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LGBTQI Love Relationships

By Saoirse
January 24, 2022
LGBTQI Love Relationships
LGBTQI Love Relationships
TL;DRLove comes in many forms, and not just for heterosexuals. It’s true love when it’s between two men or two women ad well as a woman and man. Some people disagree, and state such love is not true love, but is sinful and forbidden. Is it wrong to love someone who is the same sex as you, or is love simply love if you love a woman and are a woman too? What can a relationship tarot reading for LGBTQI people say about it?

The acronym LGBTQIA stands for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer, intersex, and their allies. Other acronyms include LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTQI and a mishmash of things like LQBGT, and even LGBTIA. The meaning is the same. Some people love somebody who is not the opposite sex as them , or somebody whose gender identity does not match societal gender mores. Not everybody falls for somebody who will have a heterosexual relationship with them, and the truth is, it’s all normal, healthy, and beautiful.

Not everybody sees it this way, however, and families, religious organizations, and society as a whole tends to be structured around heterosexual marriage and childrearing, shaming, banishing, and seeking to convert non heterosexuals to their way of life. Many strong LGBTQIA couples defy the odds everyday , building lives together, and being happy despite the fact some people fight this.

Non heterosexual couples can benefit from a relationship tarot reading, free from worry about discrimination from their psychic to get love predictors of how their relationships are going and what long term potential they have. Love finds its way to us and if you really love a woman, and she loves you, regardless of your gender identity or sexual orientation, you can be together.

Love vs Pity

Love vs Pity LBGTQI

Feeling pity for someone, or hatred because they are LBGTQI, and pretending you are simply concerned for them and want better for them is neither love, nor feeling pity to be honest. It’s intolerance, but plenty of people have their excuses and won’t admit to their actual reasons for trying to shame LGBTQI people. Whether they cite religious beliefs, societal standards, or what their families taught them, it’s not out of concern or pity, but out of intolerance.


Religion against LGBTQI

Some people site religious beliefs for the reason they are against LGBTQI relationships. Indeed, some scriptural passages condemn non heterosexual people, and some organizations even have “classes” seeking to convert people to a heterosexual lifestyle. For example, in the book of Leviticus 20:13, it says “ If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them. “ Islam also teaches homosexuality is sinful, and punishable by Allah. However, many religious adherents of many different faiths today say that using scriptures written thousands of years ago by people whose culture no longer exists as an excuse to be anti-gay or anti anything else won’t change the fact that love is love.

Besides that, if a religion goes on strike against you, condemning who you are, saying you must change, remember there are plenty of other religious groups that accept LGBTQI people and acknowledge these relationships as valid. The Wiccan and Neo-Pagan faiths have embraced non heterosexual people and blessed their unions for many years, and plenty of Christian denominations like the Unitarian Universalists, Episcopals, and The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada both ordains LGBTQI people and blesses their marriages. “I love too” is what many LGBTQI people have openly explained for years, and there are religious people listening.

One religious organization that is well known for its inclusiveness is ADF, or Ar nDraiocht Fein: A Druid Fellowship. Multiple administrative officers and clergy persons are LGBTQI, and their inclusivity statement says, “ Ar nDraiocht Fein is committed to upholding all members in a warm and welcoming environment. We are dedicated to providing a safe space for all of our members no matter their race, sex, gender, age, ethnicity, sexuality, or experiences. ADF seeks to build a community that encourages, understands, appreciates, and accepts diversity. We will work proactively to cultivate an environment where differences are embraced and the diversity of human expression is valued. ADF believes that our community is stronger when all members have a voice and are encouraged to contribute.⠀

We ask the Kindreds to grant us the wisdom to know what actions to take, and the perseverance to continue when the work is difficult. Allow us the vision to see the positive pieces of our community and the courage to work to improve the negativities. Let us show hospitality through our inclusion and appreciation of diversity. May our unified piety bring us together as a community, as we find balance through moderation. We choose to maintain our integrity by upholding these virtues as we stand beside our membership.”

ADF embers have felt free to be who they are there, knowing they found a safe place of inclusion and acceptance. They lead groups Internationally and have been operating since 1983, and continues to lead worship, classes, and do community outreach where people can learn about them and what they believe.

You can find out about them here: Welcome to ADF - Ár nDraíocht Féin


Society against LGBTQI

Individuals may be easier to talk sense into than whole societies, but some Nations have led the way and act as a shining example for the rest of the world about being inclusive. In 1791, France decriminalized homosexuality, however, indecent exposure laws sometimes targeted LGBTQI people before this was repealed. In 2013, France legalized gay marriage, and in 2017, they legalized transgendered people being allowed to change their identity without surgeries. In a 2013, a poll showed 77% of French citizens believed homosexuality should be accepted, and Paris, France was named one of the most gay inclusive cities worldwide.

However, Copenhagen, Denmark was the first Nation to legalize gay marriage in 1989, and they boast the world’s first gay bar, which is one hundred years old. Berlin, Germany is credited with having gay businesses and bars since the 1920’s and has entire districts where inclusion has been the rule as opposed to the exception. In the United States, lists their top ten gay friendly cities as including Palm Springs, California, Atlanta, Georgia, and Wilton Manors, Florida.

Some towns like Westerville, Ohio have adopted non-discrimination ordinances which prohibits “discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, familial status, disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.” You may not be discriminated against at a job, nor may a place of business turn you away based on any of these things. You may not be denied housing, nor medical help. You may not be denied access to any privileges or accommodations available to the public. Considering the fact statistics say 25.6 million Americans, or 11% of the population at the time said they experienced attraction to a same sex individual, shutting out that many people from human rights is simply something that will not be allowed.

Countless articles are found of business owners refusing to sell wedding cakes to homosexuals, and countless other bakeries are lining up to sell cakes to same sex couples in defiance of the intolerance. More people are coming out as gay, even to family members who denounce them, and communities form to protect and embrace people so they won’t feel alone or that they are sinful or wrong.


Families against LGBTQI

If saying “Mom, I love the woman I live with, we are not roommates. We are partners and we are getting married,” is something a woman cannot say without being cast out from her family, her risk for suicide jumps drastically. 30 plus percent of transgender individuals have reported attempting suicide. Canadian studies show a 14% higher risk of suicide for LGBTQI youth than their heterosexual peers. Furthermore, LGBTQI kids who were rejected by their family are 8% more likely to commit suicide than their LGBTQI peers whose families have accepted them.

A son telling his family that “My man loves me and I love to love him back” could be met by the family welcoming their son’s partner with open arms instead of rejection. Fred Schneider, famous lead singer of pop band The B 52’s said when he came out as gay to his Mother, she simply said “ ‘ Oh, I know Freddie’ and continued vacuuming without missing a beat.” An entirely different response came from J Edgar Hoover’s mother when she told him she would rather have a dead son than a gay son. While Hoover did maintain a relationship with his partner, he struggled knowing how his mother felt about it. Some families resort to something quite drastic to try to “fix” their gay children, however.

Marrying a Woman You Don’t Love

Woman You Don’t Love

Families, religions, and society often tries to push us to marry people we simply don’t love. Sometimes they do so out of misunderstanding that not every man says “I need a woman to love” and instead says “ I just love him” about a wonderful man. Some people succumb to the pressure, trying to appease people they love or “feel normal”, but being LGBTQI is just as normal as being heterosexual or even asexual.

What is known as Gay Conversion Therapy is a psychological tool used to try and convince gay people they are not actually born gay, but are sinning and should change. Some groups have resorted to electroshock therapy and withholding food from people as well as doing exorcisms as if it were demonic to be LGBTQI. The author used to work with a woman who stated she led such classes and the woman who taught said classes said most people quit. That is because being LGBTQI is no more a choice and no less normal than being heterosexual or asexual and plenty of mental health professionals and lawmakers are working to ban this practice.

Already in Malta, Brazil, Germany, and Ecuador, Gay Conversion Therapy is banned, and it is also banned in 19 states in America including New York, New Mexico, and California. Lawmakers in other States in the US and on other Nations are working on getting this banned. As you read this article. Mary Lightbody, a Columbus, Ohio Democrat who is sponsoring a bill to ban Gay Conversion Therapy said “ This legislation affirms the right of young people to develop their own gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation, without those in the medical community trying to change their minds.”

I Love My Boy

Man Love Man

For men who love men and would like a Tarot deck that explores the mysteries of gay love, a beautiful deck by Lee Burstein and Antonella Platano is simply called the Gay Tarot. The Major and Minor Arcana’s are represented in this 78 card deck, which is reviewed as a “go to deck”” and a deck one individual has been waiting to get since they were fifteen years old! It is said to show a good balance of masculine and feminine in men and is important for its empowerment and integration.

You can get your copy here: Gay Tarot (English and Spanish Edition): Lee Bursten, Antonella Platano: 9780738705972: Books

I Love This Woman

Woman Love Woman

If you are a LGBTQI individual and love a woman, The She Wolfe tarot is in its fourth edition, it’s so well loved. This deck contains beautiful imagery of the feminine divine and the beauty of the female figure. This deck is a bit more expensive than some, and the new edition is not yet available, but will be in January or February of 2022.

You can preorder your own brand-new copy here: PREORDER! SHE WOLFE TAROT 4th EDITION – S E R P E N T F I R E (

All of Us

All of Us

Witch and photographer Flossy Roxx created The Queer Tarot Project where an exploration of LGBTQI sexuality and identity is explored in the beautiful deck. The goal is to tell the stories of LQBTQI people in these cards. The deck is still a work in progress, so you can’t buy a copy just yet!

However, this groundbreaking project can be viewed on this web page: Queer Tarot Gallery of cards | Queer Tarot Cards

I, Too Love

I, Too Love

Conee Berdera eloquently wrote about their experiences in their poem simply called “I’m Bisexual”.

 “ ‘Pick one’, they say. They wonder if I like men or women.

I am a confusion, something they can’t put in a box.

I am either not gay enough for the gay community

or I’m not straight enough for anyone else.

I think they’ve forgotten love can’t fit in a box,

nor does it discriminate.”

Everybody deserves to be able to say they can be with the one they love. “I need somebody to love” somebody to heal the sorrows caused by rejection by families and discrimination from society or members of large religious organizations, all trying to convince them they were born wrong when in fact, they were born perfect. Love is not wrong, and we are not wrong for who we love.

Potential Love Tarot

Love Tarot

Like any couple, LGBTQI people and their partners can find answers from a psychic advisor about their love lives. Readings about love in chat readings, live video calls, or phone conversations with a Mysticsense advisor can be private, or shared with your partner as a couples reading. Love always finds a way to us no matter who we are. If you love a woman, whether you are also a woman, you should be together. If you are lucky, she will love everything about you and you will have a beautiful life together and you will love that woman all your days.

Would you like to know where your relationship is going? Our love hotline has relationship psychics ready to speak with you 24/7. As per our house rules for our psychics, regardless of “race, ethnicity, nationality, class, caste, belief, religion, sex, gender, language, or sexual orientation”, Mysticsense advisors don’t discriminate, and our psychics provide an inclusive, safe place for your psychic reading. Join us today!

LGBTQI Love RelationshipsAbout the Author: Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life, but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Mysticsense and she writes for Pagan Pages emag.

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