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    • Soulmates

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    • Affairs & Cheating Hearts
    • Breakup & Divorce
    • Toxic Relationships
    • Career and Money
    • Life Path & Destiny
    • Spirituality & Psychic Ability
    • Clairvoyant
    • Energy Healer
    • Intuitive/Empath

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    • Astrology

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    • Angel/Oracle Cards
    • Chakras
    • Counseling
    • Crystal Ball
    • Crystals
    • Life coaching
    • Meditation
    • Tarot
    • Can Read Without Tools

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    • Direct

    About Me:

    Hi, my name is Clairvoyant Insights! I am a gifted psychic and spiritual healer, with a passion for helping others connect with their own spirit guides and reach their fullest potential. I'm an expert in love and relationships but I can advise on all matters of life, (love, karma, career, family, body, mind, and spirit.).

    Using my abilities I'm able to connect to your vibrations allowing me to see your past, present, and future, a reading with me will be very honest and accurate, and you will receive clear direct answers to your questions and solutions to any obstacles you may be facing, as a life coach I want to inspire you to overcome any fears and manifest the life you want to live with guidance from your spirit. As a reiki master and spiritual expert I can provide remote reiki healing and balancing to help you heal spiritual blockages that are in the way of you achieving your goals and living a happy life.

    If you feeling lost, stuck, unmotivated, or confused reading can be exactly what you need to provide some perspective on why you're going through these things and what you can do about it.

    I look forward to embarking on this spiritual journey with you toward peace and enlightenment.

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