes you see while you are awake. What is the meaning if you dream about snakes? It varies, depending on exactly what the snake is doing in the dream. A dream of green snakes, a dream of big snakes, a dream of baby snakes, and snakes biting in dreams are just a few of the dreams people have about snakes and their meanings are simple, and good to know.

Dream interpretation of snakes is just as important as understanding the symbolic meaning of seeing a snake while you are awake, and depending on what the snake is doing, the meaning can be different. Baby snakes in a dream mean something quite different than big snakes in dreams. Snakes in dreams may be pointing to fears, or they could be delivering messages from the ancestors to you while you sleep. Dreams in general can just be the mind occupying itself while you sleep, or there could be a deeper symbolic meaning and message being brought to you by the powers that be. Before you read on about what it means to dream of a snake, read about beginning dream interpretation: Dream Interpretation for Beginners (

Dreams Involving Snakes

Is seeing a snake in your dream good or bad? Seeing snakes in dreams can be either bad or good, and when you dream of getting bit by a snake, it doesn’t necessarily mean that will happen in real life or that something bad will befall you. Many have a phobia of snakes, and to see a snake in a dream will be automatically interpreted as a terrifying nightmare or bad omen. Don’t be so quick to write off the wise, protective snake as harmful, and instead embrace the deeper spiritual meaning of snakes in dreams.

Dreams of Seeing a Snake

What do snakes represent in dreams? Snakes in your dreams can represent fears, being taken advantage of, mysterious wisdom being bestowed upon you, being attacked, or even healing. Snakes in your dreams and the symbolism of snakes in dreams depend on you, what is happening in your life, and what the snake or snakes are doing in the dream. The meaning of seeing a snake in your dream can be broken down into simple topics, and once you discover the meaning of them, the messages the snakes bring to you will be clear.

Dreams About Snakes in Your House

“I had a dream about snakes in my house, what does it mean?” you might ask. When you dream of snakes in your house, it’s a carryover of the meaning of a snake in the house in waking. It’s usually a symbol of good luck. Snakes in your dreams that are in your house might also symbolize upheaval or a bad living environment, however. It can be saying there is somebody in your home causing issues, and you may feel threatened by them.

Dreams about a snake in the house can also take the form of dream about a snake in your bed. The famous Sigmund Freud would say it was a dream of male virility and sex, but snakes in a dream interpretation when they are in your bed isn’t always so simple. The meaning of seeing a snake in your dream when it is in your bed could be that you are exhausted, and the Universe is telling you to rest. Symbolism of snakes in dreams when they are in your bed can also be that you are taking a break from everything while you heal. Take that step back, rest, and get back to things once the healing is complete.

Snakes Crawling on Me Dream

“I dreamt of snakes crawling on me, what are snakes in dreams meaning when they do that?” If you are having dreams about snakes being on you or moving across you, if it is weighting you down or if you feel like it will crush you, this is a sign your worries are overwhelming you, and you need to try and take care of whatever is causing them. Snake dream spiritual meaning when they are on you and it isn’t upsetting, painful, or uncomfortable, however could be the snake is your spirit animal and it is just visiting to spend some time with you. When you dream of snakes crawling on you, it can also mean that they are bringing their powerful wisdom to you as a gift, and you should pay attention.

Dreams About Cobra Snakes

What does a snake mean in your dreams when it is specifically a cobra? Dreams about snakes' spiritual meaning when they are cobras is that of good things usually. A cobra snake in a dream indicates overcoming obstacles, personal power, and stepping into the role of control over your own destiny. If you see a cobra snake in your dream and it goes past you without noticing you, it can mean something you see as a possible threat will go by you, and leave you alone, and you don’t need to worry. A dream of cobra snake meaning when the cobra is looking right at you is the cobra is calling you to pay attention to your higher self, and step into the roles of what you are born to do rather than letting others make your decisions for you. Seeing a cobra snake in your dreams can also be telling you to be on guard, ready to be defensive because somebody is about to attack!

Dreams of Dead Snakes

“I dreamed of snakes that were dead, what does it mean when you dream of dead snakes?” Snake dream spiritual meaning when they are dead in your dreams is that you have defeated an enemy or that you will profit financially from something. Dead snake dream meaning in general is good luck, and when it comes to dream meanings, snakes that are dead in dreams symbolizes an end to things that did not benefit you and the beginning of a more beneficial things. The significance of snakes in dreams when they are dead is of all good things and that worries and danger have ceased to be an issue, and you can move on from them.

Dreams of Someone Killing a Snake

“ I killed a snake in my dream, what does that mean? “The meaning of seeing a snake in a dream when somebody is killing it is different from a dream about a dead snake. Killing snakes in dreams means you are fearless, ending things that could be a danger to you, and you are succeeding in overcoming obstacles. Dreams of someone else killing snakes means you are about to witness somebody being victorious, and you may even get to cheer them on. What does it mean when you have dreams about snakes that are dying is that you are watching your challenges lose strength and killing snakes dream meaning is that you, yourself are taking the power away from the problems. The meaning of a dream killing a snake is always good for you, and never good for whatever or whoever stands in your way!

Dreams of Green Snakes

What is the meaning when you dream about snakes that are green? Green snakes in a dream meaning is that of good luck and new beginnings. A green snake in a dream can signal you are about to start a new relationship or endeavor which will be meaningful long term. Green symbolizes growth and birth, and the meaning of snakes in your dreams when they are green is of new hope, renewed strength, and if you have been suffering, this is a sign the bad times are coming to an end and good times are about to begin. When it comes to dream interpretation, green snake dreams are dreams you want to have, and anytime you dream about a green snake, you can thank the powers that be for the good news.

Blue Snake Dream Meaning

What does it mean to dream with snakes that are blue? Dreams with snakes that are blue sometimes symbolizes transformation but sometimes it symbolizes communication. The meaning when you dream of snakes that are blue if it’s about communication can be to listen to what people are saying to you because you haven’t been paying attention. Dreams with snakes meaning that are blue in can also be that somebody is being deceptive and you need to objectively examine all the things people are telling you to discover just who that is. “Why did I dream about a snake that is blue when I am going through changes?” The blue snake dream is telling you the changes are timely, and part of your personal growth, so with it!

Dreams of Many Snakes

What do snakes symbolize in dreams when there are more than one of them? Lots of snakes in dreams have varied meanings and the context matters here. If you see a lot of snakes in dreams and they are calm, peaceful, and instill no fear, it’s a sign of a lot of good luck and harmony in your life. In dream analysis, snakes in general are good luck, and dreams of a lot of snakes symbolize a lot of it. In general, however, multiple snakes in a dream is just a sign that whatever the snakes symbolize in that particular dream are multiplied.

2 Snakes in a Dream

When you dream about snakes what does that mean when there are two of them? Two snakes in dreams can symbolize romantic love and coupling, or healing. To dream of 2 snakes when you start a new romance is a green light telling you to go ahead and get comfortably involved with your new sweetheart because it’s going to be a great relationship! What does it mean to see snakes in your dream when there are two of them and you are suffering illness? It means healing is on the way, and you just need to hang in there a little longer until it kicks in.

3 Snakes in a Dream

What does it mean if I dream about snakes in threes? The number three itself encompasses all of time in the past, present, and future. It encompasses the three ages of the goddess in maiden, mother and crone forms. The number three represents completion, the whole person in the mind, body, and soul, and it symbolizes that the third try is the luckiest try to get things right. To dream of 3 snakes can symbolize any of these things, and it’s a good message for you.

Dreams of Poisonous Snakes

“I saw a snake in my dream and it was poisonous! Why did I dream about snakes, let alone poisonous ones?” If you dream about snakes, what does it mean if the snake is poisonous? It can mean your sleeping mind is telling you that you are surrounded by people who seek to destroy you, and you should take caution, lest they accomplish their goals. These warnings serve to allow you to prepare yourself for attacks, giving you time to deflect and foil their bad intentions.

Dreams of Rattlesnakes

When you dream about snakes, what does it mean if they are rattlesnakes? To dream of rattlesnakes meaning is that of protection and defensiveness. Rattlesnakes in dreams, even if they seem to be intent on attacking you, are giving you the power to deflect all attacks from all directions, and they are encouraging you to trust yourself, and guard your heart and general safety against all enemies. In dream interpretation, rattlesnakes are wise, and know how to shed their skin to remove old ways, binding skin that constricts their growth, and to cast off parasites. Rattlesnake dream meaning is all these things, and while rattlesnakes in dreams might seem scary, remember when they visit you in dreams, they are bestowing their power upon you. To dream about rattlesnakes is a good thing and a welcome omen of personal protection.

Dreams of Red Snakes

What is the meaning when you dream about snakes that are red? To dream of snakes meaning when the snake is red is that of happy events coming. Some Chinese people believe if a single person sees a red snake, it means they will soon be married. Red snake dream meaning for married people is that they will have happy children, and if a sick person dreams about a red snake it is a signal that healing is on the way!

Dreams of Snakes Biting You

“I had a dream about a snake biting me! What does it mean?” What is the meaning of a snake bite in dreams? A snake bite in dream meaning can be that someone or a situation is toxic to you and threatens to suck the life out of you. Being bitten by a snake dream can terrify you, and while fear won’t help, taking the dream as a warning is a good thing. In a dream of being bitten by a snake, you can sense if there is venom in the snake or not. The dream meaning of a snakebite isn’t seen as a good thing, even if the venom is absent, and the bite is just a skin abrasion.

However, a dream of being bitten by a snake can serve as a wakeup call that somebody isn’t treating you properly, and sticking around for the bad treatment is the equivalent of asking to be bitten. Being bitten by a snake dream meaning will help awaken you to the fact not everybody who wants to be involved in your life deserves to be. Tell them they can go “bite” somebody else!

Dream Meaning of Snake Bite on Right Hand

What do dreams of snakes biting me on my right hand mean? Dreams about snakes biting you on your right hand have to do with the right hand symbolizing somebody’s most trusted helper and advisor. To dream of being bitten by a snake on the right hand means you are being put on notice something is going to come between you and somebody who has become so important to you that you don’t know how you can function without them. It could be that they are the problem, and it could be that outer influences are. Either way, be aware, and be prepared to stand on your own if needs be.

Dreams of Snakes Chasing You

“I have dreams of snakes chasing me! What is snakes in my dream meaning when they do that?” What does it mean when you have dreams of snakes that chase you? Being chased by a snake in a dream symbolizes that you are afraid to face somebody or something in real life, and you may even be running from it. Being chased by a snake in a dream can serve as a wakeup call to confront what is happening and to overcome it. A snake chasing you in a dream can also indicate you are denying some truth you need to accept.

Dreams of Snakes Everywhere

Why do people dream of snakes everywhere? What does seeing snakes in dreams mean when the snakes are literally everywhere? This can generally mean an abundance of luck and blessings, as well as putting you on notice that you will soon be acquiring a lot of knowledge and wisdom. If the dream is scary, as opposed to peaceful, however, it can mean you feel “painted into a corner” by a situation and feel trapped with no way out. This dream can signify you need to think your way out of this sticky situation and free yourself from it.

Dreaming of Baby Snakes

What does it mean if you dream about snakes that are babies? Two meanings could be possible when you dream of baby snakes. It could portend a pregnancy in your life, friend circle, or family, and that’s great news! What does seeing a snake in your dream mean when it’s a baby snake if the dream seems frightening, though? It can signify that something that seems small and non-threatening is beginning and could snowball into a big mess! This dream is telling you to be aware ahead of time and nip that impending problem at the bud the minute it appears!

Dreaming of Big Snakes

What does seeing a snake in your dream mean when it’s big? A big snake in dreams means different things and it all depends on whether the dream was frightening or not. If the dream was not frightening, a big snake dream meaning is that great things that are beneficial to you are coming your way. If the dream is frightening , it’s a sign you feel a big threat is attacking you, and the dream is giving you the signal to stand and fight it or to get away from it entirely. Yes, you can!

Yellow and White Snake Dream Meaning

What does a snake symbolize in a dream when it is yellow and white? Some say a yellow and white snake symbolizes the divine, or the creator reaching out to you. Yet if the dream is scary, it can symbolize malevolent forces trying to influence your life, and you can intercept this with prayers or workings for protection. Either way, dreams about a yellow and white snake is a sign from above, and a good message.

What is the meaning of a snake in your dream and what does it mean when you dream of snakes? It can mean all these symbolic things listed above, that your spirit animal snake is making contact with you, your ancestors are visiting in the form of snakes in a dream, or that you have the ability to foretell the future while you are dreaming. To see a snake in a dream means something special to you, and you should always pay attention the messages of snakes in your dreams.

About the Author: Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life, but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Mysticsense and she writes for Pagan Pages emag.

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