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Toxic Relationships
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Specialized in relationships and breakups
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  • Main Specialty:

    • Toxic Relationships

    More Specialties:

    • Affairs & Cheating Hearts
    • Breakup & Divorce
    • Family Issues
    • Finding New Love
    • LGBTQ Relationships
    • Soulmates

    Main Tool:

    • Tarot

    More Tools:

    • Cartomancy
    • Counseling

    Reading Style:

    • Thoughtful

    About Me:

    Hey, I am highly intuitive and very sensitive to all kinds of energy. I have been working with tarot and oracle cards for a few years in addition to astrology and I specialize in relationships. Recently I started to work with reincarnations, life after death lives between lives, and other realms. I also work with people who are on their deathbeds preparing them for the life after death.
    I am very direct and unbiased. Please be respectful and say "Hi", "please" and "thank you". Remember, the energy exchange works both ways. Same with the review that you leave, if you consider leaving any. The review is always appreciated but never expected. The cards will always tell the truth. If you do not hear what you want that does not mean that the reading is not good. There is no reading to be bad, ever. Why do I say that? The cards are the symbols of this social construct that we live in, the MATRIX. MATRIX created this reality and it's shown in the 78 cards in Tarot as well as in many other kinds of ways. So basically you are a creation of this social construct that knows you better than you you know yourself!
    No matter how you shuffle the cards and pull cards from the deck THE MATRIX will always reflect itself in the cards. I studied Tarot and Astrology so I know the meaning of the cards and I always follow that, of course, being helped by my intuition. I type very fast and I always care about my people. Even if I am very direct and very fair I am also very nurturing and
    empathetic. Why do I work with relationships? My background is as a psychologist. I worked with relationships before choosing this line of work. In my experience with people bad relationships/break up/ divorce can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression. They cause overwhelming feelings that are difficult to cope with life in every aspect. This, then influences one's life path. I am focused on healing and recovering.

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