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The Five Clair Senses

By Mysticsense
October 05, 2020
The Five Clair Senses

Believe it or not, every one of us possesses psychic abilities, although not everyone is able to recognize these gifts for what they truly are. Think back to a time where you found yourself unable to ignore a strong ‘gut instinct’ about a situation, or a time where you could have sworn you felt the fleeting presence of a loved one who is no longer with us. Almost all of these inexplicable experiences that we dismiss as a mere coincidence are often bound to the spirit world and have incredibly profound meanings.


We have the ability to utilize five main clair senses in order to allow us to momentarily tune into higher realms and receive messages from loved ones, spirit strangers or even guardian angels. While it is rare for an individual to possess all five, most of us are naturally attuned to one of two of these senses over the rest. By opening the heart and mind, and learning not to dismiss these esoteric signs, all of us are able to improve our clair senses to some degree. Outlined below are each of the five clair senses and an explanation as to what type of people are most likely to possess them.


‘Clairvoyance’ translates to ‘clear seeing’ in French and is often described as our ‘third eye’ in various cultures. It is arguably the most prolific of all the clair senses and is a term that most of us will be familiar with whether or not we are aware of what it actually means. Clairvoyance is a practice highly popular with psychics and mediums as it casts light on seemingly unanswerable questions through the conjuring of clear mental pictures. These subjects may be of departed loved ones, of important future events or of situations occurring in the present but in a far-removed location. It is important to distinguish between one’s imagination and the vivid imagery that constitutes clairvoyance. Once the image has met the mind’s eye, it is then the work of the individual to depict its meaning and relay its important message.

Those of us who are highly visual individuals, who learn best through diagrams and opt to illustrate their thoughts and plans directly onto paper may find that clairvoyance is the strongest of all their clair senses. If you work as an artist, photographer, designer or in any other predominantly visually-oriented field, there is a good chance that your clairvoyant abilities are waiting to be unveiled. As mentioned previously, the best way to achieve this is by simply opening the mind and remaining receptive to the concept of clairvoyance, as abstract as it may initially seem.


As you might suspect, ‘clairaudience’ is the ability to receive sounds and messages inaudible to the wider world. The sounds that can be heard are highly diverse, from words and names to music and even the sounds of major events. The ways in which these auditory signals are detected is also highly variant; at times it may sound as if someone is speaking right next to you and at other times it may sound like a much louder version of our internal ‘head voice’ that chatters away throughout the day. However, contrary to popular belief, not everything detected by those with this clair sense comes from the spirit world as it takes an enormous amount of energy for spirit to produce audible noise. Although this certainly accounts for a lot of the messages received, there are plenty of occasions whereby clairaudients have been able to predict major events by hearing the sounds as if they were in the midst of the action. Despite the various nuances, what can be agreed on is the importance of these auditory messages. Only during highly significant occasions (such as during a near death experience or when desperately needing comfort from a departed loved one) does this particular clair sense kick into action - this is what sets these sounds apart from day-to-day internal noise and helps us differentiate it as a profound message that needs to be acknowledged. 

It is therefore unsurprising that those of us who are great listeners and learn best when information is presented aloud are most likely to have clairaudient abilities. Furthering this, if you are a musician, singer or work in a counselling field, it is even more likely that this clair sense of yours will thrive with a little extra concerted effort.


At this point we are approaching some of the more niche clair senses that most of us will be totally unfamiliar with. Interestingly however, clairsentience is the clair sense that most of us allude to in daily life without appreciating it for what it actually is. In sum, clairsentience is defined as ‘clear feeling’ and thus those nagging ‘gut feelings’ we feel in certain situations are most likely to be rather important messages that we should not ignore. Of course, in order for these intuitive feelings to be the work of clairsentience, the feeling needs to be fairly significant and overwhelmingly clear to the individual. Think about a time whereby you met someone and instantly experienced a profoundly positive or negative subconscious reaction. This individual may have not displayed any behaviour that would incline you to feel this way towards them, yet the feeling is stark and clear. This is a demonstration of one’s clairsentience taking action and is a lot more common than you might believe. The message from this is to never ignore these salient ‘gut feelings’ as they are typically a signal from the universe looking out for your best interests. Additionally, in extreme cases clairsentience can even entail experiencing another person’s physical pains. Interestingly, however, this is a far more common phenomenon amongst twins, who have reported knowing their other half are in distress through experiencing a sudden and inexplicable physical reaction in their body. 

Any individuals who work in careers that require emotional sensitivity or an emphatic bedside manner are likely to have the strongest clairsentient abilities amongst us. As such, therapists, doctors and teachers are often the most receptive to these perplexing and striking intuitions.


Clairalience, or less commonly known as clairolfaction, means ‘clear smelling’ and describes the ability to detect odors that have no physical source. This particular clair is especially fascinating and often incredibly vivid but can sometimes be overlooked in the psychic world. It is closely tied with our memories and can be an intensely emotional experience when it occurs. Like most of the other clair senses, it often channels through the spirit of a passed loved one, meaning that a sudden familiar waft of your grandmother’s perfume or the distinct scent of your grandfather’s cigarettes is the work of clairalience at play. It is a lovely clair ability to possess and when we receive spirit messages in this manner, it is a strong sign that a loved one is watching over us during a particularly taxing time. 

It is therefore unsurprising that working in highly scent-oriented fields can encourage further development of clairalience. For example, florists and perfume creators will naturally be more receptive to scents from the psychic world as they are in the physical world also. Like most of the clair senses, there is no exact methodology for ‘practising’ our abilities, rather we just need to remember to be open-minded and receptive to the profound sensations we receive from higher realms. When you just know a particular scent is special, it most certainly is.


Lastly and potentially most obscurely, ‘clairgustance’ is the psychic ability of taste. Those who are gifted with strong clairgustance abilities are able to taste different substances without the presence of anything in their mouths at that time. As a result, these individuals are able to receive psychic messages through specific and familiar flavors that appear in the mouth as if from nowhere. Clairgustance is most commonly associated with communication with loved ones and positive nostalgic memories. For instance, as a comforting reminder that a departed friend is nearby, this friend may send a spiritual message in the form of a distinct flavor connected with them; if a loved one was a keen coffee drinker, expect to experience this flavor on occasion as a message of their love.

In addition to a heart-warming message, clairgustance can actually be a rather practical tool; there have been instances whereby law enforcement have used the help of psychic mediums in cracking certain cases. Although rare, these psychics are reported to have experienced the overpowering flavor of chemicals, blood and other harmful substances that may indicate how a victim may have died. Similarly, clairgustance has proven useful in medical fields, whereby holistic intuitives have been able to detect certain flavors that allude to nutritional deficiencies, allergies and other more serious medical complications. While one cannot solely rely on clairgustance to ensure their good health, these peculiar tastes are worth noting when they occur. 

Ultimately, all of us possess the ability to use our five clair senses if we so wish to. Some of us will be drawn to certain senses more than others, and others may never gain the ability to tune in to these psychic intuitions at all. Regardless, it is important that we remain open-minded and responsive to these bizarre psychic signals as more often than not they carry a very important message behind them. The overall aim is to no longer dismiss these messages but to try and gain something special from them when they make themselves apparent. 

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