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    • Clairvoyant

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    • Angel/Oracle Cards

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    About Me:

    Hi, I’m Justin, a naturally gifted spiritual medium with over 15 years of experience. My journey has been dedicated to helping people through connecting with their angels and spirit guides, in this time I’ve cultivated a deep connection with my spiritual guides and angels.

    What I offer: During a reading with me, I connect to the mystical realm by drawing three cards for you. These cards serve as gateways to divine messages, channeled directly from your spiritual guides. While I cannot predict what they will say, rest assured that the guidance I provide is always pertinent to your life.

    Areas of expertise: Relationships - whether it’s matters of the heart or family dynamics, I delve into the energies surrounding your connections.

    Career, life path, and destiny: Let’s explore the cosmic blueprint that shapes your journey. Uncover hidden potentials and align with your true purpose.

    Abilities and strengths: Discover your unique gifts and talents. I’ll help you recognize and harness your innate abilities.

    Important life events: From milestones to turning points, I’ll shed light on significant moments that impact your path.

    Health and energy: Gain insights into your well-being.

    Note: While I’m here to guide and uplift, I respect privacy. I won’t read into someone else without their consent, such as ''Is my spouse cheating on me?''

    I'm available for video and phone reading, either call me or schedule: Feel free to ask specific questions or request to speak to someone on the other side and I will do my best to summon them.

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