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Pisces and Cancer Love Compatibility

By Saoirse
January 13, 2022
Pisces and Cancer Love Compatibility
TL;DROf all signs that are compatible with Cancer, perhaps Pisces is the top pick. A Pisces in love with a Cancer can happily form a lifelong bond with them, and Pisces and Cancer couples can indeed work things out long term. It’s also a great combination for friendships. Learn about what a Moon in Cancer with a Pisces Sun and vice versa means and what happens if Cancers and Pisces fight or break-up with Mysticsense.

Between the star signs compatible with Cancer people, a Pisces Cancer match is perhaps the best one. Is Pisces Cancer’s soulmate sign? Maybe, but that all depends on the individual Cancer. Cancers and Pisces people understand one another very well, both of them being water signs, and whether it’s as lovers, life partners, or friends, a Pisces woman and Cancer man can find themselves wanting more and more time together. But what else is there to know about Cancers? What do they like, dislike, and how do they flirt, fight, and break-up from relationships? What is it like when Cancer is the rising sign, or if there is a Pisces Sun Sign with a Cancer Moon? Join us to learn these things and more about Cancers.

Cancer Man Likes and Dislikes

Man with Smile

Before discussing the best astrological match for Cancer people, let’s see who Cancers do not get along with and what they like and dislike.

What Cancers Like

What behaviors do Cancers get along with based on what they like? Cancers like when they feel they can trust you, and they can’t feel close with you if they think they can’t. Cancers like people who they admire and respect, and that means people who treat them and others well. Their sensitivity extends to others besides themselves, and they like to make the World a better place. Sometimes that just means listening to a friend or neighbor vent about having had a bad day. Cancers like to laugh also, and even though they are known for their kindnesses, they can enjoy biting humor so long as everybody else is laughing along.

Cancers like peace and quiet and cannot stand a brawl, or what they perceive as drama. They much prefer 1-1 intimate conversation to shallower small talk that is more impersonal, and they like forming strong bonds with people they believe they can reveal their deepest darkest secrets to. They like to plan their finances and homelife in such a way that they feel financially secure and they like to feel healthy and taken care of. They love being in relationships with people they can fuss over and nurture, and they need to be in relationships with people who will do the same for them.

They need people to accept that they are imperfect, and they need their loved ones to share their own imperfections and vulnerabilities with them as well. They need you to understand that you can trust them and they need you to care about the fact they are emotionally sensitive, which means not deliberately pushing their buttons or upsetting them on purpose. They like to be in relationships with people who they can be sentimental with and they like long friendships and romances and enjoy celebrating best friends anniversaries just as much as anniversaries with lovers. If a Cancer man likes you, he will be sure to tell you and a Cancer woman or a Cancer man likes people they can be completely themselves with and who they feel love and understand them.

What Cancers Dislike

Cancer relationships cannot survive with people who do things they dislike. Cancers cannot stand unkindness, although they, themselves can be downright cruel. That’s only when they feel somebody absolutely deserves it, however, and they consider that justice, not being cruel. They can’t endure watching what they feel is an abusive or unfair situation and it breaks their hearts if they can’t do anything about it. They are unable to sit idly by when they feel they can step in and make a difference, and they loathe when fate or other people try to stop them from making things better.

Cancer people cannot stand when somebody criticizes them for their feelings. True, they can be more sensitive than some other people but they don’t feel they are overly sensitive, but that those hurting them are insensitive people who don’t care whose feelings they hurt, and Cancers cannot endure that. They would rather be around somebody who calls them “namby pamby” and upsets them than to be alone, however because being alone bothers them more than being upset. That’s not to say Cancers want to constantly be in huge crowds. Quite the contrary, they prefer a small, intimate circle of loved ones.

They also cannot tolerate the thought of going without. That’s why they plan so carefully, save, invest, and spend frugally. They hate it when somebody who they love laughs at them for that, and they get very upset if their advice on how to be financially responsible is not appreciated. They also dislike their ideas being shot down in general. After all, they have carefully thought things out and researched before sharing their thoughts and they are not known for spitting out ideas they did not put a lot of intelligent consideration into.

What do Cancers not get along with? They don’t like having nobody to love, even though it seems like they love the whole World sometimes. Cancers might not need to be the center of attention at a huge party constantly, but they do need their people who love and understand them best of all nearby often. They don’t, however, like no quiet time to themselves, and they will get overwhelmed if they don’t have the right balance of social time with personal time. Cancers don’t like being misunderstood, and while they won’t hide from a debate, they like intellectual debate, not outright arguments.

Cancer Man Flirting Style

Cancer Man Flirting Style

Having the Cancer personality, male or female, these people’s flirting tends to be polite, but direct. They like to let you know their interest in romantic, and not just about wanting friendship. They are often comfortable with touching the people they care about and a stroke or a touch to your hair or cheek might be something they surprise you with. A Cancer woman flirting with you will often make you the center of her attention, even when other people are near, and a Cancer man flirting with you may open doors for you, call you first, and ask things to get to know you better.

A Cancer is usually focused on finding out if they want a long-term relationship when they are getting to know a potential love interest, and they will share things about themselves and remember things you share with them. They may bring you thoughtful gifts, and a Cancer man’s moody side can dissolve into buckets of smiles when you walk in the door if he is interested in you. The Cancer planet ruler is the Moon, which instills them with strong emotions which can vary from happy emotions to sad ones, but be assured Cancers feel all those emotions in their fullness. Their emotions will be just as strong when they are flirting, so they are putting their own vulnerabilities aside to take a chance on getting closer to you, and that’s a sign a Cancer man madly in love could be madly in love with you sooner than later!

Signs Most Compatible with Cancer

Signs Compatible with Cancer

Some Cancers claim they are most compatible with each and every sign. Indeed, they are able to harmonize will with most people they meet, if only to keep the peace, but they don’t forge strong relationships with just anybody under the Sun! Typically, Cancer relationship compatibility is best with fellow water signs Scorpio and Pisces, as well as other Cancers, nurturing Taurus people, and reliable Capricorns.

Cancer and Scorpio

If anybody understands Cancer's sensitive feelings, it’s Scorpios. Cancer romantic compatibility is high with Scorpios because both signs make it a point to guard the feelings of those they love and watch over them fiercely. Scorpios fall deeply in love and if they feel betrayed or hurt in any way, they can lash out, striking back in ways that leave their lovers wonder if they have become a different person. Cancers typically don’t incite that in Scorpios and are so focused on making things last long term, their Scorpio doesn’t feel hurt and this coupling can be harmonious for life.

Cancer and Taurus

Perhaps one of the best zodiac matches for a Cancer woman or man, Taurus people tend to settle into long term relationships with their Cancers. Both Taurus people and Cancers dote on whoever they love and they adore hunkering down at home together, creating a cozy love nest. These two can be homebodies together, completely relaxed in their relationship that can last for life.

Cancer and Capricorn

Capricorns are known for being stable, practical, and knowing what they are talking about before they open their mouths. Cancers respect and admire this, and the two of them are on the same page about planning for the future and saving for a rainy day. This can be a great relationship for both signs.

Cancer and Cancer

What does a Cancer man like about a Cancer woman? They tend to get on famously, or fight cats and dogs. It’s either too much of a good thing, with two Cancers getting on one another’s nerves, or a meeting of like minds and kindred souls. A Cancer mate can be a Cancer woman’s best match or worst match!

Cancer and Pisces

Cancer and Pisces

While all these other signs have great successes in relationships with Cancers, the main topic of this article is Pisces and Cancer relationships. Are Cancer and Pisces people compatible? Yes, they are. This can actually be one of the best matches for a Cancer female and one of the best matches for a Cancer man as well.

Cancer and Pisces Love Compatibility

Pisces Love Compatibility

Are Pisces and Cancer a good match in love? A Pisces can be the best Cancer woman’s match in love for a lot of reasons. A Cancer woman and Pisces man are both sensitive souls who care deeply about whoever they are involved with and they spend all their time focused on one another, which makes them both feel loved and nurtured. A Cancer man and Pisces woman can be very romantic with one another. While Pisces people are very imaginative, and not opposed to an occasional no-strings-attached fling, they are more likely to settle down long term with a Cancer who is an emotionally healing sign for them.

The Cancer man and Pisces woman relationship is a better bet for Pisces than say, a Libran who is just as focused on long term relationships as a Cancer is, but Librans go about it differently. They sprinkle in a lot of fun and flirtatiousness with a lot of people, even those they are not attracted to sexually, and they are so busy flitting about to their many friends, Pisces people may not understand how serious Librans are about them. Cancers just have a way of letting Pisces know with all their one-on-one heart to heart talks their Pisces is the only one they are dreaming of.

A Cancer woman Pisces man romance can balance one another well because Cancers tend to be planners who set things down in stone and follow their agenda whereas Pisces people can go by their intuition and instinct, and these two harmonizing with one another can bring their own traits out in one another. A male Cancer female Pisces pairing can see the Pisces nudging the Cancer out of planning mode to take a chance on their gut instincts and the Cancer can bring out the side of Pisces that is looking forward to a great future together.

A Cancer woman and Pisces woman romance will see both signs being compassionate to one another. They are both natural born teachers, leading by example, and they will both look forward to learning from each other as well. Cancer can step aside and let Pisces take the lead sometimes, and vice versa. The differences between Pisces and Cancer are Cancer is more practical and Pisces is more of a dreamer. A Cancer male Pisces female pairing will see the Cancer guiding the Pisces to be more practical and the Pisces bringing out the wistful, whimsical fun-loving side out in their Cancer.

Cancer and Pisces Friendship

Do Pisces and Cancer get along in friendship? Pisces is compatible Cancer people in friendship for sure. Pisces man and Cancer woman compatibility in friendship is based on mutual understanding of their feelings, sensitivities, and needs to have their emotions validated. Cancer man and Pisces woman friendship is one of the best friendship combinations for both signs. Cancers love heart to heart intimacy in relationships, and sensitive Pisces is good at keeping secrets and respecting other people’s boundaries. Both a Cancer male and Pisces woman will listen to one another without judgement and only offer advice out of a genuine desire to help.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Pisces female Cancer male friendship, Pisces male and Cancer female friendship or if both friends are the same sex. Cancer Pisces friendships tend to endure the test of time and they are allies to protect one another’s hearts as well as partners in seeking serious fun together. Pisces people won’t have any challenges at coming up with new adventures to go on with their Cancer friend, and their Cancer may trust their Pisces so much they even let them drive. Maybe…part way.

Cancer and Pisces in Bed

Cancer Man and Pisces Women in Bed

What is a Pisces man and Cancer woman in bed like together? What about a Pisces woman in bed with a Cancer man? Is Pisces compatible with Cancer in bed if it’s two men or two women? Conventional astrology will tell you that a Cancer man and Pisces woman in bed will be great lovers but the truth is a Pisces and Cancer in bed have as much a chance of success as anybody who has any sign does with any other sign. Some astrologers say no Virgo ever liked BDSM and all Aquarians do, but the truth is, we are all individuals. Each Cancer and each Pisces individual have their very own sexual preferences.

No two Cancers have all the same likes and dislikes, and plenty of people, regardless of zodiac sign, consider themselves asexual. Most Cancers and Pisces people prefer to be sexually intimate with somebody they feel they can trust, but then again, some Cancers and Pisces people are open to one-night stands with strangers and they don’t think of long term trust. Cancer man and Pisces woman compatibility in bed depends on who they are, what they prefer sexually, and a Cancer who loves sex is not going to be sexually compatible with an asexual Pisces. There is only one way to find out if your Cancer or Pisces can make sexual fireworks with you. Try and see!

Cancer Man and Pisces Woman Marriage

Reputed to be a perfect pairing to make for a happy marriage, a Pisces man Cancer woman marriage is one both people make a top priority. Your cancer may work hard on the job, but that’s only so they can build the ultimate home and family with you. A Pisces won’t settle down just for the sake of doing so and may take many lovers they have no intention of staying with long term. However, a Cancer has a good chance of winning them over with their tender heart and understanding. A Pisces woman Cancer man marriage is based on trust, and the fact Cancer people respect Pisces need to step aside and decompress from too much socialization.

Cancers understand that it’s not their Pisces running away from reality, but just them taking some time to decompress and recharge their batteries that are depleted from doing so many kind things to help so many people. However, sometimes, Pisces people feel so comfortable with their Cancer, they can be alone with them, and recharge just fine. Pisces people rarely, if ever marry if they think it’s not forever, and Cancers have a way of reassuring them they accept them as they are and are in it for the long haul. A match made in heaven!

Cancer vs Pisces Fight

Cancer Man vs Pisces Woman Fight

What happens when a Cancer guy and Pisces girl fight? Pisces Cancer relationships can have very strong foundations and both signs want to keep it that way. Pisces people abhor fights and would prefer to pull back to engaging, whereas an upset Cancer can be very…well…vocal, to put it mildly. Cancers do forgive, but they don’t always forget, and a Cancer may recite a long list of everything you have ever done to upset them- some of which might not even be your fault- when they are in fight mode. A Pisces might just stand there and listen to it without fighting back and crumble inside if their Cancer decides to unleash hurtful words.

It doesn’t always go that way, however, because there are plenty of Cancers who would never strain their relationships by indulging in a tongue lashing. Pisces Cancer relationships are typically formed by mutual understanding of one another’s sensitivities, and if a disagreement arises, as can happen in any relationship, a Cancer and Pisces can always sit down and talk it out. Hand holding, tears, and hugs might follow with the end result being a beautiful resolution of whatever the conflict was and a happy Cancer and Pisces.

Pisces Man Cancer Woman Break-up

Pisces Man Cancer Woman Break-up

A Cancer woman Pisces man break-up is a last resort for these two people who love each other and won’t happen on a whim or without a lot of consideration. Chances are, it will be up to the Pisces to dump the Cancer, as a Cancer who is hurt may try to hang onto their Pisces as long as possible. It is also likely that said Cancer will go out of their way to make their Pisces feel as guilty as possible during this time, and that’s exactly what you don’t want to do if you want to keep a Pisces. The Pisces will dig their heels in, and try to avert a confrontation, apologizing profusely, but eventually tire of being chewed out and move on to the next cute individual they saw over in the corner at their favorite café.

Neither sign relishes a break-up, and both may revisit old flames multiple times over the years unless said old flames tell them to buzz off. Pisces and Cancers compatibility, however, makes it highly likely these two can get back together at some point, and live happily ever after despite whatever came between them. A Pisces woman and Cancer woman who get back together won’t waste any time resuming their relationship right where it left off and a Pisces woman and Cancer man can have seemingly no issues at all putting a dark time in their relationship behind them and walking forward into their future together.

Sun in Pisces Moon in Cancer

Sun in Pisces Moon in Cancer

Pisces people whose Moon in is Cancer are typically very empathic and should be aware of narcissists and other anti-social people who will prey on them and their kind hearts. These Pisces people will be so focused on doing for the people who they care about, they can lose sight of the fact they should also take care of themselves. These people are excellent at understanding other people’s feelings and know just how to put themselves in other people’s shoes. A Pisces Sun Cancer Moon man or woman make outstanding counselors, teachers, and clergy persons.

Sun Sign Cancer Moon Sign Pisces

Sun Sign Cancer Moon Sign Pisces

A Cancer with a Moon in Pisces can be very similar to somebody with a Sun in Pisces who has a Cancer moon, but Cancers with a Pisces Moon typically guard their own emotions better than Pisces people with a Cancer Moon will. The Pisces Moon will help these Cancers keep unflattering opinions to themselves because they don’t like to hurt anybody’s feelings. Their friends and loved ones will come to them for advice, and that Pisces intuition might help them know what is bothering their lived one before they even say it. Pisces and Cancer work together in a birth chart to create ultra-kind, super loving people who go out of their ways to help anybody they can.

Cancer Rising Compatibility

Cancer Rising Compatibility

Your rising sign has to do with your relationship with the world including how you present yourself to others and how you perceive the world in general. With Cancer as your rising sign, you are caring, open, and always looking for ways to help others. You have a knack for knowing just what to say and do to make things better, and not only are you a great caretaker who is good with people in general, you have a healthy level of humility and won’t brag about it.

Pisces and Cancer compatibility in love is one of the best combinations for both signs and can become one of the most important relationships either of them ever had. All the empathy, intuition, great people skills, and consideration of each other’s feelings make these two signs a perfect combination as lovers, friends, and even just co-workers. Cancer and Pisces compatibility makes their relationships with one another last a long time, and they may even be soulmates!

About the Author: Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life, but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Mysticsense and she writes for Pagan Pages emag.

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