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The Power of a Medium Psychic

By Mysticsense
February 23, 2020
The Power of a Medium Psychic

A reading with a truly gifted powerful medium can change your life and specifically the trajectory of grief. The loss of loved ones can be one of the hardest experiences in life, especially when they may have been the people you turned to for advice. While it will never obviate the pain of losing a loved one or the sadness of not having their physical presence around, the psychic powers of a medium can enable a reconnection through the spirit world and offer a certain level of evidence that the soul survives death.

With their unique powers, a medium not only can help us to communicate with loved ones and friends who have passed on but also assures us that we will be met on the other side with people who can help us transition.

Messages from the Afterlife

Medium readings can be one of the most powerful and comforting encounters you can have. Although many may think it would be too emotional, it is an uplifting and wonderfully reassuring experience that anybody would cherish. Spiritual mediums are compassionate and understanding people, fully aware of the powerful gift they possess to present an open door to the living to connect with friends and loved ones in the afterlife.

They use their psychic abilities to channel the thoughts, feelings and messages from the spirits. The power of mediumship is that it combines the messages from your friends and loved ones with the factual evidence that shows they truly are speaking to you from above.

The most common way a psychic medium connects with spirits is through mental mediumship. In medium readings, some may hear a spirit’s voice and messages they put forward, while those with Clairvoyant abilities may see the spirit, usually in their mind’s eye, and some can smell a spirit by perfume or a familiar scent.

Spirits in the afterlife will often vibrate at a much higher frequency than the living. In order to make a connection, a medium spirit must raise his or her own vibration. The spirit will often give descriptive evidence of what they looked like to the medium, or a sense of their emotions during important events in their life. Such messages and evidence should make sense to the sitter.

With their psychic powers, mediums help you bridge communication gaps, release guilt and readings can be transformational, allowing you to heal from grief, trauma or emotional pain that occurs between two souls.

Other Medium Powers…

Mediums also have the power to help you with love and relationships and can assess the strength of your love energy. Your love energy may diminish because of past hurts caused by unsuccessful relationships. Through an aura reading, psychic mediums can make an initial assessment of your current situation and give you advice on how to increase the flow of love energy in your life. One of the great powers a medium has is to review your Akashic Records to see if the issues or problems you face in your love life are part of your Karma. If it is found this is the case, a medium can consume or neutralize past Karmas and you will see improvements in your love life. Medium spirits can also assess if you are with the right person stopping helping you avoid heartbreak.

When it comes to career decisions, mediums can also bring clarity, whether it’s a difficult boss, uncertainty in advancement or a career change. Through their powerful gift of clairvoyance and highly developed intuition and empathy, mediums can see what your future holds. They can offer specialist advice and can bring direction in all career choices.

Mediums can also help with your current life path, illuminating the process of learning in accordance with your spiritual connection. This allows you to gain a greater perspective of the way in which you are energetically united and can be very healing for your heart, mind, and soul.

The power of a medium can assist you in your understanding of the underlying meaning of what you are currently experiencing in your life and the spiritual direction in which you are journeying, while also giving solace to your loved ones are watching over your every move.

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