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Psychic Medium
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  • Main Specialty:

    • Psychic Medium

    More Specialties:

    • Affairs & Cheating Hearts
    • Breakup & Divorce
    • Career and Money
    • Clairvoyant
    • Energy Healer
    • Family Issues
    • Finding New Love
    • Friends & Social life
    • Grief Counselor
    • Intuitive/Empath
    • LGBTQ Relationships
    • Life Path & Destiny
    • Lost Objects
    • Pet Psychics
    • Soulmates
    • Spirituality & Psychic Ability
    • Toxic Relationships

    Main Tool:

    • Can Read Without Tools

    More Tools:

    • Angel/Oracle Cards
    • Astrology
    • Chakras
    • Counseling
    • Life coaching
    • Meditation
    • Numerology
    • Tarot

    Reading Style:

    • Direct

    About Me:

    Greetings, my name is Luca, and it is my passion to help you find the answers and guidance of love and light from loved ones who passed.

    Since birth, seeing in higher realms was normal for me, as I spoke with light beings in the “ascended masters” and “angel places,” as I referred to them as a little girl. My relationship with this realm has only become stronger in assisting me in my healing work and readings. When I moved to Sedona, Arizona in 1996, my journey of sharing my gifts began.

    Now I am able to share these gifts with you. I will be able to look into your Akashic records where your name resides to see what is to come around you and receive messages from your guides and angels. By connecting with these frequencies of energy, we can receive messages of love and light and answers to many questions or concerns, if those answers are available.

    I use Tarot and Astrology as tools in your readings to call in the energy specific to you. My Tarot decks are chosen specially on a client-by-client basis, so we can be sure to get you the most informative messages.

    I can also tune into your pets as I look into the field of their beings and see what places in their energy and life force need balance and/or clearing and healing. I utilize my knowledge of the Chakras and energy centers in the etheric and physical body as this is what carries our spirit to operate.

    Gratitude for the blessings is important to remember when connecting with our higher selves and will raise the vibration for everyone involved.

    I look forward to connecting with you and bringing you peace, healing, and comfort. Thank you

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