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Spirituality & Psychic Ability
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Can Read Without Tools
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Enlightening Readings that Empower You!
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  • Main Specialty:

    • Spirituality & Psychic Ability

    More Specialties:

    • Career and Money
    • Clairvoyant
    • Energy Healer
    • Family Issues
    • Finding New Love
    • Friends & Social life
    • Grief Counselor
    • Intuitive/Empath
    • LGBTQ Relationships
    • Life Path & Destiny
    • Pet Psychics
    • Soulmates
    • Toxic Relationships

    Main Tool:

    • Can Read Without Tools

    More Tools:

    • Counseling
    • Crystals
    • Dream interpretation
    • Life coaching
    • Meditation
    • Past lives Interpretation
    • Pendulum/Dowsing
    • Holistic Healing/Reiki

    Reading Style:

    • Compassionate

    About Me:

    Hi, I'm Psychic Stacy, and I am here to provide you with specific answers to your most important questions, to help you navigate difficult challenges, and to empower you to discover and ignite your life's purpose!

    If you want to know about romance, relationships, job or career, finances, health concerns, pets, dreams, or any other matters of importance, I will give you the information, insight, and direction you are seeking.

    I am claircognizant, which means I receive clear knowledge directly from my celestial support tribe. I also often use a pendulum and muscle testing as divination tools. My communication style is honest, direct, tactful, compassionate, positive, and intended for your highest good.

    • Psychic readings
    • Soul guidance
    • Life coaching
    • Energy healing
    • Addiction counseling

    Over the past 15 years, I have provided readings and guidance for people from different backgrounds, sexual orientations, and international locations.

    My educational credentials include doctorate degrees in metaphysics and divinity, life coaching certification, associate degrees in applied science and addiction counseling, and ministerial licensure. I have produced psychic and healing expos and co-hosted the Psychic Partners radio show.

    I am honored to have this celebrity endorsement from author, radio host, channel, and actress Dee Wallace, who is best known for playing the mom in the movie E.T. “Stacy is an intuitive healer who can help unravel your understanding of yourself to empower your life.”

    I send you love and light, and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

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