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Finding New Love
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Angel/Oracle Cards
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online and ready to help with most issues.
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  • Main Specialty:

    • Finding New Love

    More Specialties:

    • Career and Money
    • Intuitive/Empath
    • Soulmates

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    • Angel/Oracle Cards

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    • Tarot

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    • Direct

    About Me:

    Become enlightened with Linnea, an intuitive empathic tarot card reader!

    I am Linnea, and from a young age, I could sense the moods and emotions of others. I often did not understand what I was sensing, but I also felt compelled to help others. I sensed I was given this ability so that I could be of service to others. It also gives me a warm feeling of accomplishment from giving guidance so that one can make the right decisions that are best for them. I learned to read tarot cards to allow myself to more easily understand the intuitions and emotions I was sensing. I love the way of symbology, numerology, and mythology among others, helps me discern a well-rounded holistic perspective of situations. 

    While predictions tell you what to expect, my readings will help you see how and where you can empower yourself to create a better life and healthier relationships.

    I can provide readings in any area of life. 

    Relationships: I love helping people with all kinds of relationships. This can include love relationships, family friends, or coworkers. I can guide you with new loves, break-ups, make-ups, tumultuous relationships, or just help you find ways to improve already good ones.

    Career and finances: While I can not tell you things like which stocks to invest in or give lottery numbers, I can help with guidance towards new jobs, the longevity of current jobs, or other things that could affect your finances. I can also help give guidance towards possible good career choices for you. 

    Spiritual Growth: This is something very near and dear to me. I can help guide you towards expanding your best traits and opening up towards spiritual growth or help guide you in things that might be best not in your life.


    While there are many areas I can focus on, I, unfortunately, can not guide in matters of health, specific investments, lottery numbers, or spell-casting. I look forward to helping you with all other matters.

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