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Just Wait!

Psychics oftentimes find themselves telling their clients that something very good is coming into their lives, but that they do have to wait for it. They may be waiting because something else has to come to pass first, possibly a period of growth or learning, they may be waiting because other people or circumstances are not in the right place yet, or they may be waiting because, well, it’s just not time yet. 

Our lives have their own rhythm, their own tempo and their own timing. Sometimes we move smoothly in that tempo, we feel that everything is right with the world. Other times, we rail against it, wondering why things don’t happen as quickly as we’d like them to. There are sometimes things we can do that *may* speed it up, but oftentimes, we have to wait. For our hearts to heal, for a job to come open, for that money to be available. We have to learn to be patient and to be strong while we’re waiting. 

Pregnancy is a perfect example of a time when waiting cannot be hurried, and we must let things develop in their own time. As much as we want to meet the new soul coming into our lives, we must give it time to grow and to become what it is meant to be. No matter what we do to try to speed that process along, there’s not much we can actually do but be patient and dream of the day when the waiting is finally over. 

It’s not always an easy thing, waiting. Sometimes it can seem that life is one big waiting game. We’re all just waiting to fall in love, to find the right job, or to live the perfect life. But if you’re spending your time waiting, rather than doing, feeling and living, then it’s guaranteed you are missing out on a lot of beautiful moments. Moments with dear friends, family and pets, moments that you will never get to re-live, even after that “someday” finally does arrive. 

Yes, maybe you really will be happier in that imagined future relationship, that exciting new job, or that beautiful new life. Maybe you will. But it’s guaranteed you will be much happier in the future if you are taking care of what’s happening all around you right now. If, in the future, you can look back and say “I did it right.” If you are loving with all your heart, and giving what you can but taking care of yourself as well, you will be happier no matter what the future brings. 

We can spend so much time dreaming and planning for the future that we lose sight of what is right in front of us right now. So, just for a moment, open your eyes. What do you see? Is it perfect? Is it everything you dreamed? No? Not even close? But does it have its own beauty and light? Of course it does. Spirit is everywhere and in everything. 

And remember, sometimes when we ask for something, the answer isn’t no, it’s “just wait”

What beauty is going to come into your life next? Just wait…

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