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Twin Flames

The topic of twin flames is often misunderstood. There are several websites about this topic, with many definitions, theories, ponderings, ideals and even experiences. Each experience is unique, but it’s also pretty confusing. What are the basic facts? What exactly is a twin flame? What is a soul mate? Are they the same thing?

Soul mates are all part of a soul group; who contract with one another about which lessons to learn while on the Earth plane. Souls in the same soul group can incarnate as your lover, best friend, mother, father, grandparent, sibling, cousin, even your enemy. You learn your life lessons with the help of the soul mates in your soul group.

Twin flames (or twin souls) are entirely different. Twin flames are created from one soul, divided into two halves; each half retains both male and female characteristics. Everyone has a twin flame, and no one can have more than one. They are the same exact vibration, and often have many common interests, qualities, likes and dislikes, as well as similar lessons to learn. If both twins happen to be incarnate on the Earth plane simultaneously, there are often physical similarities as well as common personality traits.

However, it is rare that twin flames are incarnate on the Earth plane at the same time. It is even rarer that twin flames are incarnate together at the same time and are in a relationship with one another; be it romantic or otherwise. If the twin flames are incarnated at the same time on the Earth plane, they usually will not know each other nor will they even come into contact with one another. If they do, it is based on specific lessons that only they can learn from one another; no other soul mate could properly help learn this specific lesson.

Further, it is difficult to carry on any kind of relationship with your twin flame on the Earth plane. It will start out incredibly passionate, but will cool off rather quickly. Why? When the energies of both flames meet, it is very vibrant because the souls recognize that bliss of being one. But, then, it becomes more like a child losing interest in their favorite toy.

There will be arguments and resistance and eventually the relationship, no matter what kind of relationship it is, will fizzle out. It is not “opposites attract,” as twin flames have the same vibration, not an opposite one. You won’t have one twin who is Jekyll and another twin that’s Mr. Hyde. The vibration is the same and as such cannot lead to wildly opposite energies within an incarnation. Because of their close connection, the twins are often automatically attuned to one another and can experience everything from similar emotions, cravings and favorite foods to having the same addictions, personality flaws, thought patterns and even abilities. They are each other’s mirror image from head to toe, internal and external.

If it’s rare for twin flames to incarnate on Earth together, how do they actually meet? As twin flames are usually separated by planes, often the twin on the higher side will be instrumental in bringing in soul mates that will help in their stead. That is where the idea that a twin flame and a soul mate are equal originates. The twin on the higher side will draw in soul mates with similar lessons, ideals, and things in common to assist the other half on the Earth plane. If both twins are incarnate on Earth, there will still be a way for them to learn from one another, even if they never meet face to face.

That speaks to the purpose of twin flames: to evolve the soul to its most complete form and reunite. Both twins will incarnate repeatedly in order to learn as much as they can to evolve their souls. Eventually, when there is no need to return to the Earth or any other dimension, world, planet, plane the twin souls will reunite and help teach others through the benefit of their experiences.

So, how does one recognize their twin flame? The twin flame experience isn’t the same for every pair of twins. However, there is one commonality and it’s the same for every twin flame: you just know. It may be completely irrational, irritating and mind-boggling, but it’s undeniable. It may make sense to no one else but it doesn’t have to. The souls instantly recognize one another; which is where the knowing originates. It just takes the brain a little while to catch on to that.

So, if you can give a summation of the life of your favorite celebrity off the top of your head as a result of years of admiration, that doesn’t make you their twin flame. If you read in a teen magazine that your idol can’t exist without a certain food and you immediately start liking that same food, that isn’t a similarity. If you like a certain kind of music, or a particular poet or even a certain cartoon character merely because your idol does, it’s not an indication that you’re their twin flame.

Fame is a facade, it’s superficial and means very little to the soul. A true twin flame would be more interested in what lies beneath all of lights and glamour and cameras; not trying to convince the cyber-world they are their idol’s one and only. The whole idol thing, along with celebrity, means very little to twin flames. They’re connected on a soul level and really don’t need to prove it to anyone. The proof is not in their words, but in their actions. These actions will help define the unique twin flame experience. And though each path is different, one thing remains the same: your twin flame is the most powerful, personal and beneficial experience you can possibly have.

Your twin flame is the only soul in all of Creation who can be your other half, your exact match, your greatest teacher. Don’t look for this relationship, it already exists and has existed from the moment you were born. There is no guarantee that your twin chose to incarnate in this lifetime, so don’t look for them. Simply ask for them to appear, and your twin will be revealed to you in a way that your soul will recognize and your brain will accept.

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