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    • Life Path & Destiny

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    • Wise

    About Me:

    Hello, dear one!

    My name is Luke, I grew up in the mountains in the South of France, very connected to nature and to the animals, I felt very quickly that there was something else than just this physical world!
    In my teenage years, I started really connecting myself to the mystery of life... and slowly but surely I found myself.

    In my early twenties, I wanted to help others throughout their lives. That's when chakras, astrology, numerology, and tarot really started to be a part of my daily life.

    It's been several years now that I'm helping people from all parts of the world find their way in life.

    I mainly do tarot readings and I apply many tools to the reading, such as astrology and numerology, so that I can connect to your energy on a deeper level.

    Regarding my guidance, I will be direct and to the point to make sure that you get the message, but of course, I am very compassionate and kind to people in need of answers.

    Let me guide you with all my love and my French accent!

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