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    • Can Read Without Tools

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    About Me:

    I have had psychic abilities since age ten or, as my grandmother used to call them, the gift of "Divine sight". It is the glimmer of knowing as I tell my daughter now. Most of us let our abilities grow dim as we leave childhood and move toward logic and rational thought. We fear what we don’t understand so we push it back and let go. It takes patience and guidance, and unlimited learning and practice to develop the abilities that we possess. Some people compare it to playing a musical instrument: we all have the capability, but most of us don't access it.

    I remember my grandmother telling me to focus and let myself feel but not fear what I’m seeing and to trust the process and allow my higher self to guide me. What a miracle to have had such a fantastic teacher I am blessed to have all the knowledge she bestowed upon me as well as the gifts I inherited from her. I’ve also taken years to study and practise both tarot and mediumship and fine-tune my intuitive visions through meditation, mentorship, and certifications. Let me use my years of practise to help you envision your future and embark on your life’s purpose. I look forward to helping you create the life you would love to live.

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