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Cleansing And Charging Spiritual Tools

By Mysticsense
October 19, 2020
Cleansing And Charging Spiritual Tools

It can be exciting when you finally bring home a new divination tool, whether it’s crystals, a tarot deck or a pendulum. You may be tempted to use it right away, despite not knowing where it’s been or who else has touched it along its journey to you. Divinatory tools work by absorbing and interpreting the energy that they come in contact with. So before you use your new tool it is wise to begin by cleansing it of previous energy and then charging it with your own vibration.

Cleansing A Spiritual Tool

There are several ways to cleanse a new tool and some are easier than others. If the tool can safely be exposed to water, a simple method of cleansing can be done by running the tool under cool water in the sink while imagining all unwanted energy being washed away. Intention is everything when it comes to spiritual practices, so ensure that you have a clear intention of cleansing and purifying the tool prior to starting any process. For tools that cannot be directly exposed to water, using salt or moonlight is a great alternative. Salt is associated with the element of earth and works by absorbing the energy out of an object, whereas light from the full moon can raise the vibration of the previous energy, effectively neutralizing it.

Burning sage or Palo Santo wood is another way to cleanse an object, this time employing the power of smoke and the element of air. If neither of these are available, incense can be used to smoke cleanse a tool instead. Simply clear your mind and state your intention to cleanse the object and then visualize the smoke going inside and through the object carrying out all of the previous energy with it. The element of fire can be used to cleanse a divination tool as well by symbolically ‘burning away’ the unwanted energy that has accumulated in the item. Holding the tool a safe distance above a candle flame while imagining the flames engulfing and consuming the item is an effective way to purify any spiritual tool.

Charging New Tools

Whether you are using runes, a tarot deck or any other spiritual item, after cleansing it of previous energy it is important to connect to the tool and charge it for use. One method of connecting with your new tool is to sleep with it under your pillow for three or nine consecutive nights. This allows your subconscious mind to become familiar with the tool while you sleep and allow your own energy to absorb into it. It is a good idea to repeat this process occasionally over time to strengthen the bond you have with your tool. You can also connect to your new tool by holding it in your hands and breathing into it with intention. The breath is very powerful and is said to contain the essence of life which you can ‘breathe into’ your new divinatory tool. If you decide to use this method to charge your item with, be sure that the warmth of your breath actually touches the front and back of the item.

The full moon can also charge divinatory tools while simultaneously cleansing them. In order to imbue a new tool with the moon’s light, leave it outside on a clear night for approximately 3 hours to absorb the energy of the full moon. Placing a clear quartz crystal over the tool may help to enhance this process, as does visualizing the moon’s energy absorbing into and filling the tool until it is overflowing with the silver light of the moon. Remember that intention is everything, so if you plan to use the moon to cleanse or charge your tool be sure to state your intention before leaving it in the moonlight. Some people say that sunlight can weaken intuition, while the moonlight enhances it. Whether or not you choose to work with the sun’s energy to cleanse and charge your tools is up to you.

Reiki can be another source of unlimited energy which can assist in charging a new spiritual tool, and often enhances any energies and intentions that have been placed into it. To help charge the new tool with Reiki, simply perform a general Reiki session on the tool and seal in the energy when you are finished. Having the intention of charging and enhancing the spiritual power of your tool can aid in getting the best results when using Reiki. Due to the personal nature of charging a spiritual tool, many people do not allow others to touch their tools. It is respectful to always ask before touching any spiritual tools and whether or not you want others to touch your tools is a personal choice that should be made intuitively. Each time a divinatory tool is touched it absorbs a small amount of energy, so keep this in mind when deciding how to treat your tools.

All About Consecration

Consecration is the act of declaring something sacred and assigning it a specific spiritual purpose. This should be the last step in the process of charging your new spiritual tool and works to ‘seal in’ or solidify the energy and purpose which your tool has been imbued with. There are many ways to consecrate something, so listening to your intuition is important to discovering the method of consecration that is right for you and your tool. Consecrating a new tool can help to protect it from absorbing ambient energies and prevent it from losing its spiritual charge over time. One method of consecration includes asking for the four elements to bless and charge the item with their essence, symbolically combining within it to form ‘life’, or sacredness.

This can be done by sprinkling the tool with a symbol of earth and water, followed by holding it over a candle flame for the blessing of fire and finally wafting it over incense or using a feather to symbolize the power of air filling and blessing the spiritual tool. The ancient Greeks thought that the world consisted of the four elements of earth, air, fire and water, and therefore all things were a blend of these four principles. Consecrating a spiritual tool with the four elements effectively fills it with the power of all that is, therefore declaring it as sacred.

Following these three steps in order can ensure that the tools you use in divination and spirituality are purified and ready to perform at their optimum. As with all spiritual practices, intention is the most important ingredient when cleansing and charging a tool. Thinking about the purpose that the tool will serve can help in the charging process and add to the success of your practice. These are just a few methods that can be used when cleansing, charging and consecrating tools and there are many other ways to do so. Follow your intuition and choose which method feels most comfortable to you!


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