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Understanding Your Horoscope

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
September 07, 2022
Understanding Your Horoscope
Understanding Your Horoscope
TL;DRWe all know there are tons of sites and newspapers that have weekly love horoscopes as well as yearly love horoscope predictions. Some would insist it’s all inaccurate foolishness and there is no way possible to predict things like soulmate horoscopes based on your Sun Sign, but a lot of other people disagree, and swear by what their astrologer has to say in horoscopes on love. Learn the truth about horoscopes, and how to find the most accurate love horoscope today with Mysticsense.

Many of us grew up reading our love horoscope for singles in the paper and now all we have to do is type “show me horoscopes” online, and lots of different things claiming to be “True Love Horoscopes” come up immediately. Maybe you don’t care about a horoscope weekly love forecast, and you can’t say you love weekly horoscopes to begin with, but you would love to know how all this horoscope business works. How do they decide based on your birthday what your future holds? The answer isn’t simple, because there are lots of different ways of finding out, but before we explore some of those methods, let's explore some of the schools of thought on the topic.

What is a Horoscope?

Understanding Your Horoscope

Before we delve into a few types of horoscopes, it is important to point out that the word “horoscope” is used in a couple of different ways. First, it is used to refer to predictions based on somebody’s Sun Sign of what will happen in their lives, and advice of how to deal with challenges that may come up is often given. However, some people use the word “horoscope” to define our birth charts that hold the information to what signs and planets were passing through the twelve different Houses in our birth charts. We will explore birth charts in other articles, so today’s article will focus mostly on horoscopes that are used to predict out futures. Ready? Read on!

Horary Astrology

Understanding Your Horoscope

Horary astrology casts a chart based on the exact moment a question was asked and seeks to answer that particular question only. The answer covers a three-month time period, and your astrologer will tell you not to ask that same question twice. The question should not be a yes/no question, and the question should only be about you, not other people. The question will not ask what you SHOULD do , but what WILL happen and what you WILL do. The planets Mercury, Venus, Saturn, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and the Sun are the heavenly bodies used in these astrological answers only, as the other planets don’t help provide answers in this system.

Planetary aspects provide information too. If an opposition is noted, it means there will be a regrettable outcome. Trines mean things will be effortless. Sextiles are favorable and both Conjunct and Square aspects indicate action and forward movement. Then there are things like retrogrades to take in to account! Learning to do Horary astrology will take a while, so buckle down for studying it. However, if you want horoscope predictions with horary astrology and don’t want to wait to learn how to discern this yourself, you can get that at various sites like: Horary - and also here: Traditional Horary Astrology Readings, Consultations and Information ( Getting this type of astrology done is not instant and takes time, sometimes two weeks, but to get the answer properly, it is always worth the wait!

Yearly Astrology

Understanding Your Horoscope

The Chinese Zodiac system provides a lot of answers to personality, but also what type of year you will have. “Where can I get my horoscope based on my Chinese Zodiac sign?” you may ask. Maybe you don’t believe in bothering with your next week love horoscope or even monthly love horoscopes, but you would like to know how your Chinese Zodiac sign will fare in 2022. That’s easy! 2022 is The Year of the Tiger, and the signs most compatible with Tigers will have a great year. So, people born in the year of the Horse, Pig, and Dog, who are known as the Tigers top matches will fare well and have good fortune in every aspect of their lives from career to romance. They are aligned with the Tiger’s dynamic, energetic approach to life, and taking risks will be very fruitful for them in 2022.

However, on the flip side, the people born in the Years of the Rat, Ox, Monkey, and Snake won’t have the best of years. Tigers can be very spontaneous, and these signs are not crazy about being surprised. They like to plan carefully, and Tiger years will throw some unexpected challenges their way they won’t love. The advice for these signs is to keep working away at whatever it is you are doing, understanding things won’t always go as you planned, but don’t give up. Accept that there will be delays and your singles love horoscope for the Year of the Tiger for Oxen, Rats, Monkeys, and Snakes probably won’t portend moving forward romantically. That’s okay. There is always next year, and we are getting closer to a new year with each day.

Rabbits, Dragons, Sheep, and Roosters will do alright this year. It won’t be the best of years for them, but 2022 will be gentler on them than it will be on Monkeys, Snakes, Rats, and Oxen. Rabbits and Sheep may feel overwhelmed at times but will recover after a break from the forward moving energies of 2022. Dragons will have to watch out not to become bogged down in power struggles, but anybody who dares cross a Dragon should know better! Roosters will have their best times of the year in fall time.

As for all you Tigers, however, can celebrate that this is YOUR year! This year will bring major changes in your life, and you can be sure these are good ones. Whatever you have been working towards will move forward this year, and you may attain every one of your goals. Rest assured that if anything is left undone for the year, the amount of progress you make with hard work will continue to propel you forward beyond 2022, and in fall time, your September love horoscopes through November love horoscope will be the best for the entire year!

Electional Astrology

Understanding Your Horoscope

Electional astrology tries to determine what time frame is best to do something based on the movements of things in the heavens. Political and military activity, marriages, trips, pregnancies, and other events can all be planned based on this. The positions of stars, planets, and the birth chart of the person making plans are combined, and the best possible time to act is decided. This takes a bit more knowledge, and if you don’t want to study for a period of time to learn how to do this yourself, but would like this sort of information, there are plenty of wonderful professionals who can help you.

To get this type of astrology done, see here for example: Electional Astrology: Readings, Consultations and Information (

Western Astrology Predictions

Understanding Your Horoscope

It is believed that some astrologers are so skilled, they can take a look at your birth chart, and portend what types of things will come to pass. They can guess what type of health issues you may have. They can guess the type of career path you will pursue, and they can also tell behaviors based on personality traits that will govern your actions and decisions. They can also tell how your actions will play out, and if you give them your partner’s birth chart, they can point out parts of your lives that overlap and may even be able to pinpoint exactly when you will come into one another’s lives as well as how long you will be together. They can also observe the patterns planets take and how those will influence you and other people who share your Sun Sign.

These are skills you can attain on your own through reading and study of how to decipher birth charts if you prefer, and you won’t have to consult an astrologer! For example, the planet Mercury governs logic, communication, and awareness, and what planet it goes through decides what it is influencing. Each sign will be influenced differently as well.

 Mercury Retrograde slows communication and progress for pretty much all the signs. For those of you who have an Aries Sun Sign, however, when Mercury enters Aries, it means things will speed up and you will be able to use your energy and creativity to make progress. You will be able to communicate your creative ideas and recruit other people to help you get those ideas off the ground. Librans, however, will use this energy for their partnerships, bringing them into closer communications in every aspect of their lives- and- as a bonus, it can rev up your romantic life as well. If you are a single Libra when Mercury enters Aries, you have great potential to meet a new love interest, so get out there and introduce yourself to people!

What is Love Horoscope Compatibility?

Understanding Your Horoscope

So, you have found your soulmate and you want to see your soulmate horoscope compatibility with them. How can you do that? There are multiple ways, but the easiest way is to compare compatibility of your Sun, Venus, and Saturn Signs. The Sun Signs show personality compatibility while the Venus Sign shows romance compatibility. Finally, the Saturn Sign will show how you both form long term partnerships.

Sun Signs

For example, in Sun Sign combinations, the Signs tend to harmonize quite well with Signs of their own elements. So, Air Signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius people go very well together. However, they also do well with Fire Signs Aries, Leos, and Sagittarians. Of course, Fire Signs go very well with one another also! On the other hand, Earth Signs Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn tend to frustrate and bore Fire Signs, and Air Signs and Earth Signs tend to get annoyed with one another. Yet the Earth Signs go quite well together and they also do well with the Water Signs, which are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. The Earth Signs are very predictable, and Water Signs are emotional, so the predictable people make the emotional people feel stable, and the emotional Water Sign people are loyal to their Earth Signs. This is not to say no Earth Sign ever loved an Air or Fire Sign! It’s just there are best bet matches to learn about.

To read more, see here: Love Sign Compatibilities (

Venus Signs

Similar to Sun Sign pairings, Venus Sign pairings are aided by the same elemental energies. Thus, somebody with a Venus in Cancer will be sensitive and need somebody who is understanding of their emotions and is very nurturing. Somebody with Venus in Taurus will be that loving, protective, nurturer a Venus in Cancer individual needs. Likewise, somebody with a Venus in Sagittarius will have a spontaneous approach to love and will want to have fun, and not feel like love is hard work or a life sentence. That doesn’t mean they won’t commit, it just mean they will more easily commit to a Sign like a Venus in Libra individual who keeps things fun and interesting so the days go fast and they ask “Where have the years gone?” instead of seeing a relationship as boring and dry.

Saturn Signs

Saturn spends two or three years in each sign! Saturn describes how we react to insecurity and fear as well as limitations and responsibility. Somebody with Saturn in Aries will be quite self-reliant and dislike showing weakness. They are challenged to learn to allow themselves to show vulnerability, and somebody with their Saturn in Leo will be a good match in love and friendship for Saturn in Aries people. They understand one another’s need for independence, and a Leo Saturn Sign is a natural born leader who can push past fears to make progress. Saturn combining with the energy of Leo will make Saturn in Leo people self-conscious about expressing themselves, and Saturn in Aries people can be understanding of this concern. As allies and lovers, these two will support one another’s worries, reassuring each other, and growing together.

Can I Do My Love Horoscopes Myself?

Understanding Your Horoscope

Is there a secret horoscope formula that only professionals with years of study and degrees can access? Thankfully, no there isn’t! You can cast your own birth chart and do all the reading needed on your own. First, get your free chart here: Free Astrology Birth Chart Report ( Next, read as much as you can find on each Sign and each planet. A cheat sheet of the planets and what they influence is here:

The Sun Sign

The Sun Sign we have influences how we present ourselves in general, or our basic personality. Our identity and how we relate to everyday life is influenced by our Sun Sign as well.

The Moon Sign

Our Moon Sign is our inner self and our emotions. It influences how we love and how we express our feelings in general.

The Jupiter Sign

Our Jupiter Sign tells us where in life we are lucky and helps with expanding personal beliefs.

The Saturn Sign

Your Saturn Sign describes how you react to insecurity and fear as well as limitations and responsibility.

The Venus Sign

Your Venus Sign is about how you express affection and how you prefer your romances. It shows us what we are passionate about and what attracts us to other people. 

The Mercury Sign

Your Mercury Sign is all about how your communications and intellect work. It deals with how you interpret what people say and communicate to you and how you express yourself to others. It also deals with how you think and process information. 

The Mars Sign

Your Mars Sign decides how you feel and express your sexuality, how you handle aggression, as in how you fight or retreat, and how you act and make moves to get results.

The Uranus Sign

Your Uranus Sign tells you about your personal sense of individuality and freedom and what kind of community you will want to belong to.

The Neptune Sign

Your Neptune Sign talks about your psychic abilities, your imagination, and your connection to mystical things.

For information on your Signs, Mysticsense has written various articles on each of the Signs. Thus, if you are a Gemini, read here: Star Sign in Spotlight: Gemini | Mysticsense. If you want to know more about love matches for Gemini, see here: Gemini Women and Men in Love and Marriage | Mysticsense. You can do a search on our articles page to learn about each of the Signs, and keep checking back to learn more, because we post new articles every week!

Keep in mind when learning all the different planets in your birth chart and what they mean for you, these are the things decided at the moment of your birth and are natural inclinations you have. It is said that somebody born at the same time as you in your same location will have a similar life. A story is told of a prince and a peasant who were born in the same town at the same time. They had very similar lives with events at the same time as one another. They even married on the same day, as well as died on the same day, believe it or not!

Along with what was decided at your time of birth, however, you will have unique experiences that shape you. A Libra who has been in a lot of car accidents as a child will be more fearful of car accidents as an adult than a Libran who has not, and birth chart won’t affect that at all. We may be born with natural tendencies, but things we are presented with in life act as learning opportunities and those help to shape us as well. We are who we are by the way we are born as well as how life changes and shapes us, and we are thus both born beautiful, and we become more beautiful the longer we are alive.

Well, after all of this information, guess what? There’s more! We post daily horoscopes online at Mysticsense that you can read for free! For today’s love horoscope, and just a general horoscope about your life, see our page here: Daily Horoscopes 2022 – Mysticsense

If you’d like to know more about what your future holds than just what the energies of the Universe combining with the planets and signs in your birth chart will make active for you, start a reading with one of over six hundred of our international psychics anytime!

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