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The Real Power of Karma

By Saoirse
November 26, 2021
The Real Power of Karma
The Real Power of Karma
TL;DRDoes Karma really exist? Of course it does, and learning about karma and love and what karmic justice actually is makes more sense than learning about “clearing karma”. Having the attributes of a good person won’t necessarily keep bad things from ever happening to you, unfortunately, but karma clearly affects you in life whether it be positive or negative karma. Learn about your karma horoscope, how to “fix” your karma, karma and relationships and more.

What is Karma?


Karma is a concept in religions like Buddhism and Hinduism that states the sum of our past deeds and thoughts decide our current and future life. Thought of by some as a cosmic cycling of punishments and rewards, some insist it’s not that simple, and karma doesn’t necessarily explain why we suffer or not. Multiple schools of thought exist about this, with some being extreme enough to say all we suffer is what we deserve and others saying our actions have little to no effect on what happens to us, but on what decisions we make and the consequences of those decisions.

Karma is accepted to be part of the rebirth process these faiths believe in. The belief is that the soul will be reborn into another life on Earth after death. Some believe karma brings lessons back to us we did not fully learn in past lives, and others believe we are born more or less privileged than we were in the life we left based on good or bad deeds. Some say that as a power of nature, karma is something we can never fully understand, and that is it not doled out by any higher power but works all on its own.

Some say that “karma has no deadline” meaning that we create energy that comes back to us, and karma comes at its own time as it sees fit. Instant karma is what people say when an immediate result from an action occurs, but sometimes it isn’t that soon. Some believe karmic results can occur multiple lifetimes after our actions, and some people say you never know exactly when your karma will take place at all.

Good Conscience Bad Conscience

good bad conscience

Our good and bad conscience is based on whether we are doing the right thing or not, and it is said that we are all born with a conscience instilling us with knowledge of what is right and wrong and a sure way of how to have good karma is to follow that conscience. There are similar teachings in many traditions including the Christian teaching “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. A Tamil scripture says “ Do not do to others what you know has hurt yourself. “ In ancient Greece, Thales said “ Avoid doing what you would blame others for doing.” Seneca the Younger of Rome said “ Treat your inferior as you would wish your superior to treat you.”

If somebody you love can say “Why does he keep hurting me?” about you, you are not listening to your conscience and are instead mistreating people. Karma refers to what some would say is the type of being you become based on actions, not necessarily the rewards or punishments of your deeds. Instead of being hurt exactly the moment you hurt somebody, some people believe your karma is to become a hurtful person who does not listen to your conscience. Reaping what we sow is what some people say karma is, and the fruit of our deeds is the harvest. If our deeds are kind deeds, we become kind people.

Why Do Bad Things Keep Happening to Me? I Am a Good Person!

bad things happening

First, what is the definition of a good person, and why do we believe nothing bad should ever happen to somebody if they are what we consider a good person? What defines a good person is usually accepted to be somebody who does good deeds, causes no harm, and deeply cares about other people. Sone find it satisfying to see people who they feel are not good people suffer, and they say “Karma got them!”

What are the qualities of a good person beyond doing good deeds? Extra good traits of people are often thought of as being helpful to others, doing the right thing when you won’t get credit for it, being honest even if it doesn’t benefit you, doing nice things for people who have not been nice to you, noticing others in need that other people overlooked, and furthermore not taking credit or asking for recognition.

Having the characteristics of a good person are hoped by many to assure no harm will befall them. You can make a list of good qualities of a person and be able to describe good qualities of a person, and somehow see they are going through difficulties. Don’t be quick to judge, assuming they deserve what happened. You never know and perhaps we don’t have all the answers about karma. Qualities of good people do make us want to spend more time with them, because their good energy heartens us. Seeing them suffer won’t make us love karma if we assume only bad people go through bad things.

Unfortunately, traits of a good person don’t necessarily shield from any suffering. Former American President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter is considered a good person due to his lifetime of philanthropy building houses for those less fortunate, even in his elder years, but even he has suffered. He has endured cancer, pelvic fracture from a fall, and pressure to the brain due to this. The good attributes of a person serve to make them just that, one who fits the description of a good person, and those attributes don’t seem to protect us from misfortunes.

An excellent book you may enjoy reading on this is called When Bad Things Happen to Good People written by Harold S. Kushner. This author is no stranger to suffering and has written a compassionate book about the topic. Take comfort in the fact that bad things happening are not a sign you deserve them, and you can have all the traits of good people even if you suffer.

You can access a copy here: When Bad Things Happen to Good People: Kushner, Harold S.: 8601419952182: Books

Karma When Someone Wrongs You

wrong karma

“Don’t worry about them, karma will get them!” people say sometimes to try and make people feel better if they have suffered some injustice. Then, seeing somebody we feel deserves consequences go through something bad, some people say “I love karma!” assuming any bad thing that happens to somebody they feel is a bad person is some divine hand of justice doling out a holy punishment. Seeing somebody zoom past you, driving recklessly, and then passing them , seeing their car flipped upside down in a ditch isn’t necessarily some god or goddess punishing them, but it can be accepted that it was instant karma in the form of a result of their bad driving creating a consequence. When we see somebody suffering badly and say “I love karma”, meaning we take pleasure seeing them going through this, it’s not necessarily karma exacting revenge to please us. Bad times are not necessarily a past life karma calculator!

We sometimes have to step in and ensure consequences happen, even if it’s to stop somebody from harming somebody else. We may be called upon to report somebody to authorities, even just by calling them out to the people they love when nothing illegal has happened. Hoping some god fixes it all would be ignoring what happened and does not excuse us from participating in our own lives. It’s okay to set boundaries and expressing a good description of a person when they have acted out against us is sometimes much more powerful than expecting the powers that be to create some divine consequences in a future life. What have you done to make good karma?

Relationship Karma

relationship karma

Is karma real when it comes to relationships and does karma exist in love? There are people who will say karma exists everywhere and influences every aspect of our life, even our relationships. Who we are based on our deeds influences the type of people who are drawn to us, and the things we participate in brings us people who do similar things. Beyond this simple truth, there are special relationships karma influences that we have in our lives like past life reunions and twin flames.

Past Life Karma Relationships

past life karma

Some people believe they meet people in their current life they have spent past lives with, and an immediate feeling of kinship upon meeting somebody for the first time is one thing some people swear is a sign they were together in past lives. Some people even take vows to find one another in all future lives, and believe they are destined to always be together no matter what. What people do you feel you have in your life who have been with you in past lives? How did you meet, and what plans do you have to make sure you stick together in future lives?

Twin Flame Karma

twin flame karma

Part of finding people who have been with us in past lives is seeking out our twin flame. Some people are part of a soul they share with someone else and feel more complete when their twin flame is with them. Twin flames seem like “two peas in a pod” and when they come together, they feel they have been reunited, and they oftentimes don’t ever want to be apart. Mysticsense has explored twin flame relationships.

Read on: Twin Flames Soulmates & Kindred Spirit.

Cheating and Karma

cheating and karma

“If you cheat, somebody will cheat in you” might not be true for every cheater, but karma makes cheaters into dishonest people who can’t be trusted. While it’s true we all make mistakes, and plenty of people are sorry and don’t repeat those mistakes, some people see cheating as their right and they don’t care about who they hurt. You don’t have to count on karma to punish a cheater if they won’t stop cheating on you. You can take matters into your own hands and leave because do not have to stick around and keep being cheated on. Being cheated on is not some punishment from karma for you cheating on a past life. It’s something that hurts, and you don’t have to live with it if you don’t want to.

Lunar Karma and Your Future Predictor

lunar karma

It is said that New Moon magic helps with how to remove bad Karma because it acts as a new beginning. You set an intention for whatever life work you would like to do until the next New Moon, and karma cleaning can begin. Based on new habits, new attitudes, and being open to growing, you can stop some ugly cycles such as “Why does this keep happening to me?” Sometimes, behaviors and what we agree to participate in creates negative consequences that are not a punishment from the powers that be, but simple cause and effect. Changing what we allow ourselves to participate in changes the results sometimes, and this is a simple way of how to clear karma.

Karma Signs- Karma and the Zodiac

karma signs

There are people who believe based on your zodiac sign there are lessons you can learn to make good karma. Each sign has certain strengths to be built upon and things about them they can improve.

Aries Karma

aries karma

Aries can learn how to harness their passions in productive ways that benefit them in the long run. Reigning in that hit Aries temper and using it to motivate them to positive action is how Aries can take their best and worst traits and make great karma with it.

Taurus Karma

taurus karma

Taurus karma can be improved upon when Taurus uses their nurturing side to help those who are less fortunate, but Taurus still has to watch out for this! That nurturing tendency can be taken advantage of if Taurus isn’t careful. A karmic lesson for Taurus is learning to balance their generosity with not depleting themselves!

Gemini Karma

gemini karma

Bad things about Gemini include that they try too hard to please everybody and they can sometimes be what is called “two faced” not being entirely honest about everything. Bad things about Gemini women and Gemini men are the same, and both male and female Geminis have to learn that telling little white lies to keep the peace is entirely different than outright lying to keep from rocking a boat that needs rocked. It’s okay to let people know upsetting truths sometimes, and it’s also okay if not everybody gets their way when Gemini is in charge.

Cancer Karma

cancer karma

A karmic lesson for Cancer is to not always react on their emotions. Sensitive Cancers sometimes allow how they feel about things to make their decisions, and sometimes, following your heart is a good thing! There are times, however, when somebody’s tone of voice might upset Cancer, but it was not intended to do so, and should be overlooked. Learning when to think with their heads as opposed to with their big tender hearts is a lifelong lesson Cancer works on.

Leo Karma

leo karma

Leos are famous for their confidence and natural born leadership skills. For Leo, a lesson they can learn to bring them more good karma is to balance that confidence and not become arrogant. Oftentimes, their way is very good, but it’s not always best, and they can be too overbearing, being pushy instead of leading by example.

Virgo Karma

virgo karma

Chronically overworked Virgos work at the karmic lesson all their lives of learning when to take time off, assuring a good work/life balance. That’s difficult for Virgos because they live to work, but their personal relationships can suffer if they don’t take time out to spend with friends and family- and yes, that means some time off from the job!

Libra Karma

libra karma

Librans build good karma by being diplomatic peacemakers, but they have to be careful not to be cold hearted with the people they do this for. Sometimes, Librans must make an impartial decision that not everybody is happy with, and as long as they do so compassionately, all’s well!

Scorpio Karma

scorpio karma

One of the few bad things about Scorpio is the fact they can hold a grudge for a long time- even if the person they are upset with didn’t do anything wrong. It’s difficult to be a sensitive water sign, and being misunderstood as the ultra-private Scorpio sometimes is makes their feelings hurt worse. A karmic lesson for Scorpio is carefully selecting those who they know they can trust to be close to them on a personal level and guarding their hearts well with those they don’t trust.

Sagittarius Karma

sagittarius karma

Learning personal limitations is one of the biggest karmic lessons for Sagittarians. They need to learn that sometimes less is more, and overindulgence can wreak havoc on their lives and relationships. Sagittarians are fun loving, spontaneous, and the life of the party, but sometimes they have to be more serious about responsibilities- but hey- a lot of Sagittarians are extremely good at finding careers they love doing, so that’s not always a problem!

Capricorn Karma

capricorn karma

Reliable, responsible, serious Capricorns spend their lives learning the karmic lesson of how to invest in their relationships as much as they do their responsibilities. One way for them to excel at this is to tune in to their tender hearts, because Capricorns can be very dismal and down in the dumps from time to time. That’s where loved ones come in, lifting their spirits and reminding them there is more to live that an endless to-do list.

Aquarius Karma

aquarius karma

Aquarians learn the karmic lesson of shielding their emotions, personal lives, and feelings from the endless crowds of people their busy lives bring them into the company of. Nobody can be everybody’s best friend, and while Aquarians often have the ability to connect with almost everybody, they have to make sure they don’t make themselves emotionally available to everybody who wants them to be.

Pisces Karma

pisces karma

One of the bad things about Pisces they have to contend with is they have the tendency to put others needs before their own, and a karmic lesson for them is learning to balance their sense of duty to others with taking care of themselves also. It’s not fair for them if they are taken advantage of, and it’s hard for them to put their foot down when they see somebody trying to do so. They can get better at setting boundaries, saying “No”, and taking just as good of themselves as they take of other people.

How to Get Rid of Bad Karma

bad karma

How to clean up your karma or how to clear your karma? Getting rid of bad karma from past lives isn’t as simple as deciding you want better karma. The way to change your karma for the better is to create more good karma. Some consequences won’t go away, no matter how much we feel we are doing to offset things, but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue making better karma anyways. Some people don’t worry too much about what will happen in future lives but focus on being the best they can be in this life. That means more doing more deeds that make us into the people we want to be.

To receive more love, then give more love. To receive more kindness, then be kinder. To have more friends, reach out to more people. To feel less lonely, spend time with people who can’t get out or who are new in town and are making friends. To be more admired, do more admirable things. If you are sad, try to make other people happy. If you have gone without things you need before, then give what you can to others who are less fortunate than you are. Sometimes, getting good things happens when we do good, and make the world a better place. This is one way to make good karma!

The Moral Dilemma

moral dilemma

If good traits in a person mean only good things will happen to them, does that mean everybody who is a victim deserves what happens to them?

Define “good person”. Does this mean somebody who never had a bad day, never had an illness, or who has never had a heartbreak or lost somebody they loved to death?

What about people who have been proven to be wrongly accused of a crime they did not commit and who served years incarcerated? Was this releasing karma from past lives, and they should not be renumerated for all they gave up unfairly?

If we are capable of harming somebody and nobody stops us, is this because they somehow deserve it from wrongs they committed in the past or in past lives?

If the good qualities of a person keep them from ever suffering at all, why do bad things happen to good people?

Does karma exist simply to punish and reward us for all we say and do, or do bad things happen to us sometimes and we just don’t deserve it? Does this mean removing karma with better deeds somehow erases any possibility of future suffering in this life and next ones, and if so, what should we do to improve all types of karma for ourselves?

What do you believe about karma? How does it work, and what have been your experiences with it?

Make It Reality!

make it reality

Think about what kind of a life you want to live. What results do you want for yourself and what things have other people who have the kind of life you want done to make it happen? There are some things that are out of our control, and it’s not fair to beat yourself up over the fact you can’t control everything. However, there is a lot you can control. Do you want to be a good musician? Take lessons with a good music instructor and do what it takes to excel. Do you want to be a Nurse, but you don’t know how to begin? Talk to Nurses and find out how to start classes. Are you looking to lower your blood pressure, or get on a better sleeping schedule? Fund out what it takes and do those things.

We can’t be born rich when we were not, we can’t become taller or younger, and we can’t be somebody we aren’t. Yet we can change things in our lives to be the best version of ourselves, and that’s one easy way to create good karma. Maybe we have not been the best people all our lives, and maybe some of the mistakes we have made created consequences we are still living with. Yet there is no better day than today to be our best, reach for the lives we want, and do the best for ourselves.

Karma Phone Number?

karma phone number

Do we have the number for karma? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could call karma and ask what it is you need to be doing to improve yourself and what lessons you need to learn? We don’t have the phone number for karma, but we do have some talented psychics waiting to guide you 24/7, and they are just a phone call or text away. Join us at Mysticsense to learn about your life path today!

The Real Power of KarmaAbout the Author: Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life, but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Mysticsense and she writes for Pagan Pages emag.

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