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    • Breakup & Divorce

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    Hello, My name is True Mentor and I am a clairvoyant. Using my natural abilities and spirit guides to help people find their true answers. I provide accurate, detailed, and in-depth guidance based on the energy patterns and intuitive psychic messages from angels and spirit guides. The messages that come through, can be used as messages from the universe. I was always aware of the unseen world since childhood around the age of 14.

    I did my first ever prediction as an expert, in love and career. My biggest priority is that people get mental peace when they talk to me as I vibe with people very easily and try my best to give the true insights. I have given over 2000 readings and most of them were very accurate and many of my predictions came true. I have learned many things from my personal experience, not only a psychic but a very good therapist and a good listener.

    My readings are usually light-hearted and optimistic because I like to see the best in people and I am more focused on personal growth after break up although a breakup can lead to feelings of inadequacy or guilt, it can also be helpful to instead consider personal growth and the things learned, positive or negative, from the time spent in the relationship. If a relationship did not work out, it may be helpful to know why so that this knowledge can be applied to future relationships. I try to heal people to the best out of their breakups and ongoing relationship issues.

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