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Finding New Love
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Can Read Without Tools
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  • Main Specialty:

    • Finding New Love

    More Specialties:

    • Career and Money
    • Energy Healer
    • Family Issues
    • Intuitive/Empath

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    • Can Read Without Tools

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    • Past lives Interpretation
    • Tarot

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    • Compassionate

    About Me:

    Hi! My name is Jodi and thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I have been working with Spirit, the Tarot, Runes, and Earth Energies for over 35 years and I am a practicing Wiccan. I would like to tell you a bit about what you can expect from a reading with me. My talents and strengths lie in tuning into your energies, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. My information comes from my Guides, my intuition, as well as working with the Runes and the Tarot. I don’t work with the Tarot in the traditional way, the pictures literally springboard me out into almost a dream state, and enable me to bring forth information for you that you are in need of. I am able to perceive your Aura and your Chakras clairvoyantly. You do not need to be physically present for me to tune into your energy. I am able to discern where your strengths are, where imbalances lie, help you to correct what is needed enabling you to bring yourself back into harmony on all levels thus bringing your life into harmony. My strengths also lie in tapping into the energy of situations and people around you, what is going on, and where things are most likely headed. My clients tend to feel that my readings empower them, because if you don’t like the way a situation is naturally unfolding then we ask Spirit to show us a better direction for you to take in order to bring about the best results. There is no such thing as a doom and gloom or fixed and fated outcome! The goal of my readings is to empower you, help you to see other possibilities, help you to understand the other people and forces that influence what is happening around you, and help you to shape your life into what you want and need it to be. In Love and Light, Jodi

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