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Uranus and Neptune in the Houses

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
November 11, 2022
Uranus and Neptune in the Houses
Uranus and Neptune in the Houses

People talk about the zodiac Houses, which number twelve, and all about astrological planetary alignment on their birth chart, but if you have never had your zodiac houses chart made, you may not understand what they are so excited about. Find what’s so exciting about it, how to find a zodiac Houses calculator, and then learn what Uranus and Neptune in the Houses of your birth chart mean today. This article will explore:

When you speak with people who talk happily all about zodiac signs and their Houses in their birth charts, you might be confused if you have never heard of that. Don’t be dismayed, because we can take the mystery out of it, with zodiac signs and Houses explained right here. We can explain exactly how to find a site to cast your personal birth chart as well as what a Birth Chart even is to begin with! Your zodiac signs and Houses don’t need to be a mystery, and we have actually already done some articles you can enjoy about zodiac Houses and planets. However, today we will explain a bit about what the Houses are, and focus on Neptune and Uranus and what they mean in each of the Houses. Read on to learn more!

What Is a Birth Chart?

Uranus and Neptune in the Houses

The birth chart is something that can easily be calculated using online sites and it will show you all about what planets and zodiac signs were moving into what areas at your moment of birth. These things tell you about personality, love styles, what you are good at, and what kinds of things you will likely do in life. Your zodiac signs tell you spiritual matters and natural tendencies, while the Houses are something quite different! Before reading about the Houses, get your zodiac Houses chart calculated at this link: Free Astrology Birth Chart Report (

The Houses of the Zodiac

Uranus and Neptune in the Houses

There are twelve Houses in your Birth Chart, and each of them has a different meaning. For example, the First House is called The House of Self and it decides your general outlook, personality and general disposition. Each House rules a part of the body, and a zodiac sign influences each House as well. While a zodiac sign lends its energies to its individual House, and the Houses say a lot about us, the Houses are more about our conditions in life and events we are involved in. More information about astrological Houses and Meanings can be found at this article. For a quick intro to each zodiac Houses meaning and what they all govern, click this link: What Does Venus Mean in the Houses? | Mysticsense

Uranus in the Houses

Uranus and Neptune in the Houses

To start, we will discuss Uranus and what it means in the Houses. The planet Uranus is named after the Greek god Uranus or Ouranos, who is a sky god, and Hesiod wrote that Gaia, the earth goddess created Uranus. Then, they united as a couple, and he fathered many children with her. Unfortunately, Uranus was cruel and would not allow any of their children to leave their mother’s womb, so Gaia called upon their many children to overthrow their father, and her son Cronus was the only one who stepped up to do so. He overthrew Uranus and assumed the position of supreme god.

The planet Uranus doesn’t make one unkind, thankfully. Instead, it instills creativity, uniqueness, genius, inventiveness, the desire to drive progress and reform, and grants psychic abilities, most especially bestowing the gift of prophecy upon those who it influences. It can make you very adventurous to the point of never wanting to stay put, and it can make you downright eccentric. However, all of these traits are good because they make you quite unique, inquisitive, and there will probably never be anybody else quite like you! Besides all of this, Uranus is different in each House as it influences the things the Houses govern. Keep in mind, than in most any House, Uranus instills powerful psychic ability and interest in the paranormal and occult sciences. Isn’t that wonderful?

Uranus in the First House

In the House of Self, Uranus brings a lot of independence to you. You are an original thinker, and probably work best on your own, at least while you are working through new ideas. You may be a revolutionary person, and even if you are not one to lead a major change in society, you don’t let anybody else tell you what you think or believe. You may change jobs, hobbies, or residences abruptly, but that’s because your freedom is your top priority, and you are often not part of any mainstream mindset or group. There is nobody else like you!

Uranus in the Second House

In the House of Possessions, there is much changeability, and that can translate to instability. Income and wealth in general will vary, meaning that sometimes you will have more than you ever dreamed of, but at other times, things can be lean, and you have to scrimp to get by. Your best modes of gaining wealth will be through your inventiveness, and you will have a lot of different skills and abilities helping you transition to a new job field if the one you had is no longer available to you.

Uranus in the Third House

In the House of Communication, Uranus makes you quite the intellectual, being curious and desiring to learn as much as possible. You especially love to learn cutting edge technology and antiquarian obscure topics, or basically all things that not everybody knows about. Uranus in this House will increase the probability of rapid changes in news that can cause trips and journeys to occur unexpectedly. You may have strained relationships with friends and family and be in peculiar situations because of this.

Uranus in the Fourth House

In the House of Family and Home, Uranus causes strain between you and your family members, and you may even have the misfortune of being estranged from them. The place and situation you are born into can cause problems for your life, and you may suffer loss of inheritance or be in poverty at some point. Your career can be erratic, with a lot of problems at jobs, and odd occurrences can be had through work. Remember, though with all these things, Uranus makes you quite independent, which means you have the ability to be self sufficient in ways some other people could not.

Uranus in the Fifth House

In the House of Pleasure, Uranus can mean you either lose some of your children, be it through having a falling out with them, or through death. You can also experience anxiety and worry for your children and have difficulties in general in homelife and romance. Your ideas about sex and romance will be unique, and you won’t ascribe to the sensual taboos society expects of you. You may have scandalous love affairs or a lot of frustrations with friends.

Uranus in the Sixth House

In the House of Health, you are advised not to eat when overtired or upset because it can bother your stomach. Be aware of the spiritual and psychic energies of the people who prepare the food you eat because you are very sensitive to absorbing negative energy through what you eat and drink. Throughout your life, be very careful of what you eat and drink, but also the energies of the people you are around and the places you go because you absorb what they emit. Be especially aware of health hazards at the job and stay away from careers that make you feel unwell.

Uranus in the Seventh House

In the House of Partnerships, Uranus causes hastily formed relationships to create especially undesirable results and impulsive or forbidden romances can be disastrous. Choose a partner wisely, because Uranus can cause romantic separation or estrangement, and do all you can to help your significant other be safe. There will be unexpected opposition from friends and peers, leading to lawsuits sometimes and contracts and partnerships can prove unprofitable. So read the fine print and keep plenty of savings and insurance in the event of financial loss.

Uranus in the Eighth House

In the House of Sex, Uranus puts you on notice that you may have loss related to death or romantic partners. The reputations and deeds of ancestors can deplete you and significant others can use you for their advantage. You will have interest in jobs and hobbies that increase life expectancy. Vitamins and workout regimens can excite you as well as cosmetic surgery or pursuing dreams you had as a young person later in life- which will make you feel younger again!

Uranus in the Ninth House

In the House of Philosophy, Uranus makes your prophetic abilities especially powerful. You might have great intuition or you may have dreams that accurately predict what will come to pass. Your beliefs and views are especially progressive and you seek reform that improves society as well as your own personal life. You want to see as much of the world as possible, and no new experience makes you feel uncomfortable. You may have issues on some of your many travels out of your home Nation, and people who marry into your family might be problematic.

Uranus in the Tenth House

In the House of Social Status, you are somebody who tries to throw off all societal limitations, creating your own path and seeking to be completely in control of your own destiny. Authority figures may lock horns with you, struggling for dominance over you, but your own autonomy comes first, and they find themselves losing the battle for control. Both your lifestyle and career is unconventional and you may rise through the ranks at jobs, amassing quite a lot of power for yourself. The number one word that describes both you and your life is extraordinary and you seek to improve the world all your life.

Uranus in the Eleventh House

In the House of Friendships, Uranus brings unique friendships you can benefit greatly from both emotionally and materially. Your friends will have brilliant minds and be well respected for their intellectual accomplishments, and you may join their ranks, with them helping you in your career. Be aware, though, that Uranus in the eleventh House can cause sudden falling outs with friends, and these estrangements can make you feel isolated and forming friendships on whims can be dangerous.

Uranus in the Twelfth House

In the House of the Subconscious, Uranus fascinates you with secret things, and the more mysterious they are, the more drawn to them you will be. This includes your relationships, and you are unafraid of forbidden romances that could cause public disgrace. You may become estranged from friends, and public institutions could be places where you simply don’t feel comfortable. Highly eccentric people may give you trouble, and underhanded attempts by them to attack you could prove detrimental. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Neptune in the Houses

Uranus and Neptune in the Houses

The planet Neptune was named after the Roman god of the Sea. Neptune is believed to have a terrible temper, which causes earthquakes, and is as unpredictable as the sea itself. He was, however, quite kindly to people sometimes, and anytime Romans had a battle victory at sea, they believed Neptune had granted them the win. With his brothers Jupiter and Pluto, he battled the Titans, and when these three won, they split creation, each ruling their own realm. The planet brings the influence of spirituality and daydreaming as well as idealism, having a visionary mind, and inspiration. On the darker side, it can also bring in self-indulgence, over sensitivity, deception, and scheming.

Neptune in the First House

In the House of the Self, Neptune makes you a dreamer who is empathic, and quite a sensitive soul. You are highly creative and are a detail oriented individual, and this makes your artistic side very powerful, and can entirely define who you are. Your love of the arts and all things beautiful can be what guides your entire career and you are spiritually perceptive. Neptune in the First House can allow one to be overwhelmed by feelings and it can be difficult to resist temptation.

Neptune in the Second House

In the House of Possessions, Neptune can make you wealthy or poor. Areas that Neptune oversees like all seafaring enterprises as well as spiritual organizations, secret societies, and health care industries can prove financially beneficial if investments and career is entered into wisely. However, be aware of hidden treachery, like a partner who takes the profit and runs. Save money, consult a lawyer on business deals, and have another lawyer check behind that lawyer if need be in order to protect your assets.

Neptune in the Third House

In the House of Communication, Neptune gives you strong feelings about pretty much everything in your life, and you communicate through your feelings rather than by logic. This can be especially helpful when you trust your gut feelings and intuition, but it can be bad if it goes overboard and your anxiety lies to you about things. Balancing the emotions with being practical is how to survive especially upsetting times and listening to your spiritual side will guide you through life’s ups and downs.

Neptune in the Fourth House

In the House of Family and Home, Neptune can be tricky. It denotes changes in where you live and major voyages or journeys. There will be secrecy regarding your homelife, and your parents might be somehow involved in schemes or fraud. You will have powerful psychic experiences in life but you may teeter into mental issues and be confined to psychiatric care at some point. However, despite all this, Neptune can bring wealth through property and real estate ownership.

Neptune in the Fifth House

In the House of Pleasure, Neptune can bring wealth through shipping commerce and oil trade, or it can bring loss through thieving business partners. Watch who you have business dealings with and never let them trick you. Your romantic tendencies will be what some would call unusual, but whatever makes you happy will make your partners happy too. Just don’t let your desires draw you to people who don’t care about you, or you could be heartbroken.

Neptune in the Sixth House

In the House of Health, make sure not to eat or drink anything sick people offer you, and it is bad for your sensitive nature to wear second hand clothing. Many with Neptune in their sixth House feel best when they listen to their own instincts as to what they need health wise. You tend to absorb energy from the people who you are around, so distancing yourself from people who you feel are toxic is necessary, and associating with positive people who you feel uplift you will make your health the best it can be.

Neptune in the Seventh House

In the House of Partnerships, Neptune can bring in exactly two marriages or engagements, and it brings the risk of problems in your domestic life. Your heart is open to love, and you don’t judge your loved ones like some other people would. However, there are red flags that behaviors could prove to be deal breakers and you should objectively accept your loved one’s shortcomings as well as their virtues. While your love might be perfect, there are no perfect people and if your significant other is doing something like stealing money now, they might financially ruin you later. There are plenty of better fish in the sea for a tenderhearted individual such as yourself.

Neptune in the Eighth House

In the House of Sex, Neptune gives you especially powerful spiritual experiences. You have prophetic dreams, and the ability to step into spirit realms is very possible for you when Neptune is in your eighth House. You might be prone to nightmares, however, and your dreams may be more peculiar than psychic at times. Be aware that Neptune can make it easier for you to lose money because of other people and protect your finances, most especially money that you inherit or set up for your children to inherit from you.

Neptune in the Ninth House

In the House of Philosophy, Neptune grants especially powerful psychic ability and people find you very inspirational. You will study philosophy and excel at communication with spirits. You will have the ability to work well with others and you will be highly impressionable. Being cooperative is very important, but don’t allow other people to convince you to do anything you don’t want to. You have too many spiritual things to do to waste your time on people who don’t have your best interests in mind.

Neptune in the Tenth House

In the House of Social Status, Neptune makes you drawn to careers that are mysterious, secretive, or inspirational. All forms of the arts and psychic disciplines will interest you and you may thrive in a secret service position for the government, maybe even as a spy! You have the powerful ability to make quite a good name for yourself through unique achievements, but this does not come without a warning! Be aware that some people may feel threatened by your success and seek to slander your good name. Protect your reputation, and enjoy the fame and good position you earn for yourself.

Neptune in the Eleventh House

In the House of Friendships, Neptune isn’t so nice to have. At best, it creates complications in some of your friendships, but it can get worse. It can bring you treacherous friends and make mentors and advisors unreliable. You can find yourself drawn to untrue people like a moth to a flame, but remember, a moth can fly away before getting too close, and so can you. Nobody is worth losing your peace of mind over, and there will be plenty of better people to spend time with.

Neptune in the Twelfth House

In the House of the Subconscious, Neptune instills especially powerful skills leading to great success in the psychic disciplines. Not only will your psychic powers be advanced, and your success great, but you will excel in secret areas where confidential research like being a detective is warranted. Be aware, however, that though Neptune helps you to excel in hidden disciplines, things can also be hidden from you. People can plot to deceive you at times but you can use your psychic ability to sniff them out. If you get bad vibes off of a “trusted” associate, investigate and see if your hunch is right. Your intuition is there to guide you.

Both Neptune and Uranus are powerful influencers in your life, but they are not the only planets that move through your Birth Chart. Make sure to read more about the other planets in your Birth Chart to learn even more about how the heavens influence and make your life wonderful and unique! You can even find out how the planets in the Houses influence your love life!

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Uranus and Neptune in the Houses

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